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  1. I am scheduled for pre-op work in 1 week and am very happy and a little anxious but pleased!
  2. Thanks PatriciaAnn .....since I work at a hospital.....in the general care ward, so I guess I'll be off for a few extra weeks.
  3. sussie"q"123

    How are you?

    Hi cinwa Thanks for the info about the other 2 people....I guess that I should have clued in that they were not active on T T but I'm not very good at blogging. I am getting a lot of info from these posts cause \I am hungry for other people's experiences, even though each hosp has its own procedures which is why I am searching for local people who are going to my hosp. Thanks again Mavis
  4. sussie"q"123

    How are you?

    Hello Mia & islandqueen I am also a Québec residence and waiting for my date with Dr,Demyttenalie for my vertical sleeve. I have been told that I am on the "ready list". The waiting is the worst part. Did you folks have to wait very long for your turns?
  5. Hello bestymarie: I too am new to T-T. I have posted a few questions about my upcoming vertical sleeve and have gotten great advice. Your concerns about going back to work is another good one. I work in a very busy fast pace general care ward of our local hospital in Quebec Canada. We are allowed to take our scheduled breaks every 21/2 hours IF things go well ,but of course they seldom do. I wonder if I will be strong enough to do this work and will I even get to eat when and what I am suppose to? Like you I am looking for any similar vsg people who can suggest some advice. Good lu
  6. Hello saremedic and charliecharms ...like both of you I am looking for local sleevers as I am from Quebec. I am waiting for my surgery date but the info that I am seeking is hard to find cause all hospitals and doctors use different methods. It would be so much easier if I could get first hand information without bothering the hospital that I will be going to in Montreal. So I guess that I am just spouting off.....
  7. sussie"q"123


    Hello Mia, Eraser and all the rest of you ,,, I am still waiting for my call and I have started to work on my diet (sort of a practice scission) I've lost several lbs. but I am totally stressing over my waiting for news and surgery. I am a person who needs a planned life....I live by my need to schedule for work appointments , days I have for shopping , visiting family etc. Waiting by the phone is driving me a little nuts. I have to resist the erg to call the doctor and pest him.....I have been told by their office that I am on their "ready" list so I suppose that I must be going to go soon?
  8. Wow.....I wish!!!! Great work girl.
  9. sussie"q"123


    I am a Quebec resident and having a vertical sleeve done soon.......at the Royal Victoria hosp.by Dr.Demytterlie, The Que. government pays for the full shot if you have all the right physical health problems. I have not found very many other people who are going with this route. I am very anxious to get my date. All my tests are done and accepted. So now I wait......
  10. I've been reading posts for weeks now and I think that I have a pretty good feeling about what I'm in for when I have my sleeve done. What I'm interested in finding out is some specific stuff about the hospitals where I'm from (Canada technically Quebec). Is there anyone out there that has had a vertical sleeve done in Montreal Quebec Canada? Like most of you I have had weight issues since my last child was born. I work in a hospital myself so my weight creates a huge problem. Now that I am approaching my 60th year , lugging around all this weight is very very hard on my legs,back etc. So th
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