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  1. msmarymac

    Slight weight gain. Help!

    I am not following your train of thought your concern that a tubal will cause weight gain? I don't think there is an association with tubal and weight gain, although sometimes women who have a tubal have heavier periods so there's that. If heavy periods have been an issue, I think I would ask about maybe a combo of tubal and uterine ablation. No pregnancy, no period. You will still have cyclical hormonal fluctuations until your ovaries stop doing their thing probably in your 50's or so. Those demons scream sometimes, don't they?!? Sorry you're struggling, my demons have been rather loud lately as well so I sure empathize!
  2. msmarymac

    Slight weight gain. Help!

    I somehow missed the Provera part. I am certain that is part of this; medroxyprogesterone is well known for weight gain/bloating whether it is oral (Provera) or injectable (Depo-Provera). Do you just take it on certain days or is it daily? My daughter used to never have periods thanks to PCOS and would have to take 10 days of Provera to start it. But, I know its also sometimes used as hormone replacement after menopause if estrogen HRT is taken. Anyway, I hope it soon resolves for you because I know it is frustrating and a bit frightening when you've worked so hard to be healthy!
  3. msmarymac

    How long till drive after surgery

    I was discharged 23 hours from the start of my surgery. Was told not to drive until my followup appointment in 10 days, although physically I could have. I think post-op pain is maybe less for sleeve than bypass, and I only needed/used stronger pain med at night. My nausea and dry heaving would have been the problem though; I dry heaved evey time I moved for about the first 48 hours. I took 2 weeks off work, but could have done at least half time earlier. The fatigue is the limiting factor I think, not so much the pain. Even though there is not that much pain, we have to remember it is major surgery and it takes awhile to be back up to full steam. It is also tricky in the beginning getting the "eating" and drinking thing down; that in and of itself seems like a full time job lol.
  4. msmarymac

    Sleeve Surgery, Recovery, ... Stairs?

    I had my sleeve surgery mid-December in 2014 so it was a little challenging. But, it was a temporary, minor issue with a glorious very worth it! Good luck to you!
  5. msmarymac

    I messed up royally

    If you are ready to commit to a healthy life, throw them out NOW. There is still time to clear the nicotine from your system in time for surgery. The length of time depends on what kind of test they do (blood vs. saliva vs. hair) but a blood test is negative 10 days after last cigarette. It's time to take charge. Most people who undergo this major surgery do so because they want to be healthy. Smoking is not healthy (which you already know) so you need to be willing to commit to not only changing your eating and activity but also to ending your nicotine addiction. To be successful postop it helps to develop new coping skills; something to turn to when you can no longer turn to food , or cigarettes. This will be especially important for you because you will be giving up 2 coping strategies, albeit unhealthy ones. Maybe you'll decide that you're not ready to commit and that's OK. If that is the case; if you're just not quite ready to commit to a permanent change in how you manage stress (because there will always be "stuff") then you're probably better off to cancel the surgery and work on that first. I'm sorry you're struggling and hope you will be good to yourself. You deserve to be healthy!
  6. My surgeon doesn't approve soda or diet soda, but OK's seltzer if it doesn't cause discomfort. It doesn't generally, although I don't drink a lot of it, or often. And I just sip, not chug lol.
  7. I had a Truly Spiked and Sparkling at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Hard seltzer It was light and refreshing and 100 calories, 2 carbs. Just an option if you decide you'd like to indulge!
  8. So sorry for your struggles. I see two issues here. 1. You need nutrition. I second the idea of checking out food banks, churches, etc. Any resource you can identify in your area that can help you get some nutritious food. Food banks are typically non-perishable, but tuna is a great option for protein. 2. Vomiting at 7 months post-op. You should be able to keep down just about anything that is well-chewed. If you're having this much trouble at 7 months, you really should check in with your surgical team, there may be something going on that could be fixed. I hope you are able to get some help, please let us know.
  9. msmarymac

    Slight weight gain. Help!

    Breathe, girl lol 3 pounds overnight is almost always water weight, for me it's usually sodium related. I try and drink a LOT of water the next day and in a couple of days it is gone. Were your rings tight? That's usually a clue for me that it is fluid retention. Hormones and sodium are the 2 most common culprits for fluid retention. Now, get your butt down out of the panic tree and get started on the water
  10. I had extensive plastics in my 50's and I did have a blood clot in my leg post op but that can happen anytime. I was at maintenance for a year before I had my first plastics choice. Plastics was my reward for keeping it off, since that was the part I'd never been able to do before. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in how I feel about myself. I feel like for the first time in my life my outside matches how amazing I feel inside. You can disguise a lot with clothes, but wow do your options open up when you don't have to be thinking about what you have to cover up. Plus I don't get stopped for pat down at the airport for having something stuffed in my pants (very, it's just my belly skin). As to how to set your goal, I think we all approach that differently and it can be fluid. If you think 165 seems reasonable (and it does), set it at that and if you get there and aren't quite done, reset it. I think for many of us the process wasn't very scientific; your body will let you know when it's at its happy place
  11. msmarymac

    What did you eat today?

    Here's today: Breakfast: Premier Protein RTD Shake, Coffee with milk Lunch: Chopped Salad with 1/2 hard boiled egg and (leftover) 1/3 of a ribeye steak, maybe around 3 oz today. Snack: apple and greek yogurt Dinner: 1/2 boneless grilled pork chop (leftover from last night) and 1/2 sweet potato, with few stalks of steamed asparagus I'm at maintenance though so you probably don't want to aim for what I'm eating
  12. msmarymac

    Good vegetable soup

    YES!! Please don't try to regard veggies as evil...they just aren't! If you look solely through the lens of WLS, they for sure are not the priority. However, we are so much more than obesity survivors lol. The phytonutrients in veggies, the fiber, the anti-oxidants...there are just too many good things in them that cannot be replicated in a pill. Vitamins, yes for sure but there is so much more to them. Oncologists will likely have the opposite nutritional advice of WLS surgeons; eat veggies and limit meat. Because they view everything through a cancer-prevention lens. It becomes quite tricky to decide which advice is "right" when really each contributor has something of value to offer. There is no "one size fits all" nutrition prescription. You sound like you are off to a great start...welcome to your new gloriously healthy life!
  13. msmarymac

    Quit smoking and now I'm not sleeping. Help.

    I'm sorry you're struggling but it will be so worth it in the end. Some of the things I've used with patients who are quitting are cinnamon toothpicks, cinnamon gum, fidget cubes, rubberbands...these things keep your hands or mouth busy. Deep breathing also helps; taking a deep breath in and holding it similarly to taking a drag on cigarette can aid relaxation. As to the sleep, it might be worth it to try a short term OTC sleep aid. In addition, you can try all the usual "sleep hygiene" tactics such as keeping a set schedule, warm bath or shower, relaxing scents such as lavender, etc. If your BF is still smoking in the house/car/around you, you might consider asking him to not do that while you're going through this tough stretch. I had to do that when I quit (27 years ago) and my husband gladly moved it outside. Also because I was pregnant with our first child so he was protecting us as well, but still it sure made it easier. Good luck!
  14. msmarymac

    Hi... An introduction

    I never thought I would have plastics, but a year ago I did just that and it was great! Well, the outcome was great, the process not so much. Having lost and re-gained more than 100 pounds twice before in my life, I decided that plastics wouldn't even be on the radar until I had kept the weight off for a year. This is the only time I've been successful in maintaining and I give credit for that to my sleeve. Yes, it is about the choices I make every single day, but for sure the WLS tool has been the difference. So, I rewarded myself with plastics; 360 lift, thighs, arms, breasts...the works I am so happy with the results. My outward appearance now fits with the way I feel, which is really amazing! You can disguise a lot with clothing but I would catch sight of my naked self in the mirror before plastics and get really sad about the damage I'd done. And I no longer get flagged at the airport X-Ray machine for having something (skin) tucked into my pants! Yes, there are scars but I choose to see them as road maps that mark my journey. I hope you find the support you are looking for here as it is primarily people who have had or are going to have some type of weight loss surgery. I wish you well on your journey to better health!
  15. msmarymac


    So happy for you! Gardening and digging in the dirt have always been a sort of therapy for me and there is such satisfaction in seeing results of your labors. The pain from gardening always feels better to me than the pain from a workout for some reason. Congrats on your accomplishment!