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  1. Well this is odd. I was 204 last week with clothes on first thing in the morning. I have been walking at least a mile every other day. I started tracking my food last week and over the weekend I reviewed the VSG rules and decided to get back to low carb, low fat and only eating 4 oz at a meal. For some reason I am 196 this morning. It has to be water weight. My pants do feel looser. I took my waist and hip measurements and put them in my fitness pal too. I wish they went back more than a year on that, I haven't measured in over a year. I would like to know what my lowest measurements wer
  2. Well I don't think I have the time/energy/money for a revision any way. I'm going to have to get back to basics, log my food and my exercise. I think I'll track blood sugar too. I'm working with a wellness coach so I hope having that accountability will help me.
  3. I think you are right. The problem with pouch reset is when we come home from surgery, we don't have to do much, are on pain killers. I didn't even want to eat anything for a few weeks. Now I work full time and I'm in school full time. That doesn't give enough nutrition for a brain to be functional during that time. I also have a teen daughter and a dog and I live alone. Im not sure how to basically starve myself while living a normal life. The first few days I wouldn't have enough energy to walk my dog much less work and think and not feel completely sick. Maybe I sho
  4. Oh, they definitely are not your friends at all! They are there to keep your employer's expenses as low as possible. Honestly I don't know how anyone can work for those places in good conscience. It seems to go against the Hippocrstic oath. I'm sorry that they made you feel bad about yourself!
  5. I just have the sleeve and I think in 6 years I have maybe thrown up three times.
  6. The team you were working with were chosen by who? Were they hired by your Employer? I hope you find a way to get back on a good track with all of your wellness.
  7. So my low weight was 165 but I looked terrible. My goal was 185 which I maintained for about 4 years. I have been creeping up and down the last two years. Now I'm at 204 and I don't even know what to do. I am tracking my food intake and walking. I know part of it is Covid, staying home, working from home. I think I am having hypoglycemia a lot too. It pisses me off because I could go so long without eating for all these years without getting hypoglycemic. I did read that during perimenopause your blood sugar is more unsteady. I'm afraid that doing the pouch test or doing some
  8. That dog is the reason why my leggings have a hole in them.
  9. Ok I didn't feel like doing hair and make up so whatever.
  10. No seriously. I looked under weight. Plus I have a big head and it made my head look even bigger. Thank you for the compliments!
  11. It helps me not be an irritable shrew. I was also waking up covered in sweat every night, I hated it! Keep in mind there are different types of it. Some of it is made from the urine of mares. The one I'm on is bioidentical and made from peanuts. I did lose about five pounds in two weeks. Not sure how I did that but I didn't have much of an appetite. If I could get myself to exercise, that might be helpful too. Its actually pretty amazing I'm staying within ten pounds of goal without exercising. I don't recommend this to anyone. It's just been circumstantial. Tomorrow is the d
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