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  1. msmarymac

    Think I sick

    I'm sorry you're sick! I had a bad bout with gastroenteritis last summer, with both vomiting and diarrhea. It was the only time I've had something like that since WLS. After the initial bout of actual vomiting it was all dry heaving and it was no fun (of course) but really not different than before WLS (it's never fun, right). It did seem more difficult to get rehydrated so do be careful with that. Otherwise, there really isn't anything different to do for us post-op with a stomach bug than for someone without WLS, unless it's a new pre-op of course. These are usually viral and will run their course in 24 to 48 hours. So, if it lasts longer than that, is severe, you get dehydrated, have bloody diarrhea, or severe pain you should seek medical care. Otherwise it's just the usual.
  2. msmarymac

    Did your immune system change?

    I think you just answered your own question...for sure the traveling and stress will affect your immune system. Plus, when you travel to new environments the "bugs" you're exposed to are ever-so-slightly different from what your immune system is used to so you have less to respond with. Lots of rest, lots of fluids, you'll be OK That's my long distance diagnosis lol
  3. msmarymac

    Did your immune system change?

    Girl, with all your complications it's a wonder you have any immune system left! The stress your body has been through most definitely will affect your ability to fight off infection!
  4. msmarymac

    2 week liquids

    I preferred semi-freezing the one for lunch and dinner and eating them with a spoon. Helped me feel like I was "eating". So, I had hot tea first thing in the morning, and a shake for breakfast mid-morning. Frozen shake for lunch, regular shake late afternoon, frozen shake for dinner and broth and/or an additional shake later in the evening if needed. I only had to do that a couple of days, the first 10 days I could have lean protein and veggies for dinner. It isn't much fun but it is doable and a small price to pay for the gloriously healthy life that is in your near future!
  5. msmarymac

    Did your immune system change?

    If this was in the months just after surgery I would say of course your immune response is down because you just had major surgery, but surely it has recovered from that by now. Have you been under more stress than usual because that will do it for sure. Or maybe because you're almost 40...hahahaha. I say that as someone who's almost 55 and remembers 40 fondly lol. May also just be coincidence. Hope you're over this sickly streak soon
  6. msmarymac

    Hair Loss

    Is your thyroid OK? Seems really unusual to have continued hair loss related to the surgery itself this far out. Ferritin and TIBC OK? I am sorry that you're experiencing this; I hope that you are at least happy with your weight loss journey and your health?
  7. msmarymac

    Calcium Conundrum

    Well I order them from Amazon... And, I have a strict 2 per day limit since they are medicine and expensive. I take the calcium citrate petites (which are still pretty big) also, to get my total plus get a little treat
  8. msmarymac

    Help! Can't keep anything down.

    Are you keeping water down? I think you need to give your surgeon a call; at this early post-op stage it is very easy to get dehydrated and end up in the ER. If you're able to keep liquids down you probably should go back to clear liquids for a couple of days then slowly advance to full liquids to soft and see if you can tolerate that. any doubts at all or any!
  9. I had some anxiety as I approached goal and maintenance and I think it was mostly because historically that's where I failed. Losing weight really was never that difficult for me when I decided to do it; I'd lost over 100 pounds 2 other times in my life. But I never stayed at goal for more than a minute. It seemed like I almost immediately began slipping back into prior eating habits and the weight came back with a vengeance. So, it's scary. Plus losing weight is almost a're just giddy with the excitement of it. Maintenance is work, and its boring. So I think all of what you're feeling is completely normal, just don't let your head get in the way of your goals. You can do this. One of my goals is to be normal weight for so long that people forget I used to be fat. The only way for that to happen is long-term maintenance. At almost 4 years post-op and 3 years in maintenance (I think) I can tell you that life is not boring after you stop losing, it is glorious! I am so excited for you as your focus changes from losing weight to "what am I going to do with this new healthy body of mine". Enjoy
  10. msmarymac

    Not exactly a recipe but...

    I thought I'd share what my colleagues and I have been doing...salad prep! Every Monday we each bring 2 salad topping ingredients that we have signed up for plus 5 containers to put together our salads for the week. Each person brings their produce washed, chopped and ready for salad. First thing Monday we put out our offerings and assemble our 5 salad topping masterpieces for the week. If there is an ingredient you don't like, just skip it. Not everybody participates every week which is perfectly OK, or sometimes they'll just sign up for 1 topping and just make 2 or 3 salads. It is so awesome to only have to prepare a couple of things but get this beautiful colorful fresh veggie lunch. Everyone provides their own protein and lettuce to complete their salad. I just skip the lettuce entirely and just have a protein and veggie salad which is amazing. This has really upped my fresh veggie consumption which has worked wonders on the old GI tract We adapted this from a Pinterest (of course) salad prep idea that people do in homes, in church groups, etc.
  11. msmarymac

    Calcium Conundrum

    I like Bariatric Advantage Calciuim Citrate Chewy bites in Chocolate which taste like Tootsie rolls, and in Strawberry which are sort of like Starburst. They are not cheap however. As to taking the calcium and iron separately, yes it is important. Iron is really not absorbed very efficiently, even in people who have not had WLS. Calcium taken in doses larger than 300mg at a time (which almost all supplements are) lessens the ability of the small intestine to absorb iron, although they are not sure exactly how. It gets complicated getting the scheduling of everything when you're newly post-op and trying not to drink water 30 minutes before and after eating, and timing your supplements. Soon, though you'll be a seasoned pro and getting through the day like a rock star. Swallowing giant pills gets easier too, eventually. I just continue with the chews because I like them:)
  12. msmarymac

    Meal delivery service

    Some of the services like "Hello Fresh" have Paleo and Keto options or so I've read. Those are probably closest to what you'll stick to post op; protein first then veggies. That might be helpful pre-op or later post-op. In the early post-op it will be a waste as you'll need liquids then soft for awhile, then such tiny amounts that probably one meal would last all week. Has your program not provided you with pre-op guidance? I'd ask them for help, that's what they are there for.
  13. msmarymac

    Hi Everyone...Any advice?

    For those of us who have struggled a lifetime with food and weight issues, I think WLS is the ONLY way to have a healthy relationship with food and most of us can still indulge in our favorites once we reach maintenance. I had some of the same fears and can honestly say there is nothing at all I have missed. Food just doesn't hold the same level of importance anymore. I was 51 when I had my surgery and will soon turn 55 (yikes!). Sometimes I am envious of those who have the WLS option at a young age like you but I can also see how it must be more scary at your age. I mean "forever" is a lot longer for you lol. However, it is a beautiful gift you are choosing for yourself. Imagine the damage to your joints that won't happen because you chose to be healthy. Imagine all the wonderful things that WILL be possible with your new healthy self. You are going to rock this!!
  14. msmarymac


    I agree with @cinwa's suggestion of trying the 5 day pouch test, or another sort of "reset" as there are several available. I have used it a couple of times when a have felt like I was losing control. More than anything it helped me "snap out of it" and get my head back in the game. Of course when the 5 days are up you can't go back to what you are doing now, you have to go back to eating the way you did while you were losing and/or maintaining. Which for most means lean protein first, then veggies, adding in good carbs once maintenance is reached. If there are particular foods that seem to trigger a loss of control (for me it is Snickers and Oreos) I'd avoid them completely and reserve the occasional treat for foods that do not trigger that. You still have the tools for success, I wish you the best!
  15. msmarymac

    Need some ideas

    I've always wondered about the texture of tofu after freezing and was afraid it would get mushy. Now I know...thanks!