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  1. Wardrobe Question (Pants)

    I've discovered that corduroys seem to stay up better.
  2. Wardrobe Question (Pants)

    I didn't have this problem when I was bigger. I guess there was more there for the pants to cling to. Someone else mentioned to me the suspender route but I really don't want to do it. Maybe I'll just start sagging like the teenagers.
  3. Wardrobe Question (Pants)

    I don't know if this is specifically a problem with males, but I thought I'd ask. I've lost most of my weight (about 175 pounds and I still have about 25 pounds to go) but I'm finding that I'm having problems with pants fitting me. Part of the problem is that I no longer have a butt to hold them up. Belts don't seem to do their job of holding them up either, even cinched very tightly. I'm thinking that it may also be the skin/remaining fat hanging at my sides, not allowing me to pull my pants up as far as I would like. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you deal with it?
  4. Numbness

    Yes I had the nerve compression before surgery but since I've lost 150 that has went away. What I'm having now is different. It's a numbness (not a shooting, stabbing pain like the thigh/nerve compression thing) in abdomen, thighs, arms, etc. I have a lot of energy otherwise and I'm fine walking but it makes the thighs weak so that it is hard to go up even one step or get out of the car. I talked to the doctor today and it could be a vitamin B1 shortage. It is apparently not that that common but does happen. I'm going in next week to be checked over good.
  5. Numbness

    I'm 4 1/2 months out with the sleeve and doing great. In the last few weeks, I've noticed a numbness in my abdomen after a warm shower and lately I've also had it in the front of my upper thighs and in my arm jiggle. It seems to be the areas where I've lost the most inches. Has anyone else encountered this?
  6. mixed emotions

    I so totally agree AppalacianGal! I've had sugar-free popsicles for months now and finally I quit them a few weeks ago. Same with Crystal Light and all that other stuff. I was getting really concerned about all the aspartame and other nasties and that is my one concern about the program I'm in. They don't seem to have a problem with all the artificial sweetener, which is something I never really ingested anyway until I began my weight loss journey. I'm now down to drinking just water and my electrolytes and I'm wondering about those. Is everyone else having to drink electrolytes?
  7. mixed emotions

    This journey we are all on is very emotional--I know I've experienced all sorts of ups and downs. I know for awhile, before surgery, I felt like you did, and I do think the majority of it was mourning food. I mean, after all, it has been our best friend that we've turned to for everything. I would feel down when I realized I would never have this food or that food again. But I think I got most of that out of the way before surgery. Now I'm sort of at the "I am so glad I've done this phase and I really feel sorry for you eating all that horrible food." Food is still disgusting to me, and I've come to realize that people are going to always, always be eating things I can't have right in front of me. I just try to block it out and not look at it. People are going to continue to ask me to go out and eat and I'm getting to where I find that sort of a pleasant challenge. What do I order? How many meals will I make of the leftovers I'll have to take home? The other day, I went to a BBQ place and I ordered a pound of smoked turkey, planning on taking home what I didn't eat. I ended up having a total of 8 meals out of it. And Angemuffin, I told my 14 year old son everything. I realize that's a little older than your son, but I think it worked to my benefit because he now knows all the why's and whatfor's and he really has been quite a support to me. And he is beginning to each much healthier as well.
  8. Aversion to food

    For me it's not so much the smell as the "thought" of it. Like Katie said above, hearing people talk about food or where they are going to eat makes me nauseous. Also, the thought of eating anything is repulsive to me, although I'm okay with sitting down and having what little I am supposed to have. I'm not hungry or anything. For me, a lot of it is psychological--I spent 8 months preparing for this mentally and physically, so maybe I've sort of psyched myself out to do this. And I do consider it a blessing. I'm just trying to adjust and get used to it. It's just weird after so many years of eating anything and everything.
  9. Aversion to food

    I'm glad too. It's much better than what I used to do. I just almost have to force myself to eat but I guess I can live with it. LOL!
  10. Aversion to food

    I think it is just a phase, because it really wasn't like this when I first started back eating. I see my NUT this week so I'll be sure to ask.
  11. I'm about 6 weeks out and I'm doing great but I'm finding I have an aversion to just about all food, and it seems to be increasing. Anyone else dealing with this?