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  1. Thanks for the support everyone. I'm heading to bed. Surely tomorrow will be a better day.
  2. Hi everyone! I know that I have not been around much lately and for good reason. Life has taken a turn that has left me reeling. So much has happened in the past six months, so let me catch everyone up to speed. My husband and I have separated because he can no longer “live in the chaos and drama” that is our home. He and our daughter do not get along at all anymore. Well, actually, that’s not true. Now that he is no longer living in the house, they are getting along better. He does not have to view her messes or deal with her smart mouth. Of course, I still live with her (sorta kinda), so I get to deal with it daily. As most of you know, he is a pastor, so Ashton and I are viewed as ogres because we must have done something horribly wrong for him to not be living there. I am gossiped about quite a lot, and everyone treats me differently at church. That being said, I have stopped going. Tony has a legal matter that we had to take care of as a result of his disciplining our daughter last September when she was still seventeen. It got physical, and the cops were called because she threw him to the floor in her rage (she’s a strong girl and outweighed him at the time). Keep in mind that I had called the police three times in less than a year because of her behavior. On the prior two occasions, the officers advised her that she was still under our authority, and she had to be compliant with our wishes. They also told her that corporal punishment was legal in the state of Louisiana. On the last call, the officer took issue with what the previous officers had told us, and they arrested Tony for Domestic Assault Battery. Keep in mind that she had drawn blood on him, but they did not arrest her. She begged them not to arrest him, but they did so anyway. Over the past few months, we have had to hire an attorney to represent him (the money that cost would have bought me a beautiful diamond ring). Thankfully, the District Attorney’s office agreed that it was not Domestic Abuse Battery and dropped the charges. Thank goodness we could afford an attorney. What do people do that afford one – yes, I know, they go to jail. Our family is in counseling and has been since then. As for me, I have taken on a lot more responsibilities at work. Because of that, I find very little time to come to the website. Because I work for the insurance office of a large school district, I stay very busy under normal circumstances. Throw in the holidays, and it gets crazy. We are off work for two weeks (yippee!), but when we come back, we come back to “OPEN ENROLLMENT.” Add the fact that we lost an employee to retirement in the beginning of January and that I am the first person that people see when they come in our department, and you can only imagine how much my work volume has increased. Add to all that my normal responsibilities (I handle the cancer and disability policies along with Tax Sheltered Annuities and send out Cobra notices for 5,000 people), and one can only imagine my stress level. I have not dealt with the stress well to say the least. At work, I am professional and caring, going the extra mile for every employee that walks in my office. I work 9 hours a day (I do not take lunches because I don’t have time), so when I get home, I am DONE! I veg on the couch and stare at old Netflix episodes of whatever show my daughter is hooked on at the moment. My house has gone to hell. Also in January came Mardi Gras season. I was royalty this year for the Krewe of Akewa (you can friend us on FB at Akewa Minden Krewe to see my pics). As royalty, I was a goddess, so I had to first attend coronations for all the other Krewes and then their Bals. It’s a great honor to be royalty, but it becomes stressful when you have a function to go to every cotton picking weekend with some weekends holding as many as three Bals over the course of two days. I rode in two parades which is the absolute most fun I think you can have. Tony and Ashton rode with me and got along for the most part during the parades, but they did nothing to help me get our throws (beads, stuffed animals, moon pies, oatmeal pies, etc) purchased or loaded, so that was more stress. I estimated we threw 5,200 strands of beads for one parade alone along with 10 lbs of “penny candy”, oatmeal pies, 100 stuffed animals, etc. I was so glad when Ash Wednesday rolled around. Oh, and they have asked me to be royalty again next season with the plan of me being queen in 2018. Yes, I am already collecting stuff for the coming years. Add to all this that my daughter had her sleeve surgery in December. She has done great with it. She has lost 64 lbs so far, and she is really looking and feeling much better. She is, however, getting on my nerves now because she watches everything I put in my mouth (more on that later). With this newfound confidence has come a newfound arrogance because she is now 18 and “an adult.” She now treats me like I am her peer. Her mouth is unbearable. She knows it all. I absolutely hate this phase because she is just like I was when I was her age (except I didn’t openly disrespect my parents – daddy would have worn out my butt with a 2” leather belt). I remember talking back to my mother when I was 18, and she beat the he** out of me with a metal, slotted spoon. I think back on it now, and I know I probably had it coming since I am seeing this side of Ashton. About three weeks ago, it all came to a head when she in the words of her DNA donor “let her alligator mouth overload her hummingbird butt.” She said something to me that could have been construed as a threat on my life, and I kicked her out of the house. I told her to get out then and there. It hurt me and I cried about it after she left, but I could not let her get away with talking to me that way anymore. She still comes and goes from the house every day to feed and water her pets (or at least she’s supposed to but that does not always happen). About two weeks ago I noticed her posting a picture of herself on FB, and I could tell she had taken it in my room while I was at work. Also, some of my clothes (panties) had come up missing along with some of my cosmetics. When I gathered up all the laundry that was in her bathroom and bedroom, I found my underwear (Ick! I don’t share my toothbrush with anyone, and I am definitely not sharing my panties!), so I marched out to the local hardware store and bought a keyed lock to put on my bedroom door. I now lock my door anytime I leave the house. She is staying with her boyfriend’s parents and while I miss my sweet Ashton, I can’t say that I miss the Ashton she has become lately. However, I love her every single day. I will be glad when I am no longer "stupid" and become smart again in her eyes. Now to the reality of what this has done to me. I have gained 25 lbs in 6 months. I know that food is an addiction for me, and I know that I turn to it when I am stressed. In addition to that, I have been drinking alcohol. I could honestly say before surgery that I had never been drunk. I cannot say that anymore. Not long after Tony left, I took my sleeping meds for the night, and I apparently lost my mind. My doctor had me taking trazadone and temazepam at bedtime. On one particular night, I took my sleeping meds and did not fall asleep right away. I got up and get back in the living room and sat on the love seat to look at FB on my phone. That’s the last thing that I remember. Ashton filmed what happened next (and naturally she texted it to my husband which drove a deeper wedge between him and me). Apparently I had a black out, got up from the couch, got out the vodka, and drank at least half a bottle’s worth before Ashton realized what was going on. I then proceeded to drunk text my husband and drunk post on FB. In the video, I am clearly awake and having a conversation with her, however, I have no recollection of it. I am ashamed to say that up until the first of the month (the end of open enrollment at work), I was drinking pretty regularly. While usually it was a large glass of wine, on more than one occasion it became a bottle of wine. Add to that the chocolate M&Ms that I ate with the wine, and well, you can easily see how I have managed to gain 25 lbs so quickly. Today is a new day. While Tony is still not living at home, he did come home for several days while we experienced flooding last week (goggle Shreveport flood pictures). On Monday, he went back to where he is staying because he's "paid rent for the month of March and doesn't want to waste it." Ashton has become a little more humble, but she is still not living back at home. I hired a personal trainer to beat up on me about my fitness, and I am back to logging my food in My Fitness Pal. There is no alcohol in my house. I have contacted my psychiatrist and she has put me on different sleeping meds. I am coming here – back home – to report in and find the accountability that I need. I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Shoot, I don’t know right now what the next hour will bring. I do, however, know that I can pray to my higher power and call on his name for strength. I’m sorry this post is so incredibly long, but that’s where I am. I will say that I have missed all of y’all.
  3. Meredith, it's going to be ok. Whatever happens, it's going to be ok. Why is it going to be ok? Because YOU ARE Meredith. You can do anything and be anything you want to be. If this project does not work out, the next one will. How do I know that? Because Meredith does not give up....EVER! I've seen you go through so much, and I have no doubt that you will get through this too. Go see the doctor on Thursday, find out what's going on, and move on from there. I will be saying prayers and crossing my fingers for luck either way.
  4. I think you look awesome. I would do maintenance too if I looked as great as you do.
  5. Little Miss has had a much more difficult time than I did. Nausea has been terrible with her pain medication. We had our surgeries at different hospitals, and she has had a completely different experience than I had. Last night was rough. She will be going home tomorrow.
  6. Prayers please! I'm more anxious over her surgery than I was over mine.
  7. As long as the water is room temperature, I can guzzle about 8-10oz at a time. I know once I have done that, however, that I will need to wait a little while before I attempt another sip because I get cramps in my stomach.
  8. Little Miss LouisianaLady's liquid diet starts today to get her ready for surgery. Our doctor only requires a one week pre-op liquid diet, thank goodness. To be supportive, I told her that I would do a liquid diet this week too. Oh my.......I have the feeling that we are going to be real witches this week to one another. Maybe it's a good thing that my husband and I are separated right now. Two women on liquid diets might be too much to handle right now. Wish me luck.....
  9. I truly wish that I had gotten a video of her (my daughter) coming to in the recovery room. She was so funny. She kept telling me about a video that Dr. Merriman showed her before surgery of a Star Wars mash up. She said they put the block in and that was the last thing that she remembered, so she swore they did not do the scope and got quite upset about it. When we tried to get her to slide over on the bed so we could put the railing down, she kept telling us she couldn't move because they told her to lie like that. Putting on her clothes was like dressing a drunk pre-schooler with arms, legs, etc trying to go in whatever hole was available in her shirt and pants. Of course she wanted her phone so she could text her boyfriend to let him know she was ok. Jibberish was what she sent him we found out later after he sent her a snapchat of himself smiling. Oh boy.....what a day. Surgery is scheduled for December 22nd.
  10. My daughter, Ashton, is scheduled to have her surgery on December 22nd. We are on the official countdown now. December 3rd is her psych. appointment. December 10 is her EGD and nutritionist appointment. Her birthday is December 14th. Surgery is December 22nd. Christmas is the 25th.... Gosh, then it's a whole new year. Man, this year went by FAST....
  11. Congratulations on your sobriety. One day at a time! Alcohol hits me really hard. I cannot drink anymore.
  12. Ok, I'm crying! I am so glad that you had a great birthday, but more importantly, I am glad that you feel happy and validated after all this time. Congratulations!
  13. If you need a sweet snack after dinner, grab some sugar free jello and go to town. I've been lax with my eating and exercising lately, but my daughter is having surgery next month, so I will be going through all the phases with her again, so she has a partner. It's the least a mother can do.
  14. When my husband asked me if I belonged to him when we had dated three years, I told him NO! "What do you mean," he asked? I told him I viewed our relationship more like a long term lease, sort of like leasing a car, and we all know what happens at the end of the three year lease - you buy the car or move on. Whoa! That spoke volumes. I had it in my mind that he had six months from that date to propose. If he had not proposed by then, we were through. He proposed two months later at Christmas.
  15. I was in a group of friends that used to go out together every Friday. We would meet at a local sports bar, have a drink (or two) together, and discuss our lives. Two of these women attended my church (A & K), and S was a life long friend of A and works for the same school district that I do. When I told them that I was planning on having the surgery, A & K jumped on that like a starving dog on a bone. Oh now! That was a terrible idea. We know so many people that have blah, blah, blah. "If I want to lose weight," K said, "I just cut back and lose it on my own." Please keep in mind that S is about average, A is overweight, and K is morbidly obese. K has all the health problems that I was suffering with; diabete, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Never one to let others make my mind up for me, I decided to pursue the surgery for my health anyway, and the rest is history. I no longer have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Did any of them visit me in the hospital? Nope. Do we do anything together anymore? Nope. Have any of them encouraged me? Yes, thank goodness. However, A & K are also the people that told EVERYONE in our church about my surgery even though I was trying to keep that private. I'm sure that the church thinks I chunked down a huge amount of money that I could have given them (no so, it was paid by insurance). I'm sure that they think I am full of myself because I dress cute now instead of in my frumpy clothes (things have gotten back to me that the "ladies" in the church have said about me). I'm sure that I get excluded because I no longer drink (doesn't stop me from going out and ordering water when I go out with other people). What has this surgery done for me? It has opened my eyes to the people that truly care about me and the ones that do not. I have to go to church with these women, but I do not have to hang out with them unnecessarily.