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  1. There is a whole newer Eating Disorder term for this called Orthorexia. It's been around since the late 90's but I think it has really exploded with all the "information" on the internet. People who obsess over "Healthy Eating" to the point where they cut out entire food groups or label certain foods as "good" and "bad", not only for themselves but proclaim the whole world should eat that way. This is extreme obsession to the extent that they don't travel anywhere without packing their own food because they are greatly distressed if they are somewhere that might not have something suitable for them to eat. This isn't because of a specific medical reason, like an actual allergy, but a self-determined course of action. It is not specifically identified in the DSM yet but is talked about some in ED circles. It often is overlooked because it usually doesn't come with the extreme body dysmorphia that some others do, and the person may just be perceived as odd. Sometimes they are even looked up to for their dedication to their health, which of course fuels their obsession. It's interesting, and likely a form of OCD. When does it cross the line? When the need to eat certain foods and to "eat healthy" takes over the whole life...days spent reading food blogs, preparing foods, etc instead of interacting with other humans and there is no other life. When it creates so much anxiety that functioning outside of the controlled environment becomes next to impossible. As to the original topic (sorry I drifted off a little there), I have not seen any scholarly works on this but then I haven't looked for them either. I (like summerset) am highly skeptical of anything's worth being based on testimonials alone, but a little strength training is good for all of us, whether the eating disorder premise is accurate or not. We certainly know there are other benefits.
  2. Many people have taste and smell aversions in the early post-op stage. It's interesting to me that you mention avocado because that was one of my aversions and it broke my heart! I so had my heart set on some refried beans and mashed avocado when I could advance to mushy food. I fantasized about it through those long weeks of liquids and was set to enjoy my whopping 2 tablespoons. To my shock, the avocado made me gag!! I was crushed and sure I'd never be able to eat guac again. Happily I can and do now eat avocado regularly. I don't know what causes the aversion and I suppose it doesn't really matter because it's beyond our control. I just know that it happens and I know that it doesn't last forever. What I would suggest right now is to stick with foods that you don't have to cook and that don't have strong flavors or smells. Things like cottage cheese, greek yogurt, eggs, deli meat slices, maybe refried beans? Probably the crackers aren't the greatest choice at this stage but there are lots of other things to try. Try several things and if you find a couple of things that you can tolerate stick with those for a couple of weeks and then try a few different things to see if your aversions are getting better. It won't last forever and you can be more adventurous as you move from being repulsed by foods to just being indifferent and finally to finding foods you truly love and enjoy. I'm with @BurgundyBoy, I really enjoy food more now. For me it's because I eat slower and savor each bite. I also don't eat junk anymore, mindlessly without even tasting it. And I don't mind spending more for the best quality because I don't eat enough for it to really be expensive. Your little baby sleeve is still healing so it doesn't really matter if you eat the same thing every day or even if you enjoy it for that matter. Right now it is about healing and fuel. Protein and fluid. The rest will come and it will be awesome!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your continuing troubles; it seems you just can't catch a break. Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Take care and please keep us updated.
  4. That's awesome, it's completely the opposite for me. I thought I would try that with y Nexium since it's pricey. At the pharmacy it was something ridiculous like $134 for the same thing I was paying less than $40 for OTC. Turns out my insurance doesn't cover anything that is available OTC (plus I have a high deductible HSA plan). And, OTC's are generally cheap here. I paid less than $10 for 130 tabs of 150mg Ranitidine at Walmart. I sure wish my insurance plan covered OTC's at the pharmacy because right now I have my out of pocket max paid because of my shoulder surgery and a mishap at PT. So everything is paid 100% for the rest of the year!! I would stock up for sure. On everything! That's probably why they don't lol.
  5. Nope, it's OTC. And pretty inexpensive so that's a plus over the ppi's as well
  6. Heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux, which is just acid coming up into the esophagus instead of staying in the stomach. The coming out the mouth and nose is a difference (lessening) of severity, meaning the acid is not just coming up into the esophagus, it's shooting clear up into the mouth and nose. Yikes, glad that is lessened for you! That is no fun! Yes I take a ppi, Nexium 20mg daily. I also added Zantac 150mg at night and sleep with the head of my bed elevated (I have an adjustable bed) after a particularly bad run of the acid coming out the mouth and nose. That actually happened while I was on a medical mission trip to Haiti and I forgot my Nexium. We only had Zantac with us in our supplies for our clinic and it just wasn't doing the trick. I went to my surgeon when I got home, had an EGD and Upper GI which determined I have a hiatal hernia which apparently was not there when I had my sleeve almost 5 years ago. That is the main reason mine has gotten so much worse. I have the choice of just fixing the hernia or fixing the hernia and revising to RNY. My shoulder surgery was already scheduled (rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair) so I have put this decision off for awhile. While any of the choices (long-term ppi use, long-term h2 antagonist use, long-term acid) carry some risk, it is likely that having acid issues every day is the most risky. So, I am staying on this regimen until I decide which direction to go. I "should" do the surgery before the end of the year while my out-of-pocket maximum is paid up but I really don't want to. After 8 weeks in the shoulder brace and ongoing Physical Therapy, I am just tired of being a patient. Oh, and I fell right in front of the PT door about a month after my shoulder surgery, landing on my head which resulted in a lovely laceration and black eye. I feel like I have been through enough for one year lol. Since your reflux seems to have decreased in severity you may be able to do OK with an h2 antagonist. My surgeon recommended the chewable Pepcid but I feel like I get better results with ranitidine (generic zantac). You can either take one big dose at night (like 300mg) or 150mg twice a day depending on the typical pattern of your symptoms. Hope you find something that works, I know it can be miserable.
  7. Have you tried one of the h2 antagonists? Pepcid, zantac, etc? The feeling of heartburn is actually caused by acid reflux so I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you're not having reflux, just heartburn? Just not as severe? Or that the acid isn't coming clear up? Anyway, if it's not as severe you may be able to get by with the OTC h2 antagonists which seem to not have the same risk as being on ppi's long term. Although they are not without risk long term either. Having acid reflux/heartburn long term is risky as well so you have to figure out which is the least risk and go with that. I sometimes feel like with my luck I'll probably get hit by a bus or struck by lightening and all my worry about long-term risk will be for nothing lol.
  8. Oh my how they have grown, I still think of Eli as a baby! Glad you're taking the steps to get back on track. When we're skinny it's so easy to forget that obesity is a chronic disease and our surgery is not a cure but a tool. It is oh so easy to let a few bad habits and a few pounds sneak back in. You're a TTF rock star Greer and what's important is that you have recognized the issue and taken back control. No need for embarrassment. We all have the same disease here. Wishing you the best with your revision!
  9. OK, but please remember 2 things: 1.I am a stranger on the internet and not your healthcare provider 2. You asked me for this Is this information you're getting from your Bariatric surgeon? I'm struggling a little bit with this because I am not familiar with the practice of recommending (let alone basing treatment from) tests obtained from Amazon. I love me some Amazon but that seems a stretch. Throwing out the "leaky gut" suggestion is to me also a red flag as that is a somewhat controversial and debated "syndrome" among science-based folks as is "Functional Medicine" (which is why your insurance will not cover it). It just seems odd and very non-scientific from a Bariatric surgeon. That said, temporarily getting your protein from other sources will not harm you so from that standpoint it certainly will not hurt to follow that recommendation. But if he tries to sell you really expensive supplements to fix all your problems and you can only obtain them from his practice...that's the biggest red flag of all! Now, time for a reality check. Girl you have lost over 40 pounds in 4 months! Holy moly that is freaking awesome! I don't know why that needs any sort of intervention at all?!? I would think your Bariatric surgeon would be pleased with your progress! You should be too, you are rocking your sleeve! Keep up the great work!
  10. I'm curious...were you having food allergy-type symptoms? "Not losing" seems a strange reason to test for food allergies. What kind of test was done? By an allergist? Sorry, my professional curiosity is piqued Keep in mind that you don't have to eat traditional breakfast food at breakfast time. What sources of protein do you like? I actually have never been a breakfast eater so I finally decided I just don't need it. Sometimes I have a protein shake if it seems like my day is not going to allow me to get in my protein. I am much farther out though so don't do what I do lol. Morningstar Spicy Black Bean "burgers", slice of ham around a dill pickle spear, beef jerky or deli meat, overnight oats using steel cut oats and chia seeds (instead of milk I use a RTD protein shake), tofu stir fry. So many non-traditional delicious choices One of the things I have found to be the most beneficial to me long term is learning to break the old rules. After all, the old rules contributed to obesity and the need for surgical intervention in the first place. You get to make new rules now that work for the new you. You get to choose what types of food you eat and when. And it's because of the WHY. Because you chose to become healthy, yay you!
  11. Some pharmacies will compound oral meds with a flavored syrup, usually for kids but doesn't have to be. My pharmacy has a list of flavors on their drive through window (I read this while waiting) and there are a couple of sugar free ones. If you haven't found a solution to your problem by now you might ask.
  12. So common and very disappointing when you haven't eaten anything at all! But, you have been through major surgery and your body isn't sure what's going on so it is hanging on to all the fluid they pumped into you during surgery just in case it needs it to save you from something life threatening. Any day now your body will come to understand that the assault on it is over (the surgery) and that it can let go of the reserves. Then, you will likely see a big drop all at once, plus more than usual trips to the toilet I promise you are doing OK, you are not broken. You WILL lose weight!
  13. I was on clear liquids for the first week and there's really no way to hit protein goals with that, and even when increased to full liquids the volume that you're able to do with you're swollen new surgical sleeve makes it difficult. I used Syntrax Matrix powders mixed with milk to maximize the protein I was getting. I also used Unjury Chicken Soup flavor protein to get a savory hot broth/soup protein thing going when I got tired of sweet. I would recommend not stocking up great quantities of anything preop because often tastes change postop and you may hate it. Nashua Nutrition is a site that has single serving samples you can order in varied flavors so you're not stuck with an expensive huge quantity of something. I think I stocked up on several single serve size flavors plus an unflavored that you can add to anything and my chicken soup.
  14. Everything about this post seems very relaxed and peaceful. OK, Seamus may give you a few wild moments but at least they will be adorable. Best to you in your new life!
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    Sounds dreadful, so glad the worst is over and you are now on the mend.