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  1. 16 months post op. 105 lbs down.

    Hello everyone. Let me tell you my journey. December 16th 2014 I had RNY surgery. Life before my surgery was okay as far as I knew. I started the process in February of that year after I was feeling like nothing was working in weightloss. I tried everything. I was depressed and really hating myself. Im a bubbly person and always had alot of friends. Always the one to make people laugh and an overall funny happy person on the outside. Inside I was hurting. I felt like no matter what I did I was never good enough. Why did these people want to be my friend if I look like this? I had a fiance who I assume loved me for my personality. I could count the number of times he called me pretty on one hand in the whole 9 years we were together. He says complimenting made him uncomfortable. Even if I got dolled up and was confident. He wouldn't say a word. The only time he would have a comment on my appearance is if I was wearing a shirt or something he didn't like he would tell me. So as you can guess it made me feel alot worse about myself. I never felt like I was remotely attractive. So I settled for what I had thinking it wouldn't get any better. Fast forward to me having the decision for this surgery. He didn't like the idea. Didn't really support me in my choice. I'm independant and I did it anyway. While in the hospital for the 2 days it takes to recover. He only visited me once and that was just to pick up my best friend who sat by my side the entire time. Now fast forward to me losing weight, feeling good and getting my life back. Everyone is telling me how amazing I look and how proud they are of me. My fiance said he couldn't even notice. Unless someone was around he would just nod his head to what they said. In March of 2015 after getting even more depressed about my future with him and my feeling towards myself. I left him. I knew I deserved more and there was so much more to life that I didn't even realize. Moved in with my friends. Sold our house. He got mostly everything out of it because I'm "too nice". That's okay I guess. Looking back I would have done things differently but it's too late for that. Since that decision I have been living the dream. I dropped the people that didn't support me and held me back in life. In December 2015 I got a job offer in dubai which I took. I now live in abu dhabi in UAE living and loving life. I've changed everything in my life and I couldn't be happier. I'm in a new relationship with someone who thinks I'm out of his league and let's me know daily how much he appreciates me. In reality I think he is out of my league. He's an amazing person and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I'm 105lbs down which I know I could be more but I'm comfortable the way I am. I just wanted to share my story here with you all and share some pictures. I took life by the horns and I don't let anything stand in my way anymore. I'm confident and happy and no matter what happens I will keep pushing forward. I hope you all do the same. Love yourself and do what you need to be happy. Sincerely, Your biggest fan. Kelly.this is the new and improved me and I love her.
  2. Is it possible that I became Lactose Intolerant after my GBP? I'm almost a year post op and I'm having serious issues with Lactose. Could it be because of my surgery? Anyone else have this issue?

    1. Zen_Steph


      I have heard of this happening, yes. It didn't for me, but there are others on the forums that have said they couldn't tolerate dairy after their surgery. Also, some said it resolved after several months, while others say it was permanent. 

    2. Mark1733


      I have been lucky I guess. Sugar free Klondike bars are a treat I have once a week or so.  I only eat half but I've never had any problems.  Also, I don't drink as much milk but I do still drink it.  2% at that

  3. Been a while since i have checked in, i'm still alive! I'm not going to lie... i have been picking at bad foods but i have been learning my lesson every time. my pouch gets mad at me. I'm going through separation and the stress is unbelievable. but i'm managing. Anyone else here have to go through this and have some advice? please let me know..

    1. gamzap


      The pain and stress of separation is big for anyone. Continue to reach out for support, here and in your network of friends. Try to find some alternate simple bubble baths, scented candles.....just little things to lift your spirit a bit. Always think through how you will feel in a couple of hours when tempted to take the "wrong" bite..... best

  4. Down 60, 58 more to go! half way there!

    1. Zen_Steph


      That's amazing! Tipping onto the other side of the half way mark is so encouraging, I remember when I got there. Congratulations!

    2. LouisianaLady


      Way to go! That's awesome

    3. msmarymac
  5. finally down 50lbs! I'll never see it again!

  6. Want to smoke

    i quit smoking over a year ago and it was so easy for me. i read the book "Allen Carrs Easy Way To Stop Smoking" You're supposed to smoke while you read the book too so it makes it easier. by the time i was done reading i threw out my brand new pack with only 2 smokes gone out of it. and i havent looked back. i was a smoker of 8 years and i quit over a weekend i just kept reading the book and couldnt put it down. i wasnt ready to quit either, it was more of someone telling me about the book and i said it doesnt work, sounds stupid. so i thought what do i have to loose, and it worked for me. but thats me. it probably doenst work for everyone. but give it a try!
  7. i think i ate too fast last night... worst feeling ever!! ugh.

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    2. Julie-R


      I ate something i usually NEVER do last night. I was in AGONY! I was bloated and scared:( Hon, we just all need to take it slow. Remember we did this to LIVE.

    3. Brooke Danielle

      Brooke Danielle

      Yes we all do it sometimes and its horrible!!!



      You will learn to slow you roll happen to me around the same time frame the WORST Feeling! I had to learn to eat all over again after serving 20 years in the Navy eating in 5-10

  8. I'm just wondering about how much fluid i should be drinking at once? i dont want to stretch my pouch, and i drink my milk a little fast so i doesnt get warm. now im worried that i might stretch it!:( advice?

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    2. cinwa


      Kelly - you can't stretch your pouch with fluids. The worst that can happen is that if it can't go down, it'll come up.

    3. kellykinss_


      ok great! thanks Cinwa!

    4. Lynne1970


      I was told drinking soda will stretch it as far as fluids go so you should be ok.

  9. "let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway."

  10. should i start drinking calorie drinks? like regular vitamin water? i can only get in about 600 to 800 calories a day, and thats a good day.

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    2. Zen_Steph


      I was told both tofu and seitan were both excellent sources of protein, so eat those if I can't get in animal protein. If you don't eat meat (and don't have an actual gluten allergy), try those. I've had seitan a few times and it's really good if you add spices to it when you initially mix it before boiling.

    3. Lynne1970


      I loved vitamin water until I saw how many sugars were in it. Couldn't believe it!! For my first 6 months I was only on about 700 calories a day but now I am almost at about 950. It gets better each week and I have started to eat more protein and fibre. It can be a struggle but you will get there.

    4. kellykinss_


      Thanks for the tips guys! i like tofu, but ive never heard of this other one. ill look into it. :)

  11. I'm already the same size that i was when i was 17! woo hoo!

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    2. LouisianaLady


      That's awesome! I can't wait to get to the size I was when I was 17.

    3. Zen_Steph


      Isn't that a great feeling? I'm going through the same thing now.

    4. tmcgee


      You've got this!

  12. My first dump... Word to the other newbies.

    I had my first dump just last week, it was aweful! i didnt throw up, mine was the opposite. i was at a friends house too!! ugh. the weird thing is i ate a protien bar that my clinic reccomended i try. i dont think i want to touch another one ever!!
  13. When can we progress to eating nuts, raw veggies, pasta, and rice? not that i care for the pasta, but i really miss my baby carrots with hummus. lol

    1. LouisianaLady


      That's really a question for your doctor. On my plan, I could progress to those items after 12 weeks. I still do not eat pasta, rice or carrots because of the sugar content.



      I agree that's a question for you nutritionist or doctor I'm a year out I eat pretty much what I want I still watch my carbs and sugar I didn't indulge in those items rice, pasta, until I was well 3-4 months post op I don't eat very much of those and when I do I eat little either wheat rice or wheat pasta. Oh i found a lovely snack Hummus Roasted Garlic or Sweet Red Pepper and Sweet potatoe chips or multi-grain tortillas.

    3. Kimelou


      My NUT said raw veggies at 3 months post was ok. I can eat a little pasta even now, but only a little and wheat or protein pasta. I use spagetti squash instead and it's pretty darn good.

  14. 20-somethings?

    I am also 24! I am 5 weeks post op too! Feel free to message me for a friend or for comparison!
  15. hi everyone! im alive and all is well. I havent been posting much since i have been at home but now im back at work and online agian! lol. im starting to see a new me and im loving it! ive also made a few WLS friends in person now through the hospital and it is going great! i wish you all a happy new year!

    1. Zen_Steph


      Welcome back! Glad to hear from you! :)

    2. duffman27
    3. bondkatt


      Wishing you all the best in your Honeymoon year!