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  1. I found mixing it with lemonade sugar free made unflavored easier to tolerate
  2. So I gave into the hungar this weekend but I'm back on track today feeling much better Ty all for support
  3. Hungry all the time real hunger am I broke??? I been doing so well with reading my pouch? But I'm an emptiness stomach todayhelp
  4. So I am just over a month from surgery and I have only lost 17 lbs since surgery. I lost 16 on the two week pre-diet! I'm happy with 33lbs but I feel like I should have lost more since surgery. I am feeling like a failure. I know that is just my hormones. I just want to cry. I'm doing what I am suppose to do, I'm just not losing like I expected.
  5. Ty happy camper. You are such a good example to follow! And always seem to have positive advice!
  6. You guys really encourage me thank you so much!!!
  7. I am three weeks out from surgery and I've only lost 11 lbs. every post I've read this doesn't seem normal. I'm staying under 600 calories 70 protein and lots of fluids. I am a diabetic but my sugar has been perfect since surgery. I am walking 20 minutes a day working myself up. Sooooo what am I doing wrong? Why is the scale not moving. If this is my honeymoon ..... I must be missing the boat.
  8. Oh my this Mississippi girl would love to go to myrtle beach!,
  9. When was your first after surgery? I haven't gone since Sunday and my surgery was Monday evening ?
  10. I've been doing well but darn if I don't get on the scale and I've gained 3 pounds!!! I have been sipping away and getting my protein in. I haven't been able to sleep in my bed. I'm on the couch . Oh how I wish I still had my recliner!! I had the best care in the hospital, but I did underestimate the pain I'd be in. So,done tell me when do you really see the weight loss begin???
  11. I have been lurking around on this site for months and I just joined! All of your posts have helped so much. My surgery is only a few days away and I'm getting more nervous by the minute! I'm on my clear liquid phase pre-op and I'm doing ok, just feel hungry all the time! My son asked for my last jello earlier and I must confess I wanted to hold it close and say NO It's mine!!! But I gave it to him!!!