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  1. I'm 4 years out and I'm to the point where I'm not surprised anymore. Having said that I was thin until my 20's, but had 2 decades of up and down dieting. I kind of missed the shock of seeing myself in a store window actually. That was kind of fun. Good for you, keep up the good work!
  2. lightenupwoman

    NSAID IM or patch?

    why so many GI effects from a patch? Thanks for the info!
  3. lightenupwoman

    4 years out, I live for the pool

    This is my new normal. I used to feel so self conscious in a swim suit. I used to feel like I just didn't even want to do one of my favorite things because I felt so down about my body. I seriously can't believe the difference. Even with my extra skin, I just don't even think about what other people think. I wear board shorts and a fairly modest tank, and I just never even think about it. Sometimes I do catch myself looking at women who are younger and have no stretch marks and think "I wish I could look like that for one day," then I realize how silly that is and just focus on being in the sun and the water and feeling the breeze, and looking at the clouds. It's just an amazing feeling. Even better when I'm with my daughter and we can play and mess around with the pool noodles like little kids. Best decision ever to have the surgery.
  4. lightenupwoman

    NSAID IM or patch?

    Does anyone know if there is an NSAID that can be taken I'M? I'm already giving myself a shot for something else and it's no big deal. I am having chronic ankle pain and the Dr said I should really take an anti inflammatory. I could take one but then need to take omeprazole but that causes anemia and I've already been down that road and just can't do that again. Just curious. Or is there a topical?
  5. lightenupwoman

    Four year surgiversary

    Especially for women. I don' eat red meat and have bad periods and my iron level went so low I almost needed a blood transfusion. Thanks everyone!
  6. lightenupwoman

    Four year surgiversary

    I haven't been on in a while but yesterday was my four year mark. I've gained some weight but my clothes still fit the same so I have no idea what that is about! One thing I need to say is just stick with bariatric vitamins. I tried to do store vitamins and even though I was taking a lot of them I ended up anemic. Severely anemic. I'm back on Bariatric Advantage and I really can tell the difference in how I feel. I'm so glad I had the surgery! It really has been life changing. I wish I had better pictures of me. I don't even have a full length mirror right now. Guess I should get one!
  7. lightenupwoman

    As a Hispanic individual what foods did you eat?

    Wow I didn't even think about that! I know that the surgery is becoming more popular in Asia too as more people over there are eating more American foods and finding that they need the surgery too. I wonder what they eat in the first few months. That would be an interesting study to do in my "spare" time that doesn't exist....what do the different people around the world eat in the first few months of WLS? Hmmmm..... Glad you found some things Jackie. I do have to say that your tastes do change a lot after surgery. I never imagined I'd be obsessed with Greek yogurt and PB2 like I am. Greek yogurt is like my foundation food. The first month pretty much sucks. There are protein drink brands that I just can't even look at because it still reminds me of being in the hospital or being very sick and I just can't. I remember my then husband made ham one day and I wanted to punch him because it smelled so good. lol.
  8. lightenupwoman


    Be careful with swimming, sometimes it can aggravate a foot injury if you are doing laps. I think water aerobics and that kind of a thing are supposed to be ok?
  9. lightenupwoman


    Congratulations! That's a onederful feeling! LOL.
  10. lightenupwoman


    You know if we could lose it on our own without surgery we wouldn't need surgery, would we? Are you exercising? Sometimes you put on muscle or gain weight from lactic acid, or you retain more water because of that. I would just keep on keeping on. At least you are getting in tune with how many calories are in various foods and portions and all of that. I use my Fitnes Pal app, it is amazing! The truth is that some people just cannot lose weight unless they eat about 800 or less calories a day. And it's been shown that the more you have dieted in your life, the more true that is for people. And there was no way on earth I was going to be able to eat that small amount of calories without surgery! I would have been hungry so much that I wouldn't have been able to concentrate or get a thing done. Now I eat about 1000 to 1200 to maintain. There are some people on here who are long time vets who eat about 600 a day, and if they eat more they start to gain again. It just depends on your age, your body, genetics, your diet history, etc. About your foot, this is just my opinion. But I had a bad ankle injury which is one of the reasons I wanted surgery. It just wouldn't heal and there was no surgery that would fix it. I was in pain almost all the time, couldn't exercise, I was constantly looking for a chair. It was awful. Once I started losing weight it got so much better and now I really have few issues with it. Sometimes it flares up for some unknown reason but if I would stretch before I swim I think I would be better off. I keep forgetting to stretch! Anyway I would say go for the weight loss surgery first because losing weight is one of the best things you can do for any kind of foot injury. Just my opinion, but you need to talk to your docs about it. Also might want to mention to them that if you do get surgery on your foot first you are more likely to gain weight from lack of activity? I don't know. Good luck to you, hang in there!
  11. lightenupwoman

    Question for sushi lovers.

    I think I was at six months? As long as I have my protein requirements met that day and I'm under my caloric goal I will have a few pieces.
  12. lightenupwoman

    How did you decide your goal weight?

    Do you have access to a pool or a lake? I don't know what your disability status is but maybe you could get a scholarship from a Y or something?
  13. lightenupwoman

    3 Months Out - Elated and Annoyed

    This is just my opinion but you might be working out too much and not eating enough good calories. Again, just me. But at some point your body is going into starvation mode and trying to hold on to everything. Also you are going to be gaining muscle. I couldn't deal with the mind F of gaining muscle so I barely worked out the first year. I know, bad bad bad. But I know how I am, I put on muscle really quickly and if I had started to gain muscle weight I would have gone off the track. Anyway I think everyone should measure their bust, waist and hips and only weigh yourself once a week during stalls. Also I got a body fat scale because I will lose it if muscle makes me gain weight and start to think what is wrong with me, etc.
  14. lightenupwoman

    How did you decide your goal weight?

    I honestly can't remember how I set my goal weight! I guess I just looked at what percent of body weight it is normal to lose and looked at pictures of people who weighed that amount who were my height to see if it looked possible. So I set it at 180 but got down to 165. At 165 my face looked gaunt and at my age I just looked old. So I think around 170 is where I need to stay. With water weight I have been up to 178 but then I lost four pounds in a weekend, I have no idea why. Maybe my scale needs new batteries. Right now I'm at 171. Also keep in mind the mind F that muscle can make you weigh more. I have a hard time with that one which is why I bought a body fat scale. Also measure yourself, at least your bust, waist and hips so that you can see you are losing inches.
  15. lightenupwoman

    How did you decide your goal weight?

    Hopefully you won't have little physical activity after you get surgery!