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  1. I just found out today!

    A few days out! Ibambsure you are excited! My date is June 12. Good luck to you!
  2. Need a Buddy

    It's a full liquid diet. Yogurt, pudding, jello, broth, protein shakes.
  3. Need a Buddy

    All 3 emotions are on rotation. I am super excited, especially after being in a bathing suit over the weekend. I am scared, wondering if I can really so this. The pre op diet is killing me, I already want to eat every kind of junk food out there! I am nervous about retuning to work. My surgeon said that I can retune back as early as Monday following surgery. I have taken a few extra days just to be safe.
  4. Need a Buddy

    My date is June 12. We are only a few days apart!
  5. June 12

    Two weeks out. I am started to get really nervous! I was told I will be able to return to work after a few days. Does that sound right?
  6. 2 weeks out

    Hello everyone! I am getting so close! Surgery is going to be on 6/12. I have been on the pro-op date for a few days now and it is getting easier. Imam so excited for this change in my life. Is there anyone else having Around the same time? Also, I will be doing this out patient which seems weird for me. As anyone else had the sleeve as an outpatient surgery?