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  1. Pre-op bowel cleanse?

    Well, my surgeon has been doing this for 14 years. He's never had a death, and only one patient out of 5 thousand ever had a leak. So, I think his work speaks for itself. My liver shrank just fine eating meat and nuts, I feel great and at 1 month out I've lost 32 pounds with no complications. :-) You all do what works for you. I'm thankful that I didn't have to drink my meals before surgery because it was totally and completely unnecessary.
  2. Spin off of 'just curious' thread

    My surgeon had a 2 week pre-op diet that is meats, cheeses and nuts any veggie that's low carb. He said he doesn't want anyone to lose weight only cut carbs and sugar out to shrink the liver. I don't get the liquid diet either.
  3. Goodbye hair...

    I am 24 days post-op and have been taking biotin. My hair was thick to start with and now it's twice as thick. I didn't want thicker hair because it's longish and thicker just means heavier but I'm not going to complain.
  4. 5 bites per meal

    Three baby carrots was all I could get down when I started solids. About 2oz of chicken at a time. It's very odd but I'm not complaining!
  5. Pre-op bowel cleanse?

    Yes, that's what my surgeon said too. That's why I could eat unlimited meat, cheese and nuts. Just no carbs or sugar. So that's why I don't get why all liquids. Seems like unnecessary torture.
  6. Pre-op bowel cleanse?

    I don't get the point of a liquid diet before operation. My surgeon just said no carbs or sugar for 2 weeks and then the day before surgery was liquids only. I ate chicken, steak, hamburger, cheese and nuts for two weeks.
  7. Post surgery weight loss stall

    Carbs are my problem! It will be 3 weeks for me on Wednesday and up to this point I've only been able to eat soup, cream of wheat, oatmeal, potatoes, soft fruits and soft cooked veggies. The only other thing allowed that's not full of carbs are eggs! Even beans have carbs! Wednesday I can eat canned chicken or tuna so I'm praying that will boost my wright loss. I have only lost 1 pound in 4 days.
  8. Hair loss...OMG

    The second most common symptom of protein deficiency is hair loss. My surgeon said no less than 70 grams a day but shoot for 100 a day in 25 gram increments because our body's can only absorb 25 grams at a time.
  9. They gave me decaf in the hospital but I don't drink coffee anyway. The tannic acid in coffee is bad for you your stomach pre or post op. My mom was on Prilosec for years until she gave up coffee and now she has no stomach problems.
  10. Mine goes stages 1-6 then 3 months and after. Stage 1 is clear liquids Stage 2 is full liquids, cream soups, frozen yogurt, applesauce, creamy peanut butter, cottage cheese, bananas. Stage 3 (usually starts on day 14 it says) is cream of wheat, oatmeal, eggs, potatoes, soft cooked veggies, beans, soft canned fruits such as peaches and pears. Stage 4 starting day 22 is canned tuna, chicken, and baked fish Stage 5 is lean ground beef, chicken, turkey. Stage 6 is toast, crackers, brown rice/pasta, cereal, nuts, salad, vegetables 3 months and later is steak, pork chops So you see, each surgeons protocol is vastly different. But I agree whole heartedly with everyone that I wasn't properly taught or told about portions and drinking fluids or the timing therof. I'm very appreciative of all that have posted on this thread. It's helped me tremendously.
  11. I have a guide book by nowhere in it does it discuss portions. It says what to eat and when but not amounts except to say make sure you get 64oz of liquid a day and 100 grams of protein. But yeah, I need to call and ask them.
  12. I juice kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger root. It's the most efficient way to get maximum nutrition from veggies.
  13. The beans had a lot of liquid. I drank in between bites and I chewed them to mush. Maybe that's how I did it. Lesson learned. I'm back to protein shakes and soup today. Would you all say if I had damaged my stomach I would know by now? I ate them at 10pm last night.
  14. I was never told about portions at all. I still feel good this morning so I am praying that I didn't hurt myself.