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  1. Sure it does take awhile for that to heal and look normal. Seems like that took longer to really look normal than I thought it would but of course it did eventually. Now just a faint pink line like someone outlined them with a fine-tip pink marker lol.
  2. You're a rockstar @Cheesehead!! I had a driveway about like that when I was heavy and I thought it would kill me. I have a much more manageable one now but am unable to do it because of a torn rotator cuff. Thankfully I have AWD and just power through the snow. I am ready to be done with this snow. Today is the official start of Tornado season for us, whoopee
  3. Gosh, I wish my memory was better because I really don't remember but it seems like it was around a month post-op? At your follow up appointment with your surgeon I would ask when it is safe to do so.
  4. Very little scarring and it's very discreet under the breast. most noticeable is around the nipple which has remained pink but it is a very fine line. Just looks like my nipples are outlined lol. And, I lost no sensation which delighted me After I had permission from my surgeon I did scar massage with bio-oil. There are all sorts of expensive oils, creams, etc but it's the massage itself that does the most good because it improves blood flow.
  5. Just seeing this, so happy for you! Glad it is over and that you're not in much pain. I didn't find the breast lift to be nearly as painful as the TT. Here's to perkiness
  6. I have been in mourning for my Caramel, but online it said it would be back in March so I have been counting the days. Good to know it really is happening, and even a bit early!
  7. Who manages your non-bariatric GI stuff? If you have a specialist for your IBS-C, call that office ASAP, if you don't have a specialist, you need one. Maybe not a solution for this urgent situation but for the long-term management it seems you need someone besides your bariatric doc and a primary. If you have a specialist and they are not helpful, get another opinion. It is time for some answers, you have been suffering too long!
  8. I agree, doesn't sound like dumping. In another lifetime ago when I worked in a nursing home we'd get residents with a fecal impaction who would have liquid stool around it and were in pain with it. Given the length of time you've been constipated I'm wondering if that's what is happening, that is if the BM's were liquid? No worries about TMI around here lol. I also agree that anything that is new and causing that much pain and distress is cause for a call to the surgeon's office. I am so sorry you are having so much trouble! Keep us posted!
  9. Can you get it done before? I think you probably will want to be as kind to your hair as possible post-op. Protein and things like biotin will help it grow back in faster but if it's gonna fall, it will fall. It's a consequence of extreme stress, in this case the physical stress of major surgery. At least those of us with thick hair have an easier time disguising it, in fact I liked having less hair for awhile I have very (very) thick hair as well and I used the hair loss as an opportunity to grow my hair out. I had kept it short for probably 25 years because I couldn't get it long enough to get it off my neck by summer so off it went every year lol. Whatever happens to your hair, your healthier life more than makes up for
  10. msmarymac


    Kim, have you tried Linzess? I know the last thing you probably want is more prescriptions but it is made specifically for IBS-C. If you haven't it may be worth a try. Somewhere in the archives, there is a pretty detailed description from Greer and her experience with colonics. As I recall it took several trips for her to get results but she found it to be a not awful experience. Her user name was Gaviv if you want to search for that information.
  11. Yes, that is good. These are good fats with some heart-protective benefits as well as the satiety benefits. Far better than chips which by the way are also almost all fat but not good fat, which of course you know You likely look scrawny without clothes on because you have loose skin. Your husband and others think you're too thin looking because they've only got obese you for comparison, plus when you lose quickly it's almost as difficult for other people's brain to catch up with as it is our own. How do you feel physically? Not emotionally because we really can't rely on that when it comes to weight loss at this point; most of us are way too proficient at misusing the food/weight/emotion connection. If after evaluating all of those things honestly you believe it is time to stop losing weight, add in healthy calories and stick to the general rules. You'll do great! I do think for me the most difficult part of maintenance has been not having the "high" of losing weight. The honeymoon is over, the thrill is gone, now its time to settle in with the one you love (YOU!) and create a mature, long-lasting relationship
  12. You deserve to be happy and healthy. However, that doesn't mean you have to give up on a relationship that is of value to you. Talking this through with him will help you both figure out whether the relationship can be salvaged and having a professional to help you sort it all out can make all the difference. Best to you as you work through this.
  13. Congrats!! Plastics made a world of difference in how I felt in my skin. Hoping everything goes smoothly for you and that you're thrilled with the outcome!
  14. We stayed in Carries which is about an hour and a half from Port-au-Prince. We were bussed inland every morning to a village about 20 minutes away from where we stayed called Merrotte. A study in contrasts to be sure, from extreme beauty in some areas to the ugliness that seems to accompany extreme poverty. The people are amazing.