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  1. Excellent! Stay tuned to TT formlove and support!
  2. You don’t have to make any decisions today!
  3. Pureed sushi ... blech! I stopped eating rolls and just eat sashimi now. So yummy! What about using a sharp knife and cutting it into small pieces?
  4. Good for you, Steph! Four pounds in a week is a a huge WOW! Rowing!!! I have never tried it on a machine and my bat wings could benefit. I also like to mix it up and give my running muscles a break.
  5. On Sunday, I ran my third half marathon. I cut 30 minutes off of my time and set a personal record. On Monday morning, I biked 12 miles and walked 3.5 miles to just "loosen up my muscles." By Monday afternoon, I was telling myself that I was lazy. It isn't that I am completely blinded to my achievements.. I am very proud of my accomplishment. I posted smiling pictures of myself at the finish line on Facebook. I know that I worked hard training to finish all 13.1 miles and I was thrilled with my finish time. But there's still a small voice telling me that finishing wasn't enough. I could have/should have done more. It never ceases to amaze me how insidious and deeply rooted my messages of self-loathing are and how those messages can lead to sabotaging my successes. It doesn't matter that I have lost more than 100 pounds or that I have run three half marathons or am finishing my master's and maybe even starting my doctorate or that I have done this or that. Through therapy, I have learned to be self aware and recognize those sabotaging messages. They don't carry the weight they once did but I have to remain constantly vigilant and let my empowering and self-loving voice be the messages that I heed. Those old messages of never being enough kicked in at about mile 8 and I wanted to quit and that's when I had my epiphany. I asked myself what it would mean to continue at the pace I was running and finish faster and stronger than ever before? It meant I couldn't hide from success and it meant that I can't hide behind my weight (I still try to hide behind the few extra pounds on my frame!). There is an illusion of comfort in hiding and the illusion of safety. I have spent years hiding because I was afraid that putting myself out there would only confirm that I really wasn't "enough." I AM ENOUGH! I don't want to hide. I want to be the best I can be. My running time on Sunday: 3 hours and 5 minutes! I am enough. You are enough.
  6. This is a great post! I usually put what I eat into My Fitness Pal for accountability but I need to get back on TT regularly and this is a great way to do it. I always start the day with Coffee and eat a later breakfast B: one egg and two slices bacon L: Hummus, veggies and beef jerky Snack: Apple and peanut butter Dinner tonight is reversed: I am having a protein shake with half of a sliced, frozen banana. Worked out on TRX at gym for an hour today.
  7. You are an inspiration to all of us, Steph! Congratulations on all of your hard work and success. Thanks for sharing your insights.
  8. Ugh! Sciatica is for the birds! And it is no friend to a good night's sleep. Wishing you well, Tom and that you get some relief and get back on your bike!
  9. You go girl! I remember what a huge relief it was when I finally hit the normal range. Stick to plan. And walk. Wak. Walk. You'll get there before you know it.
  10. Same for me! I reference the board a lot in conversation and when I first had my surgery I was on here every day and multiple times a day. It was my lifeline. People on here were more helpful than doctors, friends and family. People on here get it!!! I am glad I read this post today. I think it would continue to help me to check in and see how I can be supportive to others. My life has become so much better in the last three+ years and I need reminders on how hard and how rewarding the journey can be. Thanks for this!
  11. You are such an inspiration! This is why you looked so great in your scuba gear!
  12. Woohoo! That jacket will be too big before you know it. Congrats!