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  1. i can do most things... I avoid pasta and rice and most breads and potatoes.. I think its the starch .. some are better than others but I just avoid them all as much as I can as I've been caught out and put into situations with them... almost everything else i'll have a go at... sugar is my big no go area.. if its just a small amount within the food naturally... im not too bad but if I add sugar or eat/drink a high sugar content loaded food /drink then a few hours later I end up in the white porcelain room !!! early days constipation was a big issue.. but that's ok... keep fruit to one piece a day alcohol...I have done but I didn't do myself any favours there !!! wooooosshhhh.....pastry is also a no suger free or diabetic labelled foods help...
  2. one year anniversary check up at the hommerton this morning... happy with 90% of it... just the dumping /sugar/intolerances to tidy up.... almost 12 stone lost in the first year, gone from xxxxl to L/and the odd xl... even got a couple of mediums !!! cost a fortune over the last few months, but I've got a complete new wardrobe wish I had the chance to have done it sooner... but now i'm a MAMIL....(middle aged man in lycra) up the gym which I oddly enjoy between 2-5 times a week depending on my shifts... feeling great... eating is no longer a big issue/part of my life... yes I do miss drinking with friends etc... but its a small price to pay. SEX !!! oh yes... after a long absence....percy is getting plenty of attention say no more !! nudge nudge.. wink wink.. I recommend it to anyone with similar issues as most of us on here.... and by all means anyone can ask what they want from me, and I will get back to them ... keep it up all you LOSERS !
  3. Ronslost


    well... Christmas has come and gone... I actually abstained from alcohol over the festive period... I think I may have had the odd sip here and there, but I didn't sit down intentionally and have a scotch...or 2...or 3... etc... I had enough issues with finding new festive foods to tolerate, like loaded mash potatoes and rich sauces going over my turkey and ham etc... just remember... what one person likes or what a certain doctor says or a certain website says... isn't going to suit everyone... live and let live.... good luck in 2015 everyone.
  4. Ronslost


    no worries... its not going to be regular. I know others who drink but they have been post op for over a year... but they too tried drinking earlier. I did load up with a steak pie beforehand so protein and carbs were already in the system, whether this helped or not ? I don't know, but I was ok... as I said... we are all different, and as soon as I have a problem I will/would seek professional help. thank you for your concerns though... this is what I like on this forum.... a great support tool... have a great Christmas...
  5. no.. goal weight is a few months off yet, but im enjoying it... no clothes no social life ..etc but its a small price to pay for considerably better health.. most people are saying the usual.." Christmas dinner etc... how are you going to cope " ? just like any other day really... i'll have a bit of turkey and gravy , chomp on a parsnip and a carrot but that will be it. no desire for food at all... might take the dog out for an extra long walk whilst everyone else stuffs themselves and I don't have to watch it... ho ho ho..... I have ? such a technophobe... but you get my drift ?
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    I had a small beer several weeks ago ( Guinness) 250ml apprx and it took me almost 2 hours to drink... but I had 6-7 whiskies last weekend over a 7 hour period, and it just started to affect me... no dumping, but I did have it well iced up ( so it was well watered down) im 4 months out , so im happy that I can... im now back to nil ( it was just a trial to see what happened) as I have no great craving for it, but at least I know that I can socialise without being looked at as the "non drinker" I know it affect different people in different ways.. so please be careful guys and galls... have a great Christmas.
  7. I think there are some brits.. but as the majority of the site is U.S. based, we go unnoticed as there is quite a difference between the info and regime etc that we get over here compared with jose in mexico for instance... insurance company guide lines... NHS guidelines .. aftercare... I was kicked out less than 2 days after my first hole was poked through my belly... I still chat to a few and offer support if I can but I havn't found anything uk based or as good as this site, so I;m staying for a bit...perhaps the admin staff could create our own brit page/section ?
  8. its about time you had some good luck and a new life.... good luck with everything, and don't be afraid to start your liquid diet early.. I did 4 weeks on mine.. with extra benefits... just as well I love milk. we are all waiting to hear your story...
  9. $550 a year to use my gym here in London... (£350)aprx some times its only once a week sometimes 3-4 .. but at the end of the day I know i'm only throwing money down the drain if I don't use it... and long term, it is for my health benefit.. I tried swimming at $5 a time but the pool is full of coffin dodgers (over 70/80)having a social meeting and I cant get to swim in a straight line for more than 4-5 yards ! the pool attendants are useless at enforcing any pool etiquette... so its the gym for now but I have asked santa for a new off road bike/hybrid thing so that might be on the cards soon.. I do feel better for it, so i'm on the yes list for gym benefits....
  10. agree with everything that they say.. they really are a great bunch on here ....ask ANYTHING and you'll get an answer.. no matter how silly you may think it is... i'm in London and they tolerate me..! look forward to reading about your journey..
  11. you have so much better protein foods at the ready over there than London... I find it quite hard to keep changing the variety in my diet... most peanut butters kill me, but I used to love them... I wonder if I can get some on amazon outside the uk ?
  12. when I get this, I go cold turkey for a day or so and only do fluids.... things settle and then I resume... I've done it several times, but remember that everyone is different, and seek proper advice medically if you want to settle your mind... good luck
  13. shhhheeeeeeeeiiitttttt......... there's a movie in here..... the first ever thinner times gastric/horror/love/chick flik/pshco movie ? never been in your situation petal... but good luck with everything... I just don't think this is the right place to get the proper support or answers.... I know you all like a good session with "THERAPISTS" over there in the states... good luck for the future, and I hope you keep within the lines regarding your weight.
  14. oh Mexican turnip ...sweet... mmmmm? might try a parsnip or Japanese radish... they can be sweet...