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  1. And we got the dreaded cancellation call today... He is medically stable and working from home. He does medical IT work so it's not a difficult thing to do from home. He's just depressed to have to put it off and not be able to get back to the active life he loves. Some things are beyond our control though, so we'll make the best of the situation and get on with life.
  2. My husband has a recently diagnosed heart issue and has an appointment March 30 for a procedure to relieve the 100% blocked artery. We wait in dread of the cancellation.
  3. I'm sorry, I know that is disappointing to say the least. However, I am not at all surprised. I'm not sure where you're at but it's getting very serious in much of the world and hospitals just have to focus on doing the right thing from a public health standpoint. First, it's not wise to bring in non-ill patients for elective procedures to places where very ill people are or could be. Second, hospitals just have to focus all resources on fighting this thing. I attended a county resources meeting today and our local hospital is nearly out of supplies. They are talking of enlisting the local ladies quilting guild to make some "procedure masks" out of surgical drapes for them to use on sick patients until their next allocation comes in April 1. It's serious people. We have to get through this awful thing that is happening. Hopefully life will be normal again someday and then you will be back on track. I feel the same sorrow for you as I feel for our students who won't have a graduation or a prom...our athletes who worked so hard only to have the opportunity to prove themselves whisked away by a microscopic devil. My greatest sorrow is reserved for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, that must seem just so senseless. It's all so surreal.
  4. Wow, you've had some grand adventures! The loss of a marriage is sad but it sounds like the two of you have been able to work through things positively. Way to stay strong and live your best life! Good to see you pop back on here...I remember your name from awhile back. I don't spend as much time here as I did in the early post-op period but it does seem to help me stay on track.
  5. Oh Kim, I'm so sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. Revision is supposed to fix GERD, that's not fair! I understand "medical system fatigue" but I really think that might be worth pursuing. It's obvious something isn't right and things will continue to get worse if you can't get adequate nutrition. I hope you'll follow up with your surgeon, and even more, I hope you'll get some answers for which there is a solution. If your nutrition continues to be an issue, you may even need TPN or a feeding tube. You are literally starving You certainly are overdue for some good news, I hope you catch a break soon and get some relief. You deserve it!
  6. Sleever here and can confirm that whole fruit fills you up and keeps you feeling full far longer than liquids. Which of course is the reason we are discouraged from drinking our calories. Really not just "us" though, it's good advice for everyone. You can consume a lot of calories very quickly gulping down a fancy coffee, soda, milkshake, smoothie, etc. I'll admit though, I have been having a small smoothie occasionally here lately. My husband, who works out and isn't overweight, had a heart scare recently. He has been on an ultra-high protein kick for about 5 years and even though his cholesterol rose only slightly it's believed that's behind his 95% blockage in one artery and 100% blockage in another. The fact that he is in good shape saved him from having a heart attack, well that and an attentive wife lol. He now is a believer in a need for a more plant-based, lean protein diet (funny how chest pain will do that) so I have been working on ways to sneak veggies in without him minding. Smoothies are one way that works. I made one with spinach, beets, mushrooms, a bit of avocado, plus frozen blueberries and a very ripe banana. I added greek yogurt for creaminess and some of my Premier protein shake for the liquid. He loved it! I have to remember, though, that his dietary goals are not the same as mine. For him it's about the fiber and phytonutrients. Yes, those things are good for me, but I also need the satiety and decreased calories. So, he gets a giant cup and I get a "taster" cup. For sure, you should avoid such things until you are on maintenance and actually have been successfully maintaining for a while. Otherwise it can really derail your efforts. That first year post-op is the best year to maximize your weight loss...follow all the rules during this "honeymoon" period when weight loss is the easiest. You can still lose weight past the honeymoon period but it gets harder. Many of us start getting hunger signals back, our old demons come calling, and the temptations to fall back into old habits are all too great. It takes dedication to maintain long term. I say this as a 5 year post-op sleever who has maintained successfully, though not easily. It is so worth it though!! This is hands down, the best thing I have ever done for myself. Saved my life I'm sure. Indirectly saved my husband's life too most likely, because I don't know that I would have ever had the confidence to start dating again (I'd been widowed for several years before I had surgery) and thus I wouldn't have been there to get him to the Dr. or to make him eat his veggies Life as a healthy, normal weight person is just so glorious! It is far better than any smoothie you could ever concoct!
  7. Yeah, and I wish I was 40 again Except that at 40 I was obese and unhealthy but if I could be this healthy and out world!
  8. How strange! I purchase the caramel regularly in 12 packs and have never experienced this. The only time I have had an issue at all was once I left a case of vanilla in my garage during the hot summer and by the time I got to it (I, like you purchase multiple cases at a time) and refrigerated it, it had formed those weird clumps. But it didn't have any sort of chemical smell or taste and it resolved with vigorous shaking as you say. Never had an issue again and I've been drinking them pretty much daily for 5 years. Sorry you've had bad luck!
  9. msmarymac

    Good News

    So glad to hear some good news!! Thank you for sharing!
  10. Life has a way of sneaking up on us and derailing our plans doesn't it. Best of luck to you both! It surely will easier with both of you working on similar goals. Glad to see you back here! I remember you from when I first started on here in late 2014. I am not terribly active on here, but I do check in now and again. It's part of my long-term keeping on track because it is so very easy to slide right back into old habits. Welcome!
  11. My heart aches for your family, such a tragic loss and trauma for those left to deal with the aftermath. Praying for love and light to surround your loved ones and bring some level of peace.
  12. For sure it can be scary when the reality sets in! It also can be exhilarating and liberating if you can set your focus beyond the actual surgery. The preop diet, the surgery and recovery, and the immediate post-op diet for healing are really small moments in time that are going to allow you to begin your new gloriously healthy life. Welcome!
  13. Your story is inspiring to so many, thank you for sharing it! This tool we have is like a rebirth isn't it? I know I feel like a completely different person and am thankful every day.
  14. This is a really old thread so you likely won't hear from the former posters. However, I'm curious why you wouldn't be honest with your surgical team so they can mitigate the risk. That's pretty significant information that, if they don't know about it could cause problems for you. Why would you put yourself at that kind of risk?!?
  15. No experiences nor opinions about that particular practice. Just information about absorption in general. Most sleevers do not have significant absorption issues because the function of the GI tract remains intact, whereas with bypass there is significantly altered function and thus can be altered absorption of any intake. This includes "calories", vitamins and supplements, and medications. I think it's likely this practice would have similar experience though these are generalizations and there are always people who are outside the "typical experience". So you really don't know for sure until it's you.