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  1. Liquid intake

    No, nit new. I've been this way since surgery. No pain. I'm currently waiting for my Bariatric blood work to come back
  2. Liquid intake

    I should know this, as I'm three years out. I get in my fluids, but I literally have to pee every 10 to 15 minutes. Is this normal? Also, is it doing any good if it's just leaving the body so quickly? I tend to take in a few oz at a time. I usually go through 23 oz in about three hours
  3. Back in the Saddle

    None of us are you said, " one day at a time" you've done it before, and you can do it again!!!
  4. How much protein?

    Mine is 64gms, but does it stay at that amount indefinitely?
  5. I'm 63 this month. I'm three years out. I would still like to lose 20 pounds. How much protein a day should I be eating. My sister is driving me nuts that 64 gm a day is too much and when I looked it up online, it actually said about 46 gm. Is it different because I've been sleeved?
  6. Not everything is from WLS. My hair had started thinning before surgery, then got so much worse. I did notice it growing back in some, but as it had started prior, it wasn't the same. I have now cut my below my butt hair, very short and just throw on a wig......
  7. I get it so badly it's impossible to sleep or's horrid...I'm 3 years out
  8. Diuretics?

    Thank you
  9. Diuretics?

    I'm having some odd swelling under my knee and at my ankles....I thought I would try a diuretic. Is that advisable since we have make sure we're hydrated?
  10. 3 years out and have held steady....but still have twenty pounds to go.It's like my body is just stuck here. I have to starve myself to lose and my drop a pound or two, but it goes right back to where it was. No problem really maintaining, but it seems losing now is impossible....and I have to really struggle to not "snack" these days....i try to take it days by day
  11. scared

    Thanks guys.
  12. I had my surgery three years ago. I've done well. Stalled with twenty pounds to go, but what is scaring me, is that I'm wanting to eat again....head hunger. I'm really struggling cause I am NOT GOING to gain any wright, but it's so hard. Just venting I guess. Having a really hard time
  13. No OVC not prescribed....if I miss even a day, I get heartburn so badly hot water comes up...just horrible
  15. Just need to vent....crying

    Thanks you....feeling better today.....and back on tract. I SO appreciate the support.