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  1. re: invasive foreign predator - google Feral Cats Wisconsin and watch the fireworks. I don't have an issue with people having cats, just letting them wander in the wild. Don't get me started on this subject...it has little to do with WLS. Getting back on track...i had another gland swell and subside on it's own about a month ago, then about a week ago another started...i was trying to let this one go it's normal route too and heal on it's own...but as of today, 3 golf ball sized glands protruding from my armpit have me seeking consol with my primary in the morning. I hope to God I don't
  2. jayd4wg


    i need to make this again...forgot how good it is!
  3. So yeah, those who remember me know i'm a straight shooter but won't bore you with the gore. lets just say that endless bouts of dry heaves just plain SUCK. so today, i'm finally over the pukies and the other end is becoming a bit more regular too but dammit if today I don't feel just like the day i had my surgery when every nurse or doctor asked me if i was passing gas yet. Oh Lord AM I passing gas...it's HORRIBLE. In the past I would gobble up some yogurt and high fiber cereal to clean things out but as of right this minute i have been avoiding high fiber foods for the past 20 months
  4. what is REALLY tragic is when a person ignores the possibility of rabies and avoids testing the animal in some cases. Once symptoms show, it's too late and death is guaranteed. Human or animal alike. the WORST part about this little fact is that one of the first symptoms of rabies in humans is irritability and anxiety. Yeah...as though i don't have either of THOSE two symptoms after this ordeal LOL
  5. In case you missed it - "tested for rabies" = dead cat.
  6. ibuprofen does not seem to bother me...but I don't take it very often. Usually, it's tylenol...butI wanted the anti-inflamatory in the ibuprofen. Currently taking 2 antibiotics, percs, OTC pain/inflammation, and my normal vitamins and such. Still have the iron stomach...it's just much smaller now btw...did i mention that I hate cats? the infection is pretty gross today, oozing and such. wife changed my bandage today and I did a half a shower to freshen up a little. glad i changed the dressing...infection smells NASTY.
  7. kinda sad...only kinda. no kitty is worth the kind of grief and agony we've endured this past week. I know now why i'm a dog person. cats have little use to me. Some people love them...some people "get" them. I think they are invasive foreign predators that do not belong in the eco system. If you have cats, please keep them indoors. I heard once that Feral Cats are Gods form of Ballistic Gelatin...i'm afraid I might have to agree with that statement. time for more ibuprofen...it barely takes the edge off. Doc gave me nothing good for the ouchies...wife got the good stuff and she a
  8. Long story short, my wife and I both had surgery. Mine was 19 months ago and hers just over 9 months. Last week, we got a kitten. Cute little bugger too...and I hate cats. This one however made me like him. Fast forward a couple days. exactly 2 days. My wife starts complaining of a lump under her armpit. No big deal, we humans get them once in a while...ingrown hair from shaving or something...maybe changed deoderant, right? Wrong. 4 days post cat, her lump is getting large...and I'm starting to get one. she goes to urgent care and gets antibiotics. they don't help. 6 days pos
  9. chopping up 6 items, opening 2 cans and 10 minutes of stirring in front of the stove is too much work? Where's my Coque au vin recipe? LOL perhaps duck confite is more your speed... no wait...i know...Ramen Noodles...boil, rinse, repeat i was blown away by how easy couscous is...boil water, mix in dry stuff, lid, set aside for 5 mins. could NOT be easier.
  10. this makes a large batch, and you can change the heat a little - your family should LOVE this... 2-3 chicken breasts cubed into 1" pieces 1 whole medium to large onion sliced/chunked up 2-3 cloves garlic minced 1 green pepper couple carrots sliced 2 stalks celery sliced thin 1 large can diced tomatoes 2 tbls olive oil 1/2 jar Patak's mild curry paste arrow root for thickening a little water for cooking Saute the veggies in a hot pan until the onions are translucent. remove from pot, add the chicken and brown lightly. put the veggies back in, 3-4 tbsp of the Patak's curry past
  11. I'm a huge fan of curry. Get a jar of Patak's mild curry paste. dice up some chicken breast, slice peppers and onions. Saute in olive oil until browned, and onions are translucent. add a few table spoons of the paste, add a cup or so of chicken stock or boullion and simmer until tender. you may need to add additional water, but this has replaced chili for our family sometimes. you can add anything to it...beans, vegetables, do it with beef or pork instead...it's the curry paste that makes it. the end product should resemble a loose stew and will be JUST spicy enough to make your nos
  12. more important to understand why you "can't" eat meat. also, fish has become very important to me. Chicken is usually too dry/stringy and I work better with crock pot meals that add some kind of liquid or a "moist" quality to the meat. Meat loaf is a huge winner. I also eat TONS of jerky from the venison i shoot/harvest (whatever word works better for you...i've discovered there are quite a few non hunter/hunter unfriendlies on this site...) whatever floats you...but if you don't like meat/cant' eat beans and the thought of soy snot i mean tofu don't get you and you don't like shakes, you
  13. very interesting...thanks for posting this!
  14. not long. maybe 5 mins. they cook VERY fast and every oven/pan combination is different. the silpat slows things down a little. black cookie sheets speed things up. go by trial and error. and remember, bettter to slightly under cook them than to over cook....over cooked tastes like charcoal.
  15. having seared a few chunks of meat in my culinary life... Pan seared usually has a very negligible amount of fat onthe finished product. First off, the pan should be elevated to near SMOKING before the oil hits the pan. When the oil lands in the pan, it should shimmer and smoke. then the meat goes on, whether it's a pork chop, steak, chicken or fish...and don't move it. just lay it in, and let it stick. the oil will help cook it, and the water escaping from the meat will drive the oil away from the meat anyway. don't move or flip the meat till it comes loose on its own, and then fli
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