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  1. Thanku it feels so intense like im about to do a big burp then it goes away :0( x
  2. Thanku hun finally got my hands on some cheeable windeze so hopefully these will help also my incision sites really itchy x
  3. Hi im 3 days post op and in lots of pain with wind in my shoulder under my diaphragm and everytime I take a drink I get a massive urge to burp but cant then I end up in more pain is this norm x
  4. I have ive tried all temps and different thickness just as soon as I drink I get really bad pain and just cant seem to burp
  5. Ot only seems to get bad when I drink though so think I must be swallowing air elive tried tiny sips but nothing seems to be helping
  6. So im 3 days post op gastric/lap band and im still suffering with gas /wind pains but it seems to be everytime I drink I dont think its the gas thats lefr over from the op surely I shouldnt be getting bad gas pains like this constantly !!
  7. Thankyou for advice im still in quite alot of pain especially under my diaphragm and my left shoulder also my surgical sites feel really tight and sore especially the ones on my left I guess this is the biggest one and the port site going to give all the above a try today though thanku x
  8. Hi im lisa im 28 I weigh 17st9lb I had lap band surgery yesterday and im in quite alot of discomfort is this normal ove been taking regular paracetamol but is there anything else I could try please any suggestions would be appriciated thanku in advence xx
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