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  1. Tt User Name

    Can someone help me please, I wish to change my user name, how do I go about it.
  2. I'm Still Here

    Hello everyone, how are guys doing. Its been some time since I've popped in, do forgive me, just dealing with everyday runnings called life. lol Well, its been 17 months since my surgery, having written that down now it felt like id been post op a lot longer. Anyway, I've been attending Renal Rehab which is great as basically I'm given supported exercise, so I attend twice per week. This week not felt to energetic so i've not been. So what's been happening:- I have had 3 doses of Iron infusions, and now they have decided they are unable to give me any more because my phosphate levels have dropped drastically since having the infusions. Was it as simple as that, no, not for me. Over a period of approximately 3 weeks I had a pain in my shoulder and assumed I'd slept badly on it. It niggled me for a week or so, but I ignored it and I believe it would soon come good. As the weeks went on the the pain began to develop and by about week 2 the pain had not only reached my elbow but had gone right down to my fingers until I was unable to move my arm at all - it got so bad that it could not be touched with extreme pain. By now I'm seriously concerned, but as I'd experienced something similar in my other arm and my GP had just prescribed steroids I suspected it might be the same, however this was somewhat worse and I could not voluntarily move my arm at all. Going to Renal rehab, I'd learnt a great deal about kidney failure and recognised that it could be possibly linked to the kidney problem. I attended A&E they were a waste of time, they noticed the inflammation in my arm and taped up my shoulder. Thank God I was seeing professor Jackson the next day, he assessed my arm and contacted his colleague and arranged a ultra sound scan, as he suspected there was a growth of calcium at the top of my arm, known as calcification. His colleague injected some steroids into the calcium mass (it hurt). and within a few days I was able to move my hand again. I'm waiting to see what the next reading of my iron levels are. I'm starting to get quite tired again, so I'm guess the iron levels are depleting. Ok so I get a letter to finally attend an assessment for the day surgery: Out of the blue, seriously. So to cut it short, It looks like they are now going to investigate the acute acid reflux that I'm experiencing. I was due to have this investigationary procedure last Friday but it had to be postponed because like a idiot I forgot to stop taking Clopridegrel a blood thinning medication. So i'm waiting for another date. I've been at home for this past 4 days, partly because i am tired and its such an effort right now, but also because I just can't be asked to deal with all the rioters out on the road. On Monday I was in my room and jumped up calling out to my daughter that there's a fire somewhere in the house. I ran from room to room to check and got down to the kitchen, couldn't see anything. So I opened the patio doors and looked around outside, whilst helicopter hovered above we suddenly noticed the smoke coming from Rye Lane, Unbelievable, that's a good distance from my house, yet the smoke smelt as if it was actually in my home. Madness. The shop that had burnt down was one I had been planning to visit in order to get my chest measurements as i'm sure i'm wearing the wrong size bra. That shop has been there for donkey's years, ever since i've had sense anyway. So to all of you who know me, hello and hope you're all keeping well. Aviator, Corrine, Kelly and the rest
  3. Happy Birthday Hyacinth. I hope you did something really special.

  4. Hychap2009 is rocking on the losers bench

    Greetings one and all. Lets hope you all had a good Easter. I tried my best to be a good girl over this period - I was able to partake of the traditional offerings, lol in my culture this represents Escovitch and steam fish, basically, fish, fish, fish; Jamaican hard dough bread, Jamaican bun and cheese. (Thursday night I was in the kitchen till 1am, cleaning and cooking 22 Snappers). I of course had my little portions, but did not feel like I was being deprived, its just that everyone else could work their way through the fish that I worked so hard to prepare before I could get a look in. lol No really its great to see them enjoying it. Other relatives come for their share, as its customary to offer a fish to visitors during Easter. Changing the subjects somewhat, on the 18th April I attended the Renal Anemia outpatients appointment, to have confirmed that the iron infusion I had - had not worked. The nurse was disappointed, but felt we should give it another go, so I had another large dose of Iron, 500ml infusion. I'm still feeling a little weary, but I think there is a little change in how i'm feeling some days. I've had a couple odd days where I've managed to just get on with things. I've been putting most of my energy periodically over the past 11 days into trying to support an old school friend of mine. Sadly his sister died in a fire almost 2 weeks ago, its been such a shock to everyone in the community especially for my friend and his family. On Saturday it was her Nine Night (Wake), there were a good few hundred people, I left there at 6.15am yep! in the morning. It took me another day to recover from that. On the 18th i also attended another hospital appointment - diabetic eye test, I have to wait for the results of that test. I'm not too worried about it though. I was a bit of a dummy that day. I rode my bike to the hospital and forgot that after the eye test I would not be able to see so clearly. I had to spend an extra 2 hours until my eyes cleared so I could ride home. lol. Its ok though, I had lunch with my best friend who works at the hospital. lol So that all for now folks, just thought I'd drop in and give a little update. Take care.
  5. Hychap2009 is rocking on the losers bench

    Jamaica! Jamaica! - yes that's me of Jamaican parentage and regard myself as Jamaican, also married to a Jamaican born and bred. lol Wish I could share it with you guys. Love my 'yard' food, lol. Glad you love it to.
  6. VSG and complications?

    I had complication after surgery but this was not as a result of my VSG. I became dehydrated but did not recognise the symptom, this lead to kidney failure. This is so preventable, heed the warning, drink, drink, drink. This can happen to anyone regardless of their choice of surgery.
  7. Hychap2009 is rocking on the losers bench

    Thank you Aviator, that's so true. I was watching the Big C this evening and the lead character finally come to the realisation that optimism was the mindset to have. Well although I do have rare days when I feel a little sorry for myself - on the whole I focus on doing the best I can. On another note I'm not sure that I mentioned my problem with acid reflux, but today I finally got an appointment for 26th April, pretty quick since I only contacted them last Friday to chase this up. I'm hoping something positive will come out of this meeting with the consultant, finally. Oh and did i mention one of my fantastic WOW! moments. I'm able to purchase clothes for rock bottom bargain prices - got 2 new fancy dresses and a top this week all for under £20, how normal do I feel. lol
  8. Hychap2009 is rocking on the losers bench

    Evening everyone. Well it being Wednesday, only just as its 23:48 my time. lol. I thought i'd update you of my week thus far. Monday I was off bright and early to Renal Rehab where I done a series of exercises including the treadmill and exercise cycle. New to my work out are sit to stands, step ups and bicepts curls, rowing lifts etc. These do raise my heart rate pretty good. Included in this session are foot lifts, i'm using 21b weights on my ankles. So the point is, I kinda feel like i'm starting all over again. You may remember that I was stopped by my GP from going to the gym from last year July. So i've just not been getting any real exercise (other than when I ride my bike). What a set back. I could quite easily ride the cycle for 20-30 mins before, same on the treadmill, but thats no longer the case. Everything is such an effort, but i'm not giving up. So I do Monday and Wednesday's for an hour. Including warm ups. This is my second week, and I realise that I push myself to get out on Monday, but by Wednesday I feel totally bushed, I still however jumped onto my bike and struggled along till I got to the hospital. Made it. Today I could not manage the treadmill, but tackled everything else. My bicycle: I've know for some time that I need to get my bicycle seat adjusted as it was too low. So on my way back from the hospital I stopped at the bike shop and the guy there was quite happy to adjust the seat for me and pump up my tyres for no cost at all. I'm now having to get use to my seat being higher about 3 inches higher; but it's a much easier ride, easier on my knees. WoW!! In the late afternoon I got a call at home from Professor Jackson, the wonderful professor - (blood tests are back) with the bad news and that is the spironolactone 50mg is too high for me and are affecting my kidneys, so I need to go back to 25mg. That its not worth the risk. My anemia, despite the infusion has only gone from 9 to 10. So it is very likely that I will require another infusion. I guessed that as I don't feel any real improvement. Yesterday i attended my blood pressure appointment at the hospital: Professor Jackson impressed with my weight loss; weight still coming off albeit slowly. YAY!! He is confident that my Blood pressure will improve further once I lose more weight. lol Thats it for now guys, i'm quite tired I can bearly keep my eyes open. lol Good night.
  9. Post your workout!

    Monday: Attended Renal Rehab for exercise. I completed 40 reps. step ups Sit to stands: 20 reps. Treadmill: 11 mins. incline 8 Exercise Cycle: 10 mins Rode my bicycle for approx. 50 mins. Journey to and from hospital. at home: 10 sit to stands.
  10. What Did You Eat Yesterday (or today)?

    Breakfast: 1Egg Mayo Sandwich and mug of tea. I use Nimble wholemeal bread @ 48 cal per slice. Mid morning snack: Triangle cheese and an apple. Late lunch: Watermelon, 2 strawberries, smoked salmon pieces, 1 tbs cottage cheese with cracked black pepper, sprig of watercress, all dressed in lemon juice and cracked pepper. Dinner: Coated Turkey Breast with lettuce and cucumber, 1tsp of light mayo. Evening Supper: 5 grapes, Egg Mayo sandwich. a little indulgence today.
  11. My take on Strippers, lol - Really I made these Turkey Strippers and small bites.

    Oh, i didn't attempt to eat all of these in one sitting. lol
  12. VSG: Food I'm Eating 1 year on.

    I'm still eating from a side (salad) plate. Watching portion size. I attempt to eat a variety of meals always with protien in mind. I think I eat more carbs than during the first year, but aim to eat a higher percentage of complex carbs. I do on occassion eat some simple carbs, but not often maybe once during the course of a week.
  13. I see you have already got the right attitude, change being the key. Forget the word diet, explore how you can make your future meals interesting and think of the better life you will have. The difference this time is that you'll have a tool to help you. When you see the results so quickly, hopefully that will encourage you to continue in a positive mind set. You can do girl. Here is something I posted pre-op. Good luck.
  14. I remember how frustrating it was waiting for my surgery day, so I occupied my time daily with preparing for surgery. I am reposting this in the hope that it may prove useful to some of you.
  15. I finally have my date for surgery!

    Congrats! I remember how that feels. YAY!