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  1. I didn't get it either. I'm really not a big purse fan, and I hate (!) changing purses. I always lose stuff. I think a lot of purses look like furniture upholstery, and I hate that, too. I usually just get a solid black that will hold my stuff without weighing 12304982908 pounds and having a bunch of weird bling and symbols on it. I appreciate all these women that can pull off the fancy purses, and I'm always thinking how good it all looks together, it just won't be me. Also, the thought of spending more than like, $30 on a purse really crawls under my skin.
  2. I can't say what I lost the first week, or even month. I didn't weigh or track my food. I followed what my surgeon's packet said to do and focused on healing. Now I'm a year out and trying to figure out this thing they call maintenance!
  3. I also can't do eggs. Typical sandwich bread isn't in my diet at all. Biscuits make me nauseous. I like Joseph's lavash bread. It works well for wraps, quesadillas, whathaveyou, and crisps up nicely for crackers under the broiler. I have, on a handful of occasions, eaten a roll at a restaurant, and it sits okay, but I end up feeling very full and that endangers my protein intake, so I try to avoid it as much as I can. I eat 40-60 grams of net carbs per day, and that's worked well for me so far.
  4. My inbox is always open! I had a two year break between undergrad and grad school, and I think it was great. No one has a normal journey, we just assume they do because they post their best pictures on FB and never share their struggles publicly.
  5. This study is definitely interesting, but I think it's quite lacking in the data collection department. It only looked at the BMI of the patients. This doesn't take into account life events, which are very important. What if some of them joined the military and came back missing limbs? Yeah, their BMI is going to go down. Someone pregnant at the weigh-in date? BMI is up. Not to mention the differences in the selection criteria for band vs. no band, which weren't even mentioned in the article. Looking up the study, they have a cute little graph saying the demographics of both groups are the sam
  6. I was driving home from work one day and just felt disgusted with myself. I couldn't find clothing I liked and what I did find was super expensive (looking at you, Lane Bryant). My family history includes obesity, heart disease, small vessel disease, arthritis, thyroid (hypo and hyper), diabetes, and more. Both my parents have had bilateral hip replacement. I grew up in hospitals. When I started kindergarten, I started gaining weight. I wasn't allowed to just eat when I was hungry, I had to eat on their schedule, and that messed me all up. The pediatrician wouldn't look at my real ailments bef
  7. I was sleeved at 24, now I'm 25, no kids, do have a boyfriend but we don't live together, and I'm in grad school. My schedule changes a lot and life is crazy, but good!
  8. Totally off topic, but we have the same surgeon. Dr. Baker sleeved me last summer! Feel free to friend/message me
  9. Are we still adding to this list? I'm ds158844 on mfp.
  10. My biggest tip is to follow your doctor's orders and take everything you see online (especially Facebook groups) with a grain of salt. When in doubt, ask your nut or doc. Don't buy a bunch of stuff beforehand, because it's likely your tastes will change. Every time you eat something, ask yourself if that is the best decision you can make for yourself. Enjoy your honeymoon phase. Do not think that because you could eat a small candy bar at 4 months out and still lose weight that week that it means you are now invincible. You will make mistakes. Own them and move on. Go slowly through the phases
  11. I've been following this thread forever, and now that doc says I should be in maintenance, I'm going to start building a wardrobe that will be centered around a business casual look. Grad student budget dictates a few pieces at a time, and nothing too expensive! Let the fun begin!
  12. I'm also young, at 25, so I'm going to respond to your questions as best I can. 1) I also haven't heard of anyone needing one, but agree that you should look into banking your own blood just in case. 2) My issues with the post-op liquid diet were that I didn't want anything. I still, at almost a year out, don't feel physical hunger. I eat on a schedule and I have to pick things I really like or I'll avoid it. Mom and I got the surgery at the same time, and her pushing the protein shakes (my nut really likes Premier Protein) was the only thing that got me anywhere near my protein goal in
  13. Do you ladies keep two sizes in your closet for when Mother Nature brings you her present? :-/
  14. For some reason, culture dictates that people change their bodies to fit clothing instead of the the other way around, and that's just silly. I also have trouble finding pants. I have a short torso and long legs, plus loose abdominal skin that isn't going to be removed any time soon (why waste $ on plastics if I might have children in the future?). I don't have any go-to brands, because every time I try something on in a store, whether I've owned it previously or not, it's different. The last pair of pants I bought was at Old Navy, and they were the sweetheart style. I also wear pants at my na
  15. I get asked this question all the time. I really don't feel much different physically when I'm just walking around by myself. I didn't feel sick or unable to do things before. I wasn't sickly, I didn't have any comorbidities, nothing. I got this procedure to avoid long-term complications that are in my family history. I do feel more able to sign up for physically demanding things, like the 2 hour hike I'm signed up for in August, but it wasn't that I didn't feel I could do it beforehand, it's that I just didn't want to do it! I don't feel healthier. I still breathe hard when I go up one flight
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