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    Music, animals, Study of different religions, the Paranormal, astrology, make my own jewelry and native craft, astronomy, I support AIM and I'm a native rights activist. I'm also an animal rights activist. born and raised in Daytona Beach FL, raised my kids in Louisville, KY. Now call home along the Navajo & Hopi reservation in Winslow AZ.




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    Dr. Andrew Aldridge
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    Vertical Sleeve
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    Dr. Aldridge. Flagstaff az Bariatric Center

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  1. People will tell you the 5 days pouch, there's no real proof that it is anything. I'm almost 7 years out and gained back 40 pounds...I just had to suck it up, get back to my low carb and do it....I'm back in the right direction now. Hang in there, you know what to do and what to eat....it's will power.....you did it once, you can do it now!!!!!!
  2. Hi guys...it's been a while!.SO much has happened. I gained back 40 pounds and I'm now on track again, I've lost 5 pounds since making myself behave! About little more than a week. I have a question. I can't remember and can't find it. Does the diet juice count as my fluid intake, I know nothing caffeine counts.
  3. What do you guys use to replace croutons in a Caesar Salad? I love then, and it's all legal...except the croutons? That extra crunch makes it for me, what do you suggest?
  4. No...but I do believe that's exactly what I'm going to do! Thank you
  5. It's been almost 5 years since my surgery. I did great at maintenance. Then I got really sick. I could exercise, and I did eat properly. I've gained 30 pounds and as much as I do what I'm supposed to do, I'm not losing! I don't know what to do. I'm past the age for my SS to pay for a revision, I'm thinking of going to see my surgeon anyway and see if the is anything to do. I guess I'm just venting.
  6. I'm right where you are "right now". I went through the exact same thing...and now on track again...but it is SO much harder now. Thank you, I'm not alone. PLEASE people...do everything to gain may weight back.....it much harder then before if you do, and have to lose again!
  7. I know this doesn't help much sweetie, but try to remember that when one passes, we mourn for ourselves because we can't see them anymore, "we" can't be with them anymore, but they are fine and have no more earthly issues or conflict, they are all perfect energy and knowing and love. They have other places to go now and other places to be.....things to consider and learn from the past incarnation and new things to learn before the next!!! Positive thought for a smooth cross over and a big hug to you. My furbabies are family, and it hurts something terrible to them
  8. I'm almost 5 years out. Can we take diuretics?
  9. I stopped drinking caffeine years before WLS....I go way beyond trouble sleeping, I didn't sleep at all, for 9 days and ended up in the ER
  10. Before I had WLS, I did a low carb diet for awhile, I lost 15 pounds. I know we are basically "low carb" but I'm curious. Low carbers eat very low carb, and don't worry about calories, Can we do that ?
  11. My primary Dr told me about these. Does anyone know anything about them. They are supposed to put all the things in your water that your body needs for quicker rehydration.
  12. Thank you all!.....You know, during the day I stayed right on plan.. At night however, I'd find myself at 3 or 4 am looking for carbs. It was awful. Again guys, thank you for the support
  13. I am freaking!!! I was having a rough go emotionally, anyway...I don't like where I live, hubby is sick and still having to work. I mainly took the meds I had, to sleep. They weren't working anymore, I couldn't see just taking more and more Opiods, so weaned off them with the Drs help. I knew I wouldn't sleep, but didn't know how bad it would be. I got by the first month barely, then I didn't sleep for week and two days...NO sleep. I ended up in the ER Monday for severe side effects of Sleep Deprivation. Back on the atavan and now getting sleep and going to therapy to see why I'm not sleeping....But I have a whopping "25" pounds!!!!!!!! Craving carbs at three in the morning, with no sleep and not being able to control things....Now trying hard to get back on tract
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