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  1. Hello and welcome! I'm 6 years out from my sleeve and the only regret I've ever had is that I didn't do it sooner as it completely changed my life! In the last 2 years I have developed a hiatal hernia which is causing GERD at night. I am reluctant to have another surgery and now with Covid I am just too busy (healthcare) so I have managed to manage symptoms with Nexium and elevating the head of the bed (luckily have an adjustable base). My surgeon insists on an EGD periodically (just had one on Monday) to make sure I am not experiencing any erosion or excessive irritation/inflammation.
  2. Yay! Congratulations on making the best decision for your new healthy future! In a leadership movement I've been part of "recently" (pre-Covid), we talk about why change is so difficult. People don't fear change, they fear what they might lose because of the changes. In order to get people to embrace change you must first speak to loss. Perhaps your sisters fear they will lose the things you do together (many of our social activities revolve around food); sometimes spouses or significant others fear they'll lose you, either literally or emotionally. Right now, they are likely needing
  3. Congratulations on reaching this first goal! You are working hard to make changes that will save your life, and vastly improve your quality of life and that should be celebrated! It's likely your kids aren't really worried about the beds collapsing; it probably is a much deeper fear. Maybe a fear that you won't make it through surgery, maybe a subconscious fear of losing the Mom they know (I mean, who IS skinny Mom, anyway lol), but it is far easier to make it about the bed. All you can do is keep providing factual information and reassurance, and keep moving towards your goals.
  4. HELLO!!! I don't even know how long it's been since I've checked in here; I hope all have stayed healthy. Covid has kept me hopping, and time has lost all meaning. We just get through each day as best we can and get ready for the next. I am so excited to be scheduled for vaccination this week; this is a light of hope that we've been waiting so anxiously for. Unfortunately, the stress of this and the erratic schedule has played havoc on my health. I am up about 20 pounds; I don't exercise or do any type of self care other than try to get a bit of sleep. My blood pressure is creeping u
  5. You need protein to build muscle. You may be better off to increase your lean protein intake instead of the supplements. The supplement industry is a lot like the "diet" industry; over-promising on what can be accomplished with their over-priced potions. Bottom line is, you're doing great! Don't let a breakup influence/drive the decisions you make regarding your health; do this for you, you're worth it!
  6. That's exciting, congratulations! I never imagined how much different I would feel once that hanging skin was gone. It allowed me to feel normal and for clothes to fit better. And the X-Ray scanner at the airport quit flagging my for having something tucked under my clothes which was mortifying. Nope, just my leftover skin... Hoping the time flies by and all goes smoothly.
  7. I too experienced some Covid weight gain. I think most of America did. Stuck at home 24/7, working remotely, so not even up and moving at work like usual, more time to go search for snacks, and more of the things that make you (well me anyway) want to mindlessly graze...boredom, stress, ordering groceries online, trying new recipes. I had an added new challenge...my husband who travels for work, suddenly wasn't and his sweet tooth meant more trigger foods in the house. Which meant dessert every evening. I've kind of snapped out of it lol. Walking more which helps the stress, increased wor
  8. My sleeve surgery has been absolutely life changing for me in ways I hadn't even considered. However, it's not a "cure" for what is causing you to be overweight or obese. It is one tool to help successfully manage what most understand to be a chronic issue (obesity). You have to commit to changing eating and activity habits. And, how you cope with stress sound like it would be a huge one for you. Many of us spend years with food as our best friend, our quick fix to feel better. Life continues to throw things at us that are tough to manage so unless we develop replacement ways to deal with
  9. So sorry to hear of your loss. The stories of people losing loved ones and not being able to be with them to say goodbye are the heartbreakers, and you're living it. Praying for comfort and peace for you and your family.
  10. Hope all continue to be healthy and safe in your homes. It is the strangest time. In the center of the country, things are just getting bad. The meat packing industry is getting hit hard and the plant in my town is one that is hurting. My husband normally travels for work, and is home on weekends, but has now been working from home for 3 weeks. With his newly diagnosed heart problems (February) this is a relief for me to have him stop that. Although on his last flight home he was the only person in first class so all in all it may have been relatively safe lol. We have been married 2 1/2
  11. Hi Celine, Sleever here 5+ years out very happy with sleeve, maintaining weight loss. I did have to start taking a ppi (Nexium)at bedtime to control GERD about 2 years ago. Had an EGD and discovered a hiatal hernia I didn't have at the time of my sleeve. So, I could have it repaired surgically, which would probably fix the GERD. What if it didn't and I someday had to have a 3rd surgery and convert to bypass? Can't decide so since it's controlled with meds, I'm doing none of the above. I am leery of converting to bypass because I'm not sure I can handle a future without NSAIDS. I ha
  12. Hi there, It's discouraging to start gaining weight, but you're doing the right thing, which is to take control and get back on track. I've used the 5 day pouch test as a "reset" before. You can google the plan. The first 2 days are pretty rough; it's just liquids. By the 5th day though, your carb cravings are gone and more importantly your mind is reset. At least that has been my experience. Then it's back to eating what I was successful on in the beginning. Lean protein and veggies. Fruit for a sweet tooth, some dairy like greek yogurt and string cheese for snacks. Limit carbs like
  13. I think bypass has more issues with absorption of alcohol post-op, so be careful. I'm a sleever, but I still tried it out at home the first time. Even 5 years out I don't like beer, there's just too much carbonation to be comfortable in my little sleeve. I love red wine, but sometimes it flares up some heartburn which is a sleever's nightmare issue. I do like the hard selzers, or making my own with flavored vodka and LaCroix (DeepEddy Cranberry Vodka and Orange LaCroix is a fav). You do have to keep in mind the empty calories in alcohol; I don't think I had any until I was almost at goal
  14. Yay you!! First, give yourself some grace here. You have done incredible things, from the tremendous weight loss, to surviving cancer, and now navigating the apocalypse and the over-eater's worst nightmare...being stuck at home!! And here you are doing the correct thing; addressing the issue before it gets way out of hand...great job! So, I see that there are likely 2 main issues; the physical stuff (diet and activity) and the emotional stuff (anxiety, boredom, etc). When I have gotten off track it has helped me to do a radical restart like the 5 day pouch test. It really helps reset
  15. And we got the dreaded cancellation call today... He is medically stable and working from home. He does medical IT work so it's not a difficult thing to do from home. He's just depressed to have to put it off and not be able to get back to the active life he loves. Some things are beyond our control though, so we'll make the best of the situation and get on with life.
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