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  1. I told my then 16 year old everything. She was not supportive at first because she too was heavy, and she thought I was taking the easy way out. Well, one year later, and she is my biggest cheerleader. She is giving serious thought to having the surgery when she turns 18.
  2. I am having to preach this message to myself right now, but here goes - Stay Patient. Take it one day at a time, and don't focus on the scales as long as you are eating on plan. Measure and weigh everything. Record everything in a app like "My Fitness Pal". Workout at whatever level you are able and focus on light weights when the doctor releases you to do so. It comes off......in it's own time. Hang in there.
  3. Welcome! I love my sleeve. You will love yours too.
  4. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!!
  5. Well, most of y'all know that I am a preacher's wife, but I am the most liberal one I know. People know my beliefs on loving people, loving life, etc, and I catch hell for it. I've always wanted to go to the drag show at the one gay bar we have in town that does them, and my friend Lisa keeps promising to take me the next time her daddys (what is the plural spelling for daddy x2?) come to visit. I want to adopt her daddys as my daddys since my daddy died a long time ago. Pray for me (said tongue in cheek) since I was recently told that I am not a REAL preacher's wife by a lady in our congregation. UGH! Anyone know where I can buy a Tammy Faye Baker Preacher's Wife kit?
  6. First, wear what makes you feel confident no matter what you choose. Because it is a charity that your husband works for, you want to look classy and fun on his arm. Because it is an event in a gay club with a drag show, if it were me, I would rock some stilettos, wear the leather and put on a great top with some larger than life jewelry. It's going to be dark during the drag show with the lights focused on the performers. In all black, I would think you would blend in rather than shine.
  7. I used to breed show quality cocker spaniels. I once had another breeder lament over his "crazy daughter" and he said he wished he had been as careful with his own breeding as he was with his dogs. It cracked me up! Some of us could have used that advice before we got married.
  8. I drank decaf once my doctor released me to drink it. (Notice where I was following his plan and not what others were telling me? ) Now, I drink regular coffee and decaf too depending on the time of day. It's one of the things that I do to settle my nerves when I just need to slow down and savor a moment. Keep in mind that I am ADD, so caffeine does not affect me like it does normal people with the buzz. The only slippery slope I would warn you about is that it does interfere with my water consumption if I don't watch it. I would rather drink a yummy coffee than water any day.
  9. She took lots of blood for the lab tests Dr. Merriman wants for my one year follow up. She talked to me about the normal stuff. I told her that I've been gaining weight, and we discussed the emotional toll of what's going on in life right now. DR: Are you working out? Me: No DR: You know that will help with your stress. Me: So will sleeping in and not facing it. Besides, I don't like leaving my kid alone to workout that early in the morning. DR: She's 17. The bad guys have all gone home to sleep. She's not going anywhere until she has to get up for school. She will be fine. Me: OK. DR: Do you need your inhaler to exercise? Me: I just told you I'm not exercising. DR: (Grins) So you are saying you are going to need your inhaler. Me: OK (grumble, grumble, grumble). I guess I will go home after work and get my workout stuff and head to the *&^% gym. I'm sure as heck not going home to clean the house. The kid doesn't have school again until next Tuesday, so she is going to her friend's house for the weekend to work at the friend's dad's racetrack. Making spending money. Good for her. That means that I will be alone in the house until I go back to work next Tuesday (I work for the school district, so we are off too). As of late, that would mean that I would lie on the couch with the dogs and watch Netflix non-stop for four days. (I wish it would stop asking me if I am still watching every fourth episode. Yes I am still watching. I don't have a life.) Ok, who wants to volunteer to be my accountability buddy? I think I really need one of those.
  10. My poor hair. I've lost hair due to diet changes twice in my life. Both times it came back with a different texture and grayer. UGH! I have resisted cutting it. I shampoo it once a week. I wear it in a bun a lot of the time so that I'm not constantly pulling loose hair off me.
  11. My dogs sit beside me whenever I eat because they know that will get what's left. They didn't care for the horseradish mustard that was on the plate the other day. It was really kinda funny watching the greedy one shake his head as he tried to clear the burn from his sinuses. He's so darn funny. It hasn't slowed him down a bit though. He's still my greedy buddy.
  12. When I first started reading this post, I wanted to add my input, but I waited a few days to see what others had to say. The surgery did not take away my hunger as I get hungry now again. It's real hunger too. The problem is that I can eat and still not be satisfied. I get that cramp in my stomach that says "whoa Nellie, it's time to stop," but most food has lost it's appeal to me. The reason for that is that I eat the same thing day in and day out. It's easier that way. I eat two pieces of sandwich meat and string cheese for breakfast and lunch. I might drink a shake for a snack. Dinner might be another shake right now. I've no motivation to cook because I am the only one eating. I make a rotissere chicken. and it goes bad before I eat all of it. I've grown rather tired of all the planning I think.
  13. LouisianaLady

    Whole milk

    I grew up on 2% milk. Anything more or less just icks me out. I only consume milk when I am eating cereal or when I am cooking with it. My daughter does 2% milk too. My husband has been on a White Russian kick, and this bartender made it for him using half-n-half. He is now hooked. He wonders why he cannot lose weight.
  14. My nutritionist said to consider yogurt a liquid when you get that far out (she said to count those ounces among the 64+ ounces of liquid I'm supposed to consume a day). If that is the case, it stands to reason that it will run right through you the same way water would and thus we can eat more of it. As so many others have said, density is where you are going to find your restriction.
  15. I've tried the mocha, and I really like it. The problem is that the bottles are so pricey for the size. I would rather do Torani.
  16. Honey, what great progress you've made. Welcome. We are here for you any time.
  17. Welcome! Best wishes on your journey.
  18. Today is a new day and with it comes new struggles just like it does for all of us. This morning I got up and fixed my coffee at 4:00 am. I walked into the kitchen to find a glass shattered on the floor. I knew when I opened the fridge yesterday and saw that someone - the teenager - had put an empty glass in the refrigerator like that we would wind up with a broken glass. Rather than scream and yell, I shut the fridge and went to bed. I guess I should not have done that because this morning, sure enough, it was lying broken on the floor. I could have gone ballistic, but I just turned on my heels and made a cup of coffee. Oh, I told the teenager that I had found the broken glass when she woke up and the E-cigarette she forgot to hide, put on my clothes, and walked out the door. Serenity now....serenity NOW! I think my zen moments would feel better if I could throw the imaginary rock I am rubbing my thumb over at the offending parties instead. God is so good to send you reminders of your blessings in your times of need (or whatever you call your higher power). I work for a very large school district in the insurance department. Two days in a row I've had widows come into my office hoping against hope that there were life insurance benefits on their deceased husbands. Both of these women were around my age. I was able to give good news to one lady, and I had to give bad news to the other. I held the hands of the not so lucky widow, and she told me that everything was going to be ok. I felt led to pray with her for strength during this time in her life, but she is already the strong one. In my spirit I just heard that while I am going through my trials right now, it could be so much worse. I know that, but it's not a bad thing to be reminded. It's also not a bad thing to take our focus off ourselves in our prayers and put it on others I am reminded. Whatever you call it - putting out good vibes, prayer, karma, etc, it's good to be reminded that it's not really about what we need in our lives as much as what we can do in other's lives. Thank you all for your support everyone. I really appreciate it.
  19. Awesome job! "Weigh" to go!
  20. Awesome news. What an exciting time.
  21. Welcome! Best wishes on your journey!
  22. Welcome! I would tell you to read, read, read this forum. It has lots of helpful info!