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  1. msmarymac


    I always found semi-freezing my shakes, especially pre-op, helped with satiety because I had to eat it with a spoon so my brain got the signal that I was "eating" something. Try that and the fiber and I think you'll find it will seem more like a meal that a drink.
  2. I'm glad to hear you're doing a little better at least. Take it slow and don't overdo with your family...glad you're having it catered! It will be good to be together this year; all the "firsts" are so difficult and it helps to bear them together. 99 years of memories, what fun you will have reminiscing! I hope it brings you joy and peace.
  3. msmarymac

    Revelation during support group tonight

    Do fill up on protein though or you may find yourself "grazing" all day. So many goodies and so many are sliders that don't really create fullness. I find that the snacks before the actual meal are the worst temptation, so I try to keep busy either playing with a kiddo (plus be the good auntie and give their mama a break) doing a chore for my Mom (earning good daughter points lol). After the meal I round up anyone who wants to join me for a walk if the weather allows. Usually a niece or nephew I haven't seen for awhile will join me and we have a great talk. Plus I avoid the inevitable political crap that gives me GERD lol.
  4. I'm so sorry you are having so much pain. Do you think the constipation pain could be different because of the surgery? Seems reasonable that "normal" constipation could feel differently from constipated bowel that's just been cut and stitched?? Whatever the cause I hope you get some relief soon as I know you must be feeling desperate. Are you able to do any walking yet? I know that always helps me get things moving. You know what works best for you of course. Does a heating pad to the belly help your discomfort at all? I'm just so sorry you're hurting, wish I could help! Sending gentle hugs and hopes for a better day tomorrow!
  5. msmarymac

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    And because the scale isn't the only thing to celebrate...far from it in fact
  6. msmarymac

    Hi guys

    What a beautiful last day full of love for your sweet Sadie. I know that I will face this decision at some point in the near future with my beloved Penny and only hope I can give her the same kind of loving send off.
  7. msmarymac

    Five years

    Congratulations! Thanks for always being a positive voice of encouragement here as well as an excellent example of how wonderful life is post WLS!!
  8. msmarymac

    1 yr Surgiversary

    Awesome Austin!! Great job, keep on rocking that sleeve!
  9. msmarymac

    Going bald! Help!

    I'm so sorry, I know that is distressing, especially with long hair which makes it look like more hair than when it is short hair. You are right on schedule for telogen effluvium though, which is hair loss that occurs in response to major physical or emotional stress. And major surgery is one of the most common causes of it. When it occurs, there really is nothing you can do to stop it, but eating adequate protein and supplements such as biotin may help with regrowth. In the meantime it becomes a matter of disguising the thinning; best way is with a new shorter hairdo with layers but I understand that's not for everyone. I hope you are having great weight loss results and can focus on your new healthy life. Hair will re-grow in time and your new healthy life is forever
  10. msmarymac

    Random questions for "after'

    The generic name for Pepto-Bismol is Bismuth subsalicylate. The salicylates are like aspirin which is salicylic acid.
  11. msmarymac MS!!!

    MS can be very tricky to diagnose; so happy your issues, whatever they are, are not that! Med management can also be tricky however, so I wish you the best as you navigate those waters. Sometimes it comes down to risk vs. benefit; I hope you find what works best for you very soon.
  12. You and your sleeve absolutely are weight loss surgery success stories! Never forget that your revision is being done because of reflux, not regain! I think so many of us, maybe even subconsciously, associate revision with regain which is messing with your mind. You are a freaking success story all the way around, and pretty soon you will be a success story who isn't suffering from GERD. Wishing you a smooth surgical and recovery process, please keep us posted.
  13. It's pretty common for liver enzymes to spike in the early post op days but seems a bit unlikely to be related at 3 years out. There are so many things that can cause liver enzyme elevation; some are serious, some are not. It's good that you are getting it followed up on and I hope you get some answers soon. Please keep us posted.
  14. msmarymac

    Bypass to Band Revision

    I didn't even know this was a "thing", wow learned something new today! I hope that this can help you meet your goals, but I have to wonder if there are other things in play as well. I have no idea of course and don't want to make assumptions based on my own experiences, but are there behavioral issues that need to be addressed? Emotional eating plays such a big part for most obese people and unless and until that is addressed no surgery or revision will ever be successful. And I really want your journey to be successful because it is sooooo awesome!! I wish you the best!
  15. msmarymac

    Brain game

    You are an amazingly healthy goddess