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  1. Thank you! I will definitely starting doing measurements. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you! Congratulations on your weight loss. I added walking for an hour during my lunch time and still going to the YMCA after work. I noticed this morning I lost 2lbs. Thanks again for your encouraging words.
  3. I am 8 weeks post op and I have not been able to lose weight for a couple of weeks now. I lost 36 lbs. from my date of surgery and it seemed like those 36 just fell off now I am stuck. I have not gained weight but I can't seem to lose any right now. I am not over eating. I am measuring everything that I eat but it seems like I have stalled. I finally have all my energy back so I hate the thought have cutting back on the little bit of food I am eating right now. My NUT said I could start 3 meals and a mid morning and mid after noon snack. I am not doing a snack at all thinking that would help b
  4. I'm 6 weeks post op and I must say life is good. I feel great. At times, I find that I am not eating enough because I still do not feel hungry. I wasn't sure I was going to feel like this after I had surgery. I have been so lucky based on other posts I have read regarding food. I have not been sick, uncomfortable, etc. I am doing EXACTLY what my doctor and nutritionist tell me to do. My eating habits were absolutely terrible before surgery. Following directions makes it easy to change my eating habits. Can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring!!!!
  5. Went to the doctor on Wednesday and I've lost 30 pounds. My doctor seemed very pleased (he does not show much emotion). After hearing him say that he was pleased with the weight loss and how great I was handling soft foods, I really got excited. This is the first time I felt this way since my surgery. Don't get me wrong, I have had zero regrets but I guess I was just taking each day one day at a time. Now I am really excited. I am following my nutritionists diet plan to the letter and I'm ready for the next month.
  6. I appreciate the above comments but I have lost 30 pounds in one month. Just had a doctors appointment on Wednesday (1 month check up) and my doctor told me to keep doing what I'm doing because it is working. My nutritionist gave me a strict diet plan and I follow it to the letter. I'm not eating a pound of cheese. I'm eating 1/8th of a cup of low fat cheese in my egg. The peanut butter I eat is a teaspoon....all on the diet plan that was given to me. I am proud of my progress and will continue to follow my diet plan that was given to me.
  7. Well I starting eating on Wednesday and have had egg with cheese, cottage cheese, wheat thins with peanut butter and everything seems to be sitting well with my new pouch. I haven't felt sick at all. I hope this trend continues as I will be adding more items to my diet in the upcoming weeks. I've noticed that I am getting my energy level back as well. So far so good!!!!
  8. I had a nutritionist appointment today (2 week post op) and I get to start eating again! Whoo Hoo. She is really great nutritionist and talked with me for an hour. She gave me a full list of items I could eat. Honestly, I was a little nervous because I have never felt sick on my stomach since I had surgery and I was worried I would be sick. So for my first meal I went light by having 2 fiber wheat thins with a thin spread of peanut butter. I did as I was told and chewed, chewed, chewed then I chewed some more. It went down smooth and I haven't been sick. I hope this works with eggs because I a
  9. Newme1484: don't be nervous. It will all be ok. I will definitely say a prayer for you. You will do just fine. I can't believe I'm approaching my second week already. I have not pain and everything is going exactly as my doctor said it would. Stay positive and know that this is a great decision you've made and it will all be ok. Good luck - I know you be just fine :-)
  10. I am not in any pain - the first few days were a little painful but each day it gets better and better. I starting walking the evening I had surgery. It wasn't far but it was helpful. The next day I walked 2 times a day and the day I left the hospital I walked 3 times. Walking helps a lot with the soreness. It's been one week since I had surgry and I feel really good. Good luck with your surgery and recovery!!
  11. Today was my 1 week checkup from surgery and everything seems to be going well. I have one more week of full liquid diet. I am doing what I can to make it interesting. 2 weeks of liquids is not that bad when you think about the big picture. I have read so many comments from users of this site over the past several days and it has been so informative so I decided to become a member.
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