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  1. Traveling Abroad after Surgery

    I did a medical mission in Haiti post op in a village that didn't have running water so I understand your concerns. I was about a year out though, which made it easier. I agree with packing some protein powder that you can use when needed to up your protein for the day and keep your eye on fluids you should be great! Have fun, sounds like an amazing adventure!
  2. I think I might have to quit working....

    I'm the opposite, I apparently need to work a second, evening job as that's when the cravings hit! Good for you though on taking good care of yourself in the storm!
  3. 18 hrs out

    Welcome to the Losers Bench! Life is good here
  4. I hate the night - sundowners?

    Oh, and Cinnamon toothpicks! We bought a case of them at work to use in our "Quit Kits" for patients who want to stop smoking. I decided to try them for my eating compulsion and they actually help. You can probably make them yourself but these are a brand called "Hotlix".
  5. I hate the night - sundowners?

    This is my biggest struggle! I do best when keeping busy, as in out of the house and around people. But, I am home alone a lot of evenings and the power of the need to munch is strong. It has been much much worse in the last couple of months, like really crazy bad. I did some research and discovered that the med I was put on for Restless Legs Syndrome has a side effect of compulsive behavior (eating, gambling, alcohol, etc). I now have an appointment to see about trying something different for that. The restless legs is terrible but I'd rather never sleep again than sabotage my health. I try all of the above ideas, most everything helps for a few minutes whereas it used to "fix" the urge. One night I ate raw veggies until I vomited. This is not good. Good news is I'm not gambling
  6. Maybe you'll have another one the next week and it can be the Easter'easter lol
  7. I was diagnosed during my second pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, the GTT was normal when they drew blood, however it hit me after I left while I was driving which was terrifying. I pulled up to the stoplight and couldn't remember whether green meant stop or go! So, with the second pregnancy (having told my dr of that) they did a longer time period and sure enough it bottomed into the 40's. The only management really is diet. I cannot consume pure carbs ever or I end up a shaking, sweaty, babbling mess. I learned what worked for me which is likely what you'll have to do as well. This all happened way before WLS and it really hasn't changed post-op. Well, except that I now don't really do much sugar at all anymore so that helps a great deal. I just know that if I eat high sugar fruit that I need to have a string cheese or PB with it. As far as whether official diagnosis is helpful or not, I guess it really only would be if you needed to have some sort of accommodation at work or school (such as being allowed a snack), or if you were hospitalized it would be helpful for medical providers to have that information. Otherwise, I can't really think of a compelling reason to pursue a diagnosis if you don't want to.
  8. I used unjury chicken soup flavor and syntrax nectar flavors exclusively in the early post-op months and they were delicious. Really the biggest drawback is they don't have RTD and I am lazy I do have a (very large) container of mint cookie that is Syntrax Matrix that I use sometimes when I'm feeling like I need a dessert. It is almost too good lol. Everyone should follow their programs guidelines; we all know that different programs don't agree on all the details of everything but for the vast majority of us, following our program gets us to a good place, which is a gloriously healthy life! Can't wait for you to experience that!
  9. I feel bad now for complaining about the wind here on the plains, I mean seriously it messed my hair up lol! Stay safe and warm!
  10. I would totally send you one to try If they sell well at Sam's they probably will be available at WalMart in 4pk eventually. At least that was the Caramel situation; first available only in cases at Sams then (now) available at WalMart. I still try to get them at Sams when I'm "in the city" because they're so much cheaper. Speaking of Sams, if anybody is going, you should try "Flavor Bombs" cherry good!!! It has replaced grape tomatoes as my favorite way to make it to summer and my own delicious supply.
  11. Many programs want you to use whey isolate in the immediate postop period as you are so limited in quantity you want to make sure you absorb every possible gram. And whey isolate is absorbed faster. However, the protein in PP is concentrated from milk (whey and casein) so many programs are fine with it, especially after those first critical weeks. More so with sleeve I think than bypass which causes more issues with absorption. And they are so convenient and tasty
  12. I gotta vent about my hospital's "support" group

    Sounds awful! This forum has been so valuable to me; I know that for me continuing success depends on at least checking in periodically. I think your story shows that a crappy support group can do more harm than no support group at all! Thank goodness those aren't our only options!
  13. protein oatmeal, any other semi-healthy carb recipes?

    I found this recipe for Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal on Pinterest that I love. I don't make it real often because I love it a little too much and find myself wanting to eat it for every meal not just breakfast lol. What I like about it is that you can make it ahead because I am not so fond of cooking (or eating for that matter) in the morning. Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal serves 4-6 gluten free, low fat, clean eating friendly, sugar free 3 large bananas (about 1 1/2 cups/350g mashed banana) 1 cup milk of choice 1 egg 2 tsp vanilla 1 1/2 cup (150g) gluten free quick oats or gluten free rolled oats 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda Optional: add in ~1/4 cup honey/maple syrup/sugar if you like things sweet or whatever mix ins you like! (see ideas above) Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F Grease and/or line an 8x8" baking dish with baking paper Mash your bananas and add in your egg, milk and vanilla. Add in your dry ingredients and stir to combine. Leave to soak for about 15 minutes. Pour your oatmeal into your baking dish and bake for 30-45 minutes or until cooked through and golden on top. Either serve immediately and spoon out your hot baked oatmeal or leave to cool before slicing. The oatmeal will stay fresh in the fridge for 2-3 days and freezes perfectly (which means you can keep it for months for a quick and easy breakfast!) I use Premier Protein shake in place of the milk, usually Caramel flavored because that's what I have on hand) and don't add in any sugar or sweetener (it's plenty sweet from the bananas and the shake). If I remember correctly I think I only used 2 bananas and increased to 2 eggs. Anyway, it's tasty! I also will have a low-carb tortilla occasionally or a "thin bun" . Beans are an excellent way to add carbs; they have protein and are packed with fiber which helps with that common post-op issue of constipation. One of my favorite lunches is a "burrito" made with a low carb tortilla and a spicy black bean patty mushed up with some cheese. I am not a hard core "low carb" person; but I do try to make sure that carbs I consume come with nutrition I need, either fiber, protein or phytonutrients.
  14. The peaches and cream is really good; I also like the caramel. I initially liked the chocolate and vanilla but got burnt out on them. The new Cookies and Cream is just "meh". OK but probably won't buy it again.
  15. What are you eating today?

    Here's yesterday and today: Breakfast: Premier Protein caramel shake and coffee (use some of the shake in coffee and drink the rest) Morning snack: Fresh strawberries and blueberries and 2 T natural almond butter Lunch: Salad (baby spinach, grape tomatoes, baby cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms) with Sweet and Spicy Tuna packet Homemade Citrus Cilantro dressing Afternoon Snack: Apple and string cheese Dinner: Chicken Sausage (Italian flavored- 1 link) and sautéed mushrooms and zucchini Evening snack: Pistachios I usually prepare at least 2 days worth of food at a time, packing what I need for at least 2 days at work. The less to do last minute, the healthier my choices are