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  1. Yeah, I feel as though it is my duty to let both the Suboxone & GB world know that this threat is out there & real! Had I known about it 4 years ago when I entered a Sub program, I cud-ve saved myself some major grief & self-doubt. Thanx for helping me spread the word! Also, enjoy ur kiddos at home while u can..... Re-entering the workforce is very noble; what an awesome example u'll be sending to ur child(ren) everytime u head out to "work!"
  2. Suboxone Warning!!!! I had my GB surgery 14 years ago & b/c of back issues/surgery, was on heavy pain meds for 10 of those years. When I got married 4 years ago, I elected to switch to a Suboxone program with the hope of being able to have children. (Which I never could've done on all the narcotics) And while I am now the proud Mama of a 2 year-old & 6 month-old TWINS, I have suffered through some very extreme negative side effects from Suboxone. It was only recently that I discovered my problem was w/the NALOXONE (1 of the 2 active ingredients in Suboxone) Turns out that even though Suboxone is taken sublingually - not usually an absorption issue for GB patients - the NALOXONE is actually swallowed & destroyed in the GI tract, never causing SE's. However as we are well aware, the altered system in post GB patients does not effectively "destroy" the NALOXONE & allows it to reach the brain, where it can do some nasty sh*t to really F w/you!! Bottom line: Post Gastric Bypass patients should NEVER take SUBOXONE - instead, the generic, 1-ingredient alternative, SUBUTEX (BUPRENORPHINE) NO JOKE!!
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