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  1. You're still relatively early post-op. If you can imagine it, I actually felt run down up until about month 5. Then the energy really ramped up. There are some who recover quickly and others (like me) whose body just needs more time. Hang in there really does get better.
  2. I remember day one being kind of easy only because I was so hyped about the surgery. By the time I got to day 3 I was over it all. And to add insult to injury my job was having a "sweet celebration" because of our year end accomplishments. I had to suck up liquids while everyone else ate cake and candy.
  3. Meh....don't beat yourself up over it. You recognized the slip and self corrected (tossed out the bad stuff). Live and learn and press forward.
  4. I'd love to see the answer to this as well....
  5. Shaei

    Food you miss

    I'm only a few days short of 2 months out and still miss everything.
  6. I'm one of those people who needed more time. I went back at 4 weeks and wish that I had more time available to me.
  7. I had/have United Healthcare and Optum and $2500 seems to be pretty close for my out of pocket costs. Keep in mind though that's the sum of copays for doctor's visits and the myriad of tests that have to be done.
  8. She doesn't have to be happy for you but she does need to be quiet about your choices. I'm kinda blunt so I'm prepared to say that to anyone who wants to be rude. Your response was a good one though. Good for you for not getting snarky with her.
  9. What an inspiration....Congrats on your weight loss success!
  10. Amazing transformation! You should be really proud of all your hard work.
  11. I feel your pain. I'm almost 2 weeks post op and I wanted to swan dive into my daughter's mac and cheese today. The very thought just made me giggle maniacally. ☺ I understand your Mom not wanting to seclude yourself but you should do what helps you cope right now. Just take it one day at a time until you're on those lovely fork mashable foods. Best of luck!
  12. Kudos to you...that's quite an accomplishment for you!
  13. My understanding is that they use your starting weight when considering your request for WLS. I was worried about the same thing....even my surgeon's office was skeptical that I would be approved because I only had 1 comorbidity and it was a really mild one. Turns out I worried for nothing (cause you know...that's what I do). I understand where your hesitation comes from but if you have the requirements in writing it sounds like you'll probably be ok as long as you meet those requirements. Good luck on your journey.