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  1. Before after

    155 pounds + difference. Sometimes i don't feel any different, but then again i look like a completely different person, I got a Gastric Sleeve May 2015.
  2. 20-somethings?

    Hey Goodluck everyone with your upcoming surgeries, very exciting.
  3. Call all young folks!

    no one talks about it at a young age, i don't know anyone whos done it. My mum had a lap band and thats what started it all. It's not openly discussed, it is getting better though i guess, just not for a lot of young people.
  4. Call all young folks!

    Hey I just had VSG, im 24 and decided on this at 23, but i am from Australia so don't know if that makes a huge difference. But i am single no kids, no real commitments yet. Happy to chat about anything
  5. Periods

    thanks for the reply, i know being irregular is normal, just wanted to see how quickly some regulated out or how long it took. i know i can go on birth control but i didnt get my period on the implannon and wanted to see if i could regulate out before on another form of birth control. I do have a gp appointment in a couple of weeks so will definietly talk to my dr then. just wanted to see others experiences with it all.
  6. Periods

    Hey I know this has been discussed to some extent but had a more direct question. So i'm on my 4th period in 2 months, i am 7 week post op (sleeve). I got my implannon out in december last year and had only had one period before these last 4. I know its normal for your body to be out of whack, just wondering what peoples experiences were and how long it took to get your body to get back to a normal cycle again, im looking to go back on birth control. Thanks
  7. Australian foods?

    Hey We don't have sugar free icy poles here in Australia, so its recommended to try and make your own. I think crystal light is like cordial, so you can just get sugar free cordial. I dont think we have any mousses that are low in sugar, so again probably best to try and make your own. Hope thats helpful
  8. May 4th

    Hi Im booked in for May the 29th, its getting close now.
  9. Sleeve leaks

    Thanks for feed back, it was a complication he just wanted to make sure I was aware of.
  10. Sleeve leaks

    Sorry, I'm at the beginning process was looking at the RNY, but now strongly leaning towards the sleeve. It was something my surgeon mentioned to me, as I'm only 23 and it's a chance, it's something to consider in making my decision. Was just wondering if anyone had heard anything about it. Just to clarify the complication that my surgeon was referring to was the sleeve. Thanks
  11. I was just wondering if anyone has or known of any one who has become infertile from having a leak? It was a complication I was unaware of and would love anyone's insite..
  12. Waxing...

    for those who struggle with pain you could try a numbing gel, ive heard of salons who offer it here (australia) but i am sure you could find somewhere to get it there (this is probably a bit late but thought id add it). Also the laser hair removal isnt permenate if you arent a good candidate for it.
  13. How did you get your name?

    One of my middle names is Belle, and im young.
  14. 20-somethings?

    Hi I am just starting the process also, just got a referral from my GP, looking for may (thats when my waiting period is up on my private health insurance) Its nice finding people at similar ages Thanks