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    Rienzi, Alcorn County, Mississippi. North of Tupelo...between Booneville and Corinth Had my sleeve done in Oxford by Dr. Bath
  2. 5 bites per meal

    Can't argue with success!!! You are doing great! I am just following my doctor's orders and every doctor seems to be different. I will be doing this for 2 months and then go back and get my new foods and set of instructions.
  3. Question about calorie intake/exercise...

    I also agree. I use MFP and since I am only allowed 5 bites per meal, I rarely get 400 calories a day. According to MFP, if I add my 90 minutes of water aerobics and my walking 2 miles per day, I come up with a MINUS 400 calories per day.I don't add the exercise anymore...just make sure I do it.
  4. 5 bites per meal

    I am so thankful that I don't have to count anything except bites. Protein first, then veggies, then carbs. Some times I just want the 5 bites of protein...sometimes I do 3 bites of protein and then 1 or 2 of veggies. I don't worry about the calories, carbs or fats ...which by logic can't be much I CAN DO THIS !!!!!!
  5. 5 bites per meal

    I am finally off of liquids and am allowed solids. Yeah!! However, since my doctor does not have his patients count ANYTHING, my restrictions are only "Up to 5 bites per meal, put your fork down between bites, and chew, chew CHEW!!!" ABSOLUTELY, no more than 5 bites!!! No liquids 30 minutes before or after your 3 meals per day. Am allowed snacks but nothing within 2 hours of meals. I take vitamins and B12 liquid. Believe it or not, sometimes I can't make it to 5 bites...these are not mouthfuls either, they are small bites. Can't believe that solid foods in such minute amounts are filling me up!!!
  6. peanut butter

    I love Jif Whipped peanut butter but try to stay to only 1 tbsp. a day.
  7. Impossibly inpatient

    Dear Complexywf, If my math is correct and using the weights you have posted in your have lost 46.3 lbs in 34 days. WOW!!!!! Your body is trying to catch up with you and adjusting to such rapid weight lost. I think a short stall is a preservation technique our body uses.
  8. Samzup2 and I have the same doctor. 1 week after surgery they added V-8 Juice...which, I agree, is great as a cup of soup. They added creamed soups made with skim milk. I made my own soups but also would put other soups in the blender, liquefy them, then strain them. The Kroger CarbMaster yogurt is pretty good. I has been a long 4 weeks on that diet and am looking forward to my doctor visit tomorrow!!!
  9. Struggling

    Yes, I am also. I was sleeved on May 5th and my next doc appointment is June 9th. I am hoping that then I will be put on something more solid. I take 10 pills a day and have to crush each one. I was instructed to take them 10 min. apart. Seems like it takes all day to take them because I get distracted. I understand your frustration but we have to keep in mind that this is all part of the process. Be sure to talk to your surgeon tomorrow and explain everything to him.