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  1. msmarymac

    Period changes

    As you can see from the above responses, it is very common for periods to change post-op. In the immediate post-op time it's from the physical stress of surgery, then it becomes from the weight loss itself because of the release of stored estrogen in fat cells. Eventually it will settle down to it's "new normal". BTW, very light menses is extremely common on OCP's because it suppresses the buildup of the endometrium; maybe this will be the new normal for you (fingers crossed).
  2. msmarymac

    REGAIN! I feel out of control.

    Wow, how amazing you are to have survived so much! You are not a failure girl, life has just not been very kind to you (and it sounds like your mother hasn't either!). It is time to get healthy and it sounds like you have taken some steps to get started. It will not be easy to get this all sorted out, but I have no doubt you can do it. I do believe the therapy is a priority and it sounds to me like medication may very well be a smart choice to help you get your mental health in order. Talk to your prescriber about your fears of medicine-related weight gain as there are certainly some options that either don't contribute to weight gain or may even contribute to weight loss. If you can get two benefits from one drug, even better! I'm also glad you have an appointment with your bariatric NP. What do you tell them? The truth! The good, the bad, the ugly. Then you ask them for help. They will be glad that you have already started with a therapist by then and they can work together to help get you back on track. They will probably want to do some labs because you likely have some nutritional deficiencies with the erratic eating behavior that may need some intervention. Once you get the more urgent stuff under control then you can start working on getting back to basics. Does the job that you love have any EAP benefits? Employee Assistance Programs often will give short-term (FREE) counseling, financial planning, etc. Won't replace therapy but sometimes it is a program that can get you someone to talk to right away and even help coordinate some other services you might need while you are waiting for your scheduled appointments. Most larger employers have something in place. Just a thought. So glad you were brave enough to take the first steps to getting the help you deserve!
  3. Oh my, you have had more than your share to deal with! Wow, 99, that is truly amazing! I pray that in time the pain of loss grows softer and thoughts/memories of your father bring smiles and joy. You're right, it is now time to slow down and refocus on you. You deserve to be healthy and while it may not happen overnight, you have a plan in place to make it happen. You have been through difficult times before and you can do this next few months like the rock star you are!
  4. msmarymac

    Blood work

    Happens to me as well. Decades ago as a student, a wise old surgeon told me "if you ever have a patient who is craving ice, check their hemoglobin". I thought he was crackers until it happened to me with my first pregnancy. As I learned recently, even when my hemoglobin is normal, I crave ice when my stored iron is low. Crazy. And by crave I mean waking up during the night needing a "fix" kind of crave. So strange. But it is nice to have that built-in sign that my iron is edging downward.
  5. msmarymac

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Sooooo glad it wasn't your "last meal"!!! and also glad your demon was sheepishly silent
  6. msmarymac

    Eating out

    @Artie we have the same timeline, although different years. It was so very strange having surgery right before Christmas, but I look back now and think it was the best gift ever! Plus Christmas eve that year was the day I got to move from liquids to puree so even a few sips of pureed butternut squash soup seemed like the most gourmet food ever! Plus my mother had planned a variety of soups for the meal so I wasn't the only one eating soup and didn't feel left out at all. Life is so good!
  7. msmarymac

    Talking to negative Family/Friends

    Disapproval from family is always the hardest to face, at least for me. So, I just didn't tell anyone that I didn't have to or that I thought wouldn't be supportive or would worry excessively. I told my mother just a few days before surgery as she tends to obsess about things and I just didn't want to put either of us through that. To my surprise she was very supportive and it all worked out well. I also gave her a "job" to do (run interference with the nosy family I didn't want to know) so she had something else to focus on lol. Bottom line is this is your decision and only you can make it. Arm yourself with facts and be comfortable with it. Don't feel like you have to defend or justify your position but be willing to explain it calmly if need be. Best way to show people that you made the RIGHT decision is to ROCK that sleeve, baby!!
  8. I would also recommend the 5 day pouch test. I have used it a few times when I have let carb cravings start to overwhelm me. It helps me get my head back in the game and get back on track. Of course you have to realize nothing can be fixed in 5 days; that is just the reset button for the basics to restart. Track your food, measure it out, go back to the beginning. Lean solid protein first, then veggies. No fluids before, during or after meals. Minimum of 64 oz water per day. You know the drill. Personally, I think a 30 minute walk daily also does wonders; not so much for weight loss itself but for the health benefits. It helps me manage stress, lifts mood, helps maintain bone density, improves cardiovascular status, etc. When you feel better, you take better care of your self; it's kind of a weird vicious circle. Diet pills didn't work for many of us before surgery; there's no reason to think they will help post-op. You have the tools you need; you can do this!
  9. msmarymac

    Three months post op

    You are doing great, congrats on your loss! Focus on what you are doing right and keep on doing it. I agree on maybe cutting the fruit while in active weight loss, or at least sticking to lower sugar fruits such as berries. Make sure you are eating your lean solid protein first, then veggies. Chicken breast seems to be one that is particularly filling for most. Personally, I think walking is great during this phase, not for weight loss so much but for all the other health benefits that it provides, including mental health benefits. I don't even count it as exercise so that I don't fall into the trap of "needing" to eat more because of it. It is just for the benefit of stress relief, increased bone density, increased muscle tone, improved metabolism, improved cardiovascular status, increased stamina, etc all of which are very important at "our" age If you really start training for a 5K or a marathon or doing bodybuilding or intense cardio or something...then you may need to up your calories. Walking for health...nope!
  10. msmarymac

    Eating out

    It's just one of those things you have to go through to get to the other side, which is awesome BTW. Keep your focus on the outcome (20 pounds down already, woo hoo!!) and soon this will just be a distant memory that doesn't seem so bad. Kind of like childbirth lol.
  11. msmarymac

    4 years out, I live for the pool

    Good to see you back here posting! You sound so happy, congrats!
  12. msmarymac

    NSAID IM or patch?

    Toradol (generic name Ketoralac) is an injectable NSAID. It is usually used with caution in people with GI issues though so I don't know that you'd be any better off that with an oral one. Topical Magnesium sometimes works for some people as an anti-inflammatory. Likely not as potent as an NSAID but not as dangerous either.
  13. msmarymac

    The upside of excess skin

    Girl you can always find the silver lining! But wow, what an ordeal!! I am so glad you are on the mend and past the worst of it. Likely you'll start rapidly losing that water weight soon
  14. msmarymac


    Poached egg with a bit of avocado or guac is very yummy also. Not that those are condiments exactly but it's a delicious combo.
  15. msmarymac

    Did you start to feel fat after maintenance?

    Depends... Some days I feel Wonder Woman, Rock Star, Goddess, All Powerful Amazing Other days I feel fat, weak, stupid and ugly. Nothing to do with reality or the size of my clothes. Everything to do with my head and my fat voices in my brain and my past feelings of insecurity. Thankfully the bad days are becoming fewer as time goes by and I work on those feelings of shame leftover from a lifetime of hurt.