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  1. Exercise help and BS questions

    So sorry it took me so long to respond, been a busy week! I am calling a plastic surgeon tomorrow, she is recommended not only from my surgeon but my sister in law who works at the hospital she is associated with and my next door neighbor just had her "batwings" removed by her and it looks awesome! I am going to make another appointment with the personal trainer with the express request of learning all the machines and what and how they work. I have been online looking at all different types of exercise plans and machines and have found a few but not enough. Sleevarilla- I love working out but feel more self conscious of what machines to use, as I said above, I am going to have a trainer teach me all the machines and what they work. I do not know what each machine works and I want to be able to work out all over! I have been mostly getting on the treadmill, I am up to 3 on speed, 3 incline for about 45 minutes. I love weight training, just need to learn the proper way! As to the genepro-I took the info to my surgeon, to a nutritionist and to the local GNC and asked about it, they all seemed very impressed with it and most importantly my surgeon and Nut said it was ok for me to use. Now, I am not a huge meat eater, never have been, I eat a lot of fish and eggs, I have been able to get my 80-100gms of protein in mostly with food and usually only do 1 tbsp genepro in sf pudding a day. As to how many calories a day-I can not say exactly. My NUT and surgeon want me to track my protein and not worry about calories at this point but I use my fitness pal to track and I am always under 1000 calories a day, usually around 800 calories. Karensturn-LOL I like the melting candle reference! It soooo looks like a melting candle! I have a can that I decorated (i am an artsy fartsy type, if something sits still long enough, I decorate it) with a retro look woman on the phone making her plastic surgery appointments, and "fix it" tools. I have it on the ledge near the front door and I make everyone in my family put their loose change in it, my oldest sons friends think it is hilarious and put their change in it too! I am saving up for my plastics because I am having the whole body treatment!! LOL! Thanks everyone for your input!
  2. Drinking coffee

    I agree, right now I am having problems getting in my liquids because water "hurts" to drink. I have tried warm water, room temp water and ice water. I have tried crystal light, tea and coffee. I am finally at 12 weeks starting to be able to drink crystal light a bit easier but still hurts but for some reason the coffee is the only thing that I can get in with no trouble. I keep trying flavored water and plain water and different temps everyday and know that eventually I will be able to get those in easier and special coffee's will become less needed! I am not getting a lot of veggies or fruits in yet because I eat my protein first then I am full (I can eat about 2-4 oz of protein in a meal then I am full) and I do not eat any breads, rice or pasta's so my daily carbs are very low, the coffee's are my main source of carbs at this point and I know that will change!
  3. Exercise help and BS questions

    12 weeks postop tomorrow, I started working out at the gym last week and I have some questions: 1. I have gone from a size 5-6x to a 1-2x. I am having problems with the lower sizes fitting in the arms. I had lost over 140lbs prior to surgery and I have HUGE batwings, now I know women tend to freak and exaggerate the "length" of their wings but I am sadly not exaggerating, they are HUGE. I can wear a 1x shirt now but my arms will not fit in the sleeves. I refuse to wear sleeveless because they are so bad. So my question: I am working out now and I want to do exercises for the arms. My batwings are excess skin from the large amount of weight loss, is their any exercises that will help these? Is there a good book, website, etc., that you recommend that can give me guidance? I used the personal trainer at the gym and she was kind of clueless, really nice, I really liked her but she had no idea what bariatric surgery meant (she is going to school to be a nutritionist) diet wise and the exercises she gave me for my arms just works the shoulders and the upper arms, not the "batwing" area! 2. I joined the gym last week and went 3 days in a row to work out. I did cardio all three days and weights 2 of the days. I was a diabetic prior to surgery but was off all medications 1 week post op, my a1c is 5.5 and my morning fastings are usually in the mid 70's. When I work out I start to feel like maybe my sugar is low. I need to bring my machine with me from now on. I feel weird but can not explain how I feel, it is like an adrenaline rush, which makes sense but I am worried about continuing my work out or after, driving, because I feel really weird. I am not getting the normal low blood sugar feelings, dizzy, sweaty, irritable, confused but since surgery, I do not get any low blood sugar symptoms even when really low! Do any of you have this issue and how do you deal with it? Do you bring an energy bar with you? What is a good energy bar, I have used the KIND nut and spice bars which are only 5gms of sugar but are 200 in calories! What if it is my sugars and they are really low, what do I take to make them higher? Prior to surgery when I would have low sugars I would drink a juice with added sugar or a candy bar, I know I can not do that now!! I always eat some type of protein with added protein (genpro 30gm per tablespoon) prior to my workout and after my workout. I would love to hear your experiences and solutions! Thanks in advance!
  4. Here's what I'm eating...

    OK last week I was on here freaking out because I was 11 weeks post op and only lost 36lbs. After seeing my surgeon he said I was doing great. You are doing amazing! My surgeon said he wasn't as worried about calories, he said to eat low fat, low carb and low sugar, stop when you are full and get 80-100 gms of protein in a day and you will do great. I asked about the "honeymoon" period and he said that everyone is different, usually people will lose 60-80% of their weight in the first 6-8 months but that is not a hard and fast rule. Age (older people have slower metabolisms and makes it harder to lose) and sex (males lose faster than women) also can make a difference in weight loss. He reminded me that this was a tool to help me lose weight and not a "fix", I will need to eat a low fat, low sugar, low carb diet for the rest of my life, my body will lose what it will lose. I have also found that I am losing "slower" (in my mind, doc said I was doing great!) but I am losing a TON of inches, fast! I have gone from a size 5-6x down to 1-2x's in 3 months, that I think is amazing! My neighbor had this surgery 2 years ago and she said the most important thing, get in 80-100gms of protein a day--she said that is the key! Good luck and you are doing really great!
  5. Drinking coffee

    I just saw my surgeon a week ago, I am 12 weeks post Roux-en-Y surgery tomorrow. I am STILL having problems with drinking water, it is getting better but still hurts even when sipping. I told my surgeon that I am drinking 2, 20oz starbucks skinny caramel macchiatos a day (160 calories, 13gms protein) and he said that was no problem just that the coffee had to be decaf that caffeine was a diuretic and was defeating my purpose, caffeine "drys" you out. So I started drinking them decaf and they taste just as great as the caffeinated ones. I really do not need the caffeine, it has never made a difference for me, it didn't "wake me up" or keep me up at night and I was not a soda drinker so I guess my body is just ok with no caffeine?!? I use Genpro protein powder, 1 tbsp=30gms and it is odorless and tasteless and disolves great in all foods, including hot liquids. I sometimes throw a tbsp in my coffee and get 43gms of protein in one drink! Coffee and SF popsicles have saved my life when it comes to getting fluids in. Prior to surgery I was a HUGE water drinker, it is hard not being able to drink it now. I need something for the gym, I found a crystal light flavor I like and I add that to ice cold water and fill the bottle with ice so it stays colder longer, I can do a little of that but still hard
  6. Hey everyone! Thank you all for your responses! First off, I saw the surgeon for my regular follow up and he told me I am doing very well to quit worrying! He reminded me that I have lost 36lbs in 2 1/2 months with a complication at 2 weeks that stalled me for at least 3 weeks, that 36lbs was great, he said 10 lbs a month was amazing! He also reminded me I was almost 400lbs and lost 140lbs before I even had surgery! I am feeling much better and more confident! My good friend and neighbor had this surgery 2 1/2 years ago, her advice was to quit worrying and "stay off the damn scale" LOL! Good advice!!!!!!LOL! I agree with the avacado being too high in fat and need to cut back on them! I joined the gym this week and my personal trainer told me that avacado's were good fat and good fat helps burn fat not muscle that I am ok eating them LOL! I think I will just eat them in moderation! LOL! This weekend is going to be a bit challenging for me--Friday night is dinner out with my father in law & step mom in law. Saturday is a memorial service and dinner out with my sisters in laws, Sunday dinner at my sister in laws and then again on Monday when my other sister in law is in town. At least Sunday and Monday I can make my own food and bring it and I know the restaurants we are going to Friday and Saturday so I will get online to see what they have so I can plan ahead. Happy I do not have to cook all weekend but also not wanting to eat out so much! I hope you all have great plans for the weekend and enjoy! Thanks again everyone for your support and advice! It really does mean a lot!
  7. Really Really embarrassing question. TMI. Women only.

    LOL! I love this blog! FYI TMI, I love oral sex too and I never even thought about the effects of swallowing---I haven't had any problems yet! LOL!
  8. PapaG--- That is what I am worried about, the honeymoon period going by too fast and not losing the weight. I try not to compare myself to others because I do know EVERYONE is different, I have become friends with someone on TT who actually lives in my town, we had the same surgery but with different surgeons and everything has been completely different between us! I think what I am most worried about is that I am doing something wrong, am I doing what I am supposed to, I feel I am. Low fat, no sugar, little to no carbs, 80-100gms of protein a day-is there something I am missing? I do have difficulty getting in all of my fluids a day, I can usually get at least 20-30 ounces a day. I know that is not as much as I should be getting, it still hurts to drink fluids but I am trying and it is getting better. I guess I am curious what the rate of loss is for others for confirmation that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing? Does that make sense what I am trying to say? I guess I want to know if what I am experiencing is a normal, are all of the people who are losing 20+ lbs a month or more the norm, are there people who are losing but at a slow pace, are there people who have lost slowly but are successful? Should I be concerned there is something wrong? I am having no signs or symptoms of pancreatic problems but since I had the complication at 2 weeks my lipase levels have been REALLY high, like in the upper 600's (200 is the normal high) while in the hospital they said it was from the blood loss but they are not coming down. I was in the hospital May 10-16 and I just had my levels rechecked 2 weeks ago, could this be causing the slow weight loss? (I am being seen by my primary and he doesn't seemed concerned because I have no signs or symptoms and not sick but I didn't ask about the weight loss,we are going to recheck levels in 2 months). Friends that I know that have had this surgery have lost at a much faster pace again I just want to do this right am I doing all that I should? Thanks PaPaG, you always have great advice!
  9. tmcgee- I read that you will lose the majority of your weight in the first 6 months then you slow down and start to maintain your loss---do you feel that is true? I know you are over 2 years out, do you find that you are more maintaining or are you still losing?
  10. This is harder than I thought!

    tmcgee- we come to Boston every summer to stay with my husbands Aunt. We will not be back until May-June next year but I am trying to fit a long weekend in over the fall months, I will let you know when we are there again! I would move there in a heart beat! I love it so much! gamzap-loved your response! Thank you for sharing, you expressed so many things that I am feeling! I loved every response! I am glad to know that what I am feeling is not a "just me" thing. This whole thing has been so much harder than I thought. I have had head hunger and recognized it as just that, head hunger. It happens usually in the evenings after a crazy busy day and I sit down to relax. I have only lost 33 lbs and I feel like I should be losing faster---I am doing everything I am supposed to, 80-100gms of protein each day and no "cheater" foods, why am I losing so slow? I am having major head issues with the weight loss itself. I look in the mirror and think, why am I still fat, why haven't I lost more but friends and family, especially those I haven't seen since the surgery are all freaked out and excited about how well I am doing. They can not believe how small I am, I do not feel like I am doing well. I know this surgery is a tool not a fix. I am following the "rules" and the reason for the surgery was to get rid of the diabetes and HBP, I am off all diabetic medicines and down to 1 blood pressure med and doc said will probably be off that soon. So the main reason for the surgery has been accomplished but what about the weight, when is that going to happen? Man I must seem nuts to you all---I am a worrier and I am in a funk and it makes the worrying worse! I see the surgeon tomorrow and I am going to see the NUT again. I joined a gym and hope that helps, I love working out, it is a great stress reliever for me, hopefully that will make me feel better! Thanks everyone!
  11. I had surgery on April 27 and lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks. At 2 weeks I had a complication (my cardiologist put me back on my blood thinners too soon) and I was in the hospital for a week, I was not allowed to eat anything for 5 days. I started a "stall" at that point. In the last few weeks I have lost 13lbs. I am eating at least 80-100gms of protein a day, I am under 1000 calories each day (usually way under) shouldn't I be losing faster? I know everyone is different, everyone loses at a different rate but really, shouldn't I be losing more? I haven't been exercising on a regular basis but have joined a local gym that is literally a 2 block walk from my house--no excuses not to work out!! I am in a total funk. I do not know what to eat, I can not tolerate chicken but I prefer fish anyways and I can tolerate that so I am fine with that. I never sit down and eat a "meal" I usually just make and eat 2-4 oz of fish, I can not eat my protein AND veggies, it is one or the other and of course proteins come first, I do sometimes get in some veggies, I miss them so much. I eat some fruit with my cottage cheese. I am bored with my eating, most days I do not even feel like eating. I am not eating any thing "sweet" I am scared to death of dumping, I have not had a dumping episode and do not want to have one. I do not miss the sweets, my only vice that I believe is probably bad for me is avacado's. I cut up some red onion, some lime juice, S & P and mix it with my avacado and I am in heaven! I will eat 1 avacado in a day, I eat it as my side dish with lunch and dinner and the rest I will eat as a snack. Sometimes I put my protein powder in with it and eat it (I use a non flavored protein) to get in my proteins. I was almost 400 lbs several years ago. I started losing on my own, cutting back portions and making healthier choices. I lost 100lbs, gained back 40 after an illness, then lost those 40lbs again. As I said the day of surgery I was 278 lbs. I feel like I lost weight faster then than I am now. The main reason for having the GBP was to get rid of the diabetes and high blood pressure. 1 week post op I was off all diabetic medicines (still doing great my A1C is 5.5) and down to 1 blood pressure med and the doc thinks I will be off that soon. I do not regret having the surgery but again I am frustrated, shouldn't I have lost more by now? I have read about people who have had the surgery and didn't lose weight, am I going to be one of those? Am I failing at this too? I want this to work, I know that the surgery wasn't a fix, it is a tool to help me lose but I am doing everything I am supposed to do, am I freaking out for nothing? I see my surgeon tomorrow for a routine check up, I have a million questions! I am also going to make an appointment with my NUT. I think a review is a smart idea at this point. Thanks for your time---I do not know how I would survive this without all of you! It is so nice to hear how you all have done. I need out of this funk! My neighbor had this surgery 2 years ago and she looks and feels amazing, she lost her weight at a faster pace than I am too. She just keeps telling me to eat my 80-100gms of protein a day and it will just fall off of me---I am eating 80-100gms a day and it isn't falling off of me--
  12. This is harder than I thought!

    I am 10 weeks post op today. I started out at 278 on the day of surgery and today I am 245, I have lost 33 lbs. I had a complication at 2 weeks post op and I stalled out but have been losing a lot of inches even when the scale wasn't moving. I have gone from a tight 28 pants to a very loose 22 pants. Prior to surgery at my highest weight I was over 380. I have the issues with water but have found alternatives. I am having issues with eating. I have no desire for sweet things and I love fish, fruits and veggies so clean eating is not a problem. I am starting to eat regular foods but I am so scared to try new things. We were in Boston for 3 weeks so I stuck with what I knew I could handle- seafood, fish, cottage cheese, and a few fruits and veggies. Now I am home and I do not know what to do. I can not handle chicken or turkey at all (have tried several times) but can handle lean ground beef in addition to seafood/fish. I do not know what to try or what is ok. I have problems with foods that I have been tolerating. I love eggs, I have been eating eggs for several weeks now but occasionally I will eat eggs and I am immediately throwing up. I throw up a lot. I get severe pains in my stomach and as soon as I vomit it gets better and when I vomit it is like slime, no food just this oily substance. I have found that when I am eating with others I need to be careful. If they are eating fast and we are conversing, I forget what I am doing and either eat too fast or do not chew enough and get sick. I learned that very early on and I am very careful now. I tell everyone at the table, ok I need to slow down, eat small bites and chew so that I do not get sick. I am doing much better with that but I still have problems with the vomiting, even if I eat slow, take small bites and chew very well sometimes I still get sick. I see the doc in a week so I will bring this up. I am bored with eating the same things. It is hard for me to eat, I am full all the time and do not feel like eating (even sometimes forgetting to eat when busy). In order to not throw up it takes me forever to eat anything, it is hard for me to eat and to get in my fluids because it takes so long to do either. I do not know how to even make a meal. I make a simple protein, fish with maybe citrus baked or grilled, tuna fish with some salt and pepper, lean ground beef into meatballs with tomato sauce and I do not even make veggies because I have no room for them after eating the protein. I miss apples and salad. I sometimes would love to have a sandwich, I do not miss bread but would like to have a tuna fish sandwich occasionally instead of just eating it plain. Can I have bread at this stage? I am just confused over it all. What is the ok sugar amount? I try to keep under 5gms but I know sugar alcohols are a problem and sometimes foods have a higher sugar content due to natural sugar but what is too much and what is ok? I need to go see my NUT again, I had no idea that this was going to be so hard. No regrets what so ever but shocked at how hard it is to start eating again! Thanks for letting me vent. I would love to know how you all started back into eating after your 6-8 weeks! Menu suggestions?! TIA! Barbara
  13. Plain water hurts post-op - will it get better?

    Oh and I live on sugar free popsicles in the evenings! My NUT recommended those! I can tolerate them well!
  14. Plain water hurts post-op - will it get better?

    I am 10 weeks post op and I still have trouble with drinking water, I get that pain too! I was a huge water drinker before surgery! I find that crystal light helps, I think that having some type of flavor makes me sip instead of gulping? If that makes sense? Do not know if this is ok or not but I drink 20 oz skinny (sugar free, skim milk no caramel sauce)caramel machiattos from starbucks, sometimes 2 a day. I can drink those with no troubles and I figure I am getting 20 oz of fluid per drink and 13 gms of protein (from the milk), for me it is a win win!
  15. Medic-Alert bracelet? Not me!

    I asked my husband who is a paramedic firefighter what he thought. He said that he loves the tattoo idea but in an emergency situation, they do not take the time to check body art. When I told him about your tattoo idea he laughed and said he loved that idea but to be safe he said get an alert band that says check out chest tattoo or medical info tattooed on chest! What ever you do make sure you have your name and ICE contact info listed too! He said maybe put the ICE info on the bracelet too, because your ICE info could change. The EMS joke is whats the first to go in an accident? Your clothes! Funny but not always true! More often then not though lol! I worked 30+ years in emergency medicine-- I wanted tattooed on my chest the hospitals I refused to go to, the doc's who could not touch me and a DNR! I love tattoo's, I have several and I have several more that I want but am waiting for the weight loss (I am 10 weeks postop today) and plastic surgery. My husband insisted that I get the medical alert, he said no blind ng tube is a big, big deal! I bought one from Lauren's Hope, it was expensive but is a beautiful bracelet with the alert on the back. My husband said they know that people buy "fancier" alert bracelets so they check all bracelets, anklets and necklaces.