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  1. Happy Birthday, my wife turns 40 today as well!
  2. You can enter in decimals for the serving size. You're eating 2/11 oz which is 0.18.
  3. Love it! Was the movie good, going tonight, probably won't dress up though!
  4. Why is she not allowed to be frustrated by this? This is America, we are privileged people with "first world problems". To her this is a big deal, so I don't see why she should have to worry about her personal thoughts. This is an open forum!
  5. I drink multiple cups of coffee daily. I did however wait until I hit goal, my program allowed coffee at 6 months post op.
  6. When I sneeze I occasionally get a sharp stabbing pain in my upper left abdomen. The pain is temporary but intense. Today though it did last about a minute and did not go away until I stood up. I did have hernia repair surgery about 8 months post-op. I do have a call into my surgeon's office about an appointment, just curious if any of you have experienced this.
  7. Welcome. I'm a fellow North Carolinian, who also loves BBQ and Beer!
  8. Love the shirt in the before pic, huge G.O.T. fan!
  9. Think you're doing great, 30 is a lot in 3 weeks. That said my nutritional plan was very strict compared to most up here. There are no vegetables/breads/pastas added until 6 months post op. His goals for me the first 3 months were 1/4 cup food per meal/snack and shoot for 40g protein a day. I rarely ever got above 500 calories. At 3-6 months it goes up to 1/2 food per meal and shooting for 40-50 grams of protein.