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  1. i don't know about the pills but thrush is a type of yeast infection and yeast infections respond well to vinegar douches. try a tbs of distilled vinegar in a cup of water and douche with it. it might help.
  2. thank you. she really took my breath away she was so beautiful. i must say having lost all that weight made it much easier to deal with the heat and the set up and clean up. it was a diy wedding. it was also really nice having lots of people telling me how great i looked. i don't get dressed up often so it was a double whammy. lots of people who have never seen me decked out.
  3. She asked me to walk her down the aisle. her dad died when she was four and i've been a single parent ever since. i was a very proud mama.
  4. ginger tea either hot or cold. it's not just the carbonation in ginger ale that settle the stomach. it's the ginger.
  5. outstanding. both the weight loss and getting engaged. it's so fun to be skinny and in love. i'm having that experience myself. every day with her is a life affirming adventure. let it be so for you.
  6. in regard to your evidence of coverage saying nutritional counseling is not covered but the surgeon's office saying it is, the answer may lie in the fact that while nutritional counseling to lose weight is not covered by most plans, nutritional counseling for diabetes or as a requirement for bariatric surgery is covered. perhaps this is the explanation. in addition, a surgeon's office may have requirements over and above the insurance plan and that may account for the difference in time frames.
  7. i have to eat extra slowly even two years out. i just got used to eating cold food. i don't mind it now.
  8. walkat103

    not sure?

    i use fairlife milk. it has half again as much protein as regular milk. i mix unflavored protein powder with the chocolate fairlife milk. it tastes great. it may not be for everybody since it is "full fare" milk, not low fat. but the trade off for the protein is worth it for me. i get most of my protein from dairy.
  9. walkat103


    if it's a yeast infection try wiping it down with a diluted solution of distilled vinegar. i used to keep a jar of diluted vinegar on my daughter's changing table and wiped her down every diaper change. she never had diaper rash.
  10. i pretty much have the same problem. more than a couple of bites of dense protein and i end up throwing it up. i mostly eat cheese and yogurt. sometimes if i mix it with carbs and eat really slowly it'll stay down but mostly not.
  11. unfortunately idiocy is not grounds for impeachment.
  12. my secret vice is cheetos at work. well not so secret since everyone around me can see me and hear me eating them. i've been struggling since before Christmas. but today i lost the first pound of the weight i've gained. i'm not sure why or how i get to the point where enough is enough but i do and then i can quit. but those cheetos still call my name. it helps knowing that i'll be seeing my surgeon in march and i don't want to go in having gained weight. he was so happy with me six months ago. with all the therapy i've had you'd think i could figure out why cheetos are an obsession for
  13. often when you are craving a specific food it is your body craving a specific nutrient. grapes happen to be high in iron and maybe other things. that might be something to look at.
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