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  1. I had dumping once at about 6 weeks out with mashed potatoes and it was enough to make me not want them again. I have found that I don't dump with anything else. I wish I did, like you said it would help with willpower! My surgeon said that a lot of patients don't dump. =(
  2. That's awesome....being considered a "hot mom" is one of my goals!!!!! Congratulations!
  3. Three NSVs for today.... 1) Saturday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary by getting dressed up and going to a nice lake side restaurant. After dinner my husband suggested we walk around the lake, at first I hesitated because I was wearing a dress and didn't want to start a fire with my thighs rubbing together. I mentally paused and noticed how my legs felt as I was walking. I realized that they still slightly touch when I walk but only little bit and I that I don't have to wear bike shorts under my dresses in order to go for a walk outside. We had such a nice walk and inside I was bursting with pride at this change in my body. 2) I got a new office chair at work about a month before my surgery--at that time my belly rolls touched both arm rests when I sat. Today I realized that there is a nice bit of room there between me and the arm rest! 3) We are having family photos taken as my gift to myself for losing 100lbs. I've been trying to shop at regular stores but have been discouraged because it is very hit or miss what fits at those stores right now (although I did get jeans at New York and Co last week--woohoo me---I haven't shopped there since it was Lerners!). I don't have any more time to spend at the mall trying to find a top that works with my color scheme and looks good, so I ordered a top from Torrid. I haven't bought many clothes since I have lost weight because I had smaller clothes in storage. I ordered a size 1 and 2, just in case, and had them delivered to my local store. I tried on the size 1 and it looked good, but out of curiosity I asked if they had it in a 0 and they did. I tried on the 0 and it fit! I'm not really enjoying this time where I'm straddled between plus sizes and regular sizes, but it felt good to buy the smallest size at a plus size store-- much better than trying on the largest size at a regular store to see if it might fit. I think I might stay with plus sizes a bit longer. Wearing the smallest size is much better for me mentally- I leave the store encouraged rather than discouraged that I can (usually) get the misses size XL on, but it doesn't look quite right. This is big progress for me mentally! Sorry for the huge photo!
  4. EmmysMom

    SO ITCHY!!

    I had the very same issue....even developed a bad rash at one point. I think it's part of the body's detoxification to be honest. For me it didn't matter if I took the pain meds or not, I still itched. It went away after a couple of weeks. What worked for me is Curel Anti-Itch lotion. We had it at the house for my daughters Eczema and it seems to work for just about all itchy skin issues we've had. Hang in there- it will get better soon and it's totally worth it!
  5. That's awesome!!!! Take lots of pictures and share with us!
  6. Nothing to offer on the post 1 year mark, but wanted to say "hi" since we share a surgiversary!!!!! Dec 18th is a day to be celebrated! I'm kicking the idea around of "coming out" to my Facebook friends on my surgiversary.
  7. That's awesome! I'm so happy for you!
  8. Great post.....I'm just getting to the point where I can shop in regular sizes and department stores totally overwhelm me! You will be whatever the male version of a fashionista is soon, my friend. Keep up the blog, I think it it's awesome!
  9. Go to the other doctor. I agree with Julie-T. I started with 2 other surgeons offices and due to insurance issues had to end up switching. It's a huge hassle and it sucks that you are finding out at the end of your pre-op process, but all of the hassle was worth it, and I'm pretty sure that I ended up with a better surgeon in the end.
  10. Wow...I did HCJ injections and one of the phen drugs for 3-4 months several years ago. I will have to search for a news article to see the details. Thanks for sharing!
  11. WOW---Great work- You look amazing! Congratulations!
  12. I'm very excited--my first time wearing a female fit shirt supporting my Alma Mater! GO NOLES!!!!
  13. Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy that baby girl!
  14. Sorry to hear about your feet wrinkles....that would bother me too. I've got a turkey neck going on right now...ugh!!!