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  1. Great job! You must be feeling great. I also need to start looking into some new clothes. It feels great to put on clothes that don't fit anymore. Keep up the god work!
  2. Wow! Your doing fabulous. Good luck with school. That regular exercise will help you keep your stress level down. I also don't have a problem with many foods. I did try a Think Thin protein bar and had my first taste at dumping. Too many sugar alcohols. Glad to hear from you.
  3. Interesting article. I remember seeing something like this on a Sunday morning show. They were talking about butter and how scientists are rethinking fats effect on our bodies. They stated that butter by itself or on items like vegetables aren't as bad for you as previously suspected. It's when you put the butter on high carb foods like breads that it begins it's bad news. The combination of the 2 types seems to be America's problem...at least it was mine. Thanks for the information!
  4. Thanks for the kinds words. I am putting together a bag the weighs 36 pounds. I need a little reality. Rather than fast or slow, I just need to think of myself as a successful loser. Have a good night!
  5. Well, finally I have dropped below the 300 mark. Friends, I didn't think that it would ever come off. My body really seemed to like the 300's because it just would not move from that scale. I feel like I'm the slowest gastric bypass patient in history. One thing I noticed is that when finished with my Master's degree last week, things just started feeling different. It was almost like the stress just kept my body from wanting to change. I'm hoping that I can start really moving now. I walk, ride my stationary bike and as a teacher, I am now back to work. I feel good and am ready to progre
  6. My friend, I finally broke the 300 mark. This 1st 36 pounds seems like it has taken forever. But I've had a few epiphanies that I'm about to blog about. So good to hear from you. I will continue to follow your progress.
  7. I've been wondering about you. Congrats on your outcome. 8 weeks and 40 lbs. later...I'm glad you're doing and feeling good!
  8. I think my biggest "missed"opportunity would be to shop at an off the rack store for clothes with friends, rather than at a specialty shop for clothes specifically for my size. It's very disheartening. But, after 7 weeks post-op, I'm getting closer to being able to do that! Yay!
  9. I certainly don't advertise the surgery. As a teacher, I have other things to spend my time on. But, I've worked at this school for 10 years and have many friends there. Sometimes they are curious about my protein shakes or why I use a baby spoont to eat. They are curious about what they don't understand. I feel that they are supportive,not judgmental. I'm not ashamed of my surgery and if someone didn't "approve"...Iwell, I didn't ask for their approval nor do I need it. But that's not usually what I find from my coworkers. But, it is your business and your business only.
  10. Welcome and good luck to you. This is a fabulous site for all you need to know about WLS.
  11. Thanks so much! Obviously it's a waiting game for me, but I'm trying to expand my vegetable intake and I'm thinking ahead. Elena, I don't know what wasa fiber crackers are. Health food store? Cracker isle?
  12. I have a question for all the WLS pros out there. After you've done the basics and been through the fire for 6 months, a year or longer, do you ever eat fresh greens again? I love dark green lettuces and enjoy salads. Will I get to enjoy these again? As well, I love Melba toast. I know staying away from refined carbs is the plan,but I love the crunch. Is this also something I'll never have again? Thanks...I'm just curious! No pressure, you answers may make me tear a little. I've just a month out so I' still a little emotional.
  13. Had one month checkup and group meeting. Lost 25 pounds...movin' on to loser land. Thanks for all the tips and confidence building responses. I've gotten such great ideas from this site. The newest was the site SkinnyTaste.com. What a great site! Lots of fabulous recipes that bariatric peeps. Take care all!
  14. What about the Quest bars? Are they good?
  15. Kiplingerr


    This is the protein that I I use. I like it, especially the chocolate, and it's got great protein numbers. However, all tastes are different. I mix it with water and add SF hazelnut, cherry, or raspberry syrup. Good luck!
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