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  1. Ooh, I know it! I'm still losing right now and I'd really like to lose 10-15 more lbs so I have a safe buffer away from overweight. Never going there again!
  2. Ok... On this 24th of October, 2015 I have reached my goal weight!!! My BMI is normal, I have NONE of the health concerns I had before surgery. I feel sooo great!!! Being thin feels like having super powers!!! Jumping feels like flying, I can run and bend and hike for miles miles miles. And, bonus, I look great. I wear a size 4, hah! That's like a skinny girl size!
  3. I need a place to announce the celebration of reaching my goal weight, so I'm creating one. Please feel free to share! Celebrate!!! Celebrate!!!
  4. Hey guys, I haven't checked in in a while and sense I am a year out now, I thought I'd give an update. Life got crazy. I'm suddenly living in a new state with the love of my life (met online in jan, in person in March) and his two kids. step mom overnight! when i moved I stalled and even gained a little for two months. i finally got to losing again and am officially half my original size! just one pesky pound overweight, and that will be gone soon. at this point, i can't even imagine carrying around another me everywhere. it seems like my years as an obese person were a dream, that couldn't have been real right? that wasn't me... right? i hold up my size small dresses and they finally look like something that should fit me. they look just right. I plan to post pics soon!
  5. Well that's cool. I'm not going to buy many size 10s then. Next stop, single digits!
  6. Oh trust me, I know about brand variation. I always try on multiple brands at different stores because I can never believe it when I go down a size. Plus it's just stinkn' fun.
  7. My feet look skinny. The steering wheel is waaaayyyy over there. And my favorite: A lady who works for the same company at a different location was in the office the other day and my boss asked if she had met me (she had a week before) and she said "Yeah, we met once, the little tiny thing." Excuse me!?!?!? I haven't heard anything of the sort in reference to me sense I was like 7! No way she would have used those discriptors if she had met me last summer!!! Totally made my day.
  8. For all you little people: does it take less weight loss to lose a size as you get smaller? I only lost 6 lbs between sizes 14 and 12, and now the same between sizes 12 and 10. I can still wear my 12s fine but they are a bit loose and surprise surprise 10s fit me Just fine already. I know it took way more than 6lbs to get from say 22 to 20! Its this the norm as you get smaller or am I just losing the inches faster than the pounds these days? Any insight?
  9. Just the hair color! Its something I've never done before but I feel like it's ok to stand out. It won't be all over, just peaking out from underneath, but I'm excited about it! Also heading down to lake Tahoe in a bit. That can be part of my reward too. And yes, I will post a picture after my hair gets funky!
  10. It has finally happened. I am no longer obese! Just regular old overweight. Lol. Getting the under layer of my hair colored funky colors on Friday to celebrate. Woo hooo! Kicked obesity's butt!
  11. Well, I took the plunge today. Went to Nordstroms and got fitted. Apparently I am a 34/36 (both sizes worked in different brands) and a DDD. Whoa, I always thought I was a DD. Found a great bra that fits perfectly. I have to say I am very pleased with how well the girls have fared. No tennis balls in gym stocks here, yay... still 40-50 to go, so things could change I guess, but I really hope not!
  12. Oh wow, how did this happen? I just got into a size 14 Christmas Eve and was obviously ecstatic. I still had a few pairs of pants in 17 and 16 and 15 that fit but got two pairs of 14s and again, ecstatic. Fast forward 12 days and I'm wearing the one pair of freshly washed on hot and dried high heat 15s, sitting at work thinking "these pants are baggy." So, on a whim today while out shopping I tried on a 12. They fit. Perfectly. So I tried on another in a different brand to see if was a fluke. They fit. Perfectly. Repeat process 6 more times at multiple stores and guess what? They fit. Perfectly. I am officially a size 12!?!? I always thought I'd be happy with my size if I could just get down to a 12... such a normal easy to find size. Well it is for sure and I am now the proud owner of three really cute and stylish pairs of jeans. And my tops are larges and mostly mediums. MEDIUMS. Me! Good riddens 3X/barely squeezing into a 24!!!!!
  13. Hmmm... there seems to be a common thread here...