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  1. I told my sister, and I totally regret it. See, my sister is morbidly obese too. She is mad that I can afford the surgery (my insurance through work will pay for it), and she cannot. She has even said that she will not be at the hospital for me because she cannot have the surgery too. I just lost my mother in November, so my sister is my only family other than my husband and daughter. I'm really hurt. I only tell friends that I know I can rely on for support. I am not telling any of my extended family except for my favorite aunt.
  2. I've not been assigned a goal weight by my doctor yet, but I set my own based on a "normal" BMI. Whether or not I meet that goal or not, my real goal is to get off my diabetes and high blood pressure medications. I just want to have some energy and be healthy again.
  3. How awesome! You are doing great.
  4. LouisianaLady

    Day #27

    Congratulations to you. You should be proud of yourself.
  5. Hang in there. Life will get better, but that's hard to see right now in the midst of it. I will say a prayer for you.
  6. I understand your frustration completely. I've been waiting on my surgery date of October 17th since May. Go ahead and start working on those 15 lbs you need to lose and let that keep you preoccupied for now. The time will get here before you know it. You can do this.
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    Nervousness is gone

    Good for you that you are already planning your future. You've got a plan that you can work, and one that will bear results. Awesome.
  8. What wonderful strides you are making in your journey. You should be proud. As for the fella, don't let your head be a negative voice in your life. Practice some positive self talk. You are a beloved child of God.
  9. On Friday, I got my insurance approval. We had already put me on the surgeon's schedule for October 17th pending approval from my insurance company. That was an easy and painless process; they require nothing of me up front other than BMI requirements. Now I just have to have the psych evaluation, meet with the nut, watch two videos, get scoped, and do the other physical stuff. I am stoked! Excited and scared in the same breath. We are looking at just over 10 weeks to go. I can't take off any in August (I work for a school system), so I will be cramming all my appointments into September and October. Time is going to fly by.
  10. I hope that you have the time of your life! Make sure you grab the sunscreen.
  11. Good for you. I hope your mother is doing better. Keep us posted on your progress.
  12. You can do this. Giving up smoking is not for the faint of heart, but I watched my mother do it cold turkey when she was a two pack a day smoker. If she can do it, so can you.
  13. I'm really excited....I'm really scared. I'm doing my research to get ready and be as informed as I can be. I'm just needing friends that will patiently endure my anxiety during this waiting period. Whoo! I need a nerve pill right now.
  14. Congratulations. Keep us posted on your progress.
  15. I think I have my profile changed now. I am having the sleeve. I've decided if I am going through an expensive surgery, I am going all the way for me. CeCeJD, I look forward to hearing more from you as you go through your journey. I need all the buddies I can get.
  16. Welcome! Our stories sound similar in the health department. I too have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and probably have sleep apnea too although I have never been diagnosed. My surgery date will be in October, so we will be on a similar time frame. Maybe we can be weight loss buddies! Congratulations on taking the first step.
  17. Hang in there. Best of wishes.
  18. Anne Lilly, hang tough. Momma had been on oxygen for thirteen or so years. It's a hard row to hoe as you watch them lose their independence.
  19. My amazing mother passed away in November. She, along with my husband, was that one person that I wanted to tell everything to. Whenever anything happened, good or bad, it was Momma that I wanted to talk to. Granted, I am 47 years old so I should be able to cope well with my mother's death, but I find that some days are still really hard. Since Momma passed, my sister and I have both gained weight. Keep in mind that I am the emotional sister, so I cry more often then I binge, so I've only gained 10 lbs. since she died. My sister, the more stoic one, has gained 36 lbs. since Momma died. I would say that we are eating our feelings to some degree. It was Momma's death that helped spur me to make the decision to finally have WLS. My mother died due to COPD at the age of 73, which I think is way too young when you consider how old some of her relatives are. I decided that I would not put my daughter through losing me early due to my weight if I could prevent it. I know that Momma would disapprove of the surgery because of friends we know that had gastric surgery probably 30+ years ago with bad results. I'm believing in better results. This weekend was a tough weekend for me, but I got through it. I packed up, with the help of friends (my sister refused to help), my mother's house so we could get it ready for a renter. This is the weekend I would normally be stuffing myself with everything I could find, and yet, I feel like I did a good job of holding it together food wise. I did cry a lot, however. My mother had lived in that house for 46 years, and packing her things was like losing her all over again. The estate sale in November will be the same way. I am excited about some treasures (sentimental items) that I found going through her things alone. Please say a prayer for me as I unpack some of her things at my house this coming week. Pray for strength and for the will to not binge in the process.
  20. I'm looking for buddies that can encourage me through all the pre-surgery qualifications and hurdles that we have to jump through. Insurance through where I work is really great and will pay for the surgery even though my BMI is 37, so I'm not worried about that. What's making me crazy is the other stuff. The psych appointment (yes, my family is fully of nuts and since we are from the south, we dress them up and parade them around for everyone to see), the appointment with the nut (I've seen this lady multiple times for my diabetes and even took a class targeted at parents and children that she taught. I could probably do her job by now, and I don't want to see her again....stomping foot), getting scoped and having the pre-op testing, etc. I'm sure that I will totally skate right through it all, but I am ready to get the show on the road already. Come on ladies and gents, I need buddies.......
  21. Love pickled string beans, especially in a Cajun style Bloody Mary like the ones you get in New Orleans. Since my surgery isn't until October, I may just have to have one of those when I go down in July as part of my last hoozah!
  22. I really appreciate you sharing this information, I will certainly be using this as my shopping list in the near future.
  23. My name is Denise, and I am new to the block. I've been lurking for a couple of months, and I have really gained a lot of knowledge from the posts. Reading people's blogs has been at times emotional because so many feel the same way I do. At other times, I have laughed until I cried as pictures have been painted with colorful words and phrases. I am 48 (I think that's right), and I am married with two grown step-children (thank God) and a 16 year old daughter (Please help me God). I've battled my weight my entire adult life, and have finally come to the conclusion that now is the time to do something about it. Gastric sleeve it is on October 17th hopefully My husband is the lead chaplain at a very large hospital in our area, so I am constantly hearing the horror stories of severely obese people and the damage they put themselves through due to the complications of their weight. Add that to a person with diabetes and high blood pressure (like me), and you have a ticking time bomb. "Denise, we had another person with an amputation today due to his/her diabetes." Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. God love him, what he doesn't know is his BMI is 33 now. I don't tell him that. My husband is supportive, my daughter is terrified of the surgery, and my sister is mad that I am having it because she cannot afford to have it herself. I've not told my step-kids yet, although my co-workers in my department (Insurance department - bingo) know about it. For now I just wait for the doctor to get my pre-authorization (not a problem per my rep with BCBS), and then the psych appt, a nut appointment, the scope and pre-op physical, and I will be set to go. This is it! It's my turn in my life to live my life for me, for Denise.