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  1. Breakfast: 1/2C skim yogurt, 1 tsp maple syrup, a few pistachios in a ramekin Dinner: 2 oz yearling steak - cooked on a frying pan with 1/2 a small mushroom, mixed lettuce from my garden, 1TBSP Mongolian sauce on a entree plate
  2. Great idea Lamb Chop and Cabbage 100g (3.5 oz) lamb chop, 1/2C (dry) cabbage and carrot sauteed with a little garlic, tomato ketchup: I ate a little over half the chop - the fatty part is too hard for me to manage. Very filing. Note this is a entre plate. The whole chop is about size of my palm
  3. That's fantastic. Well done :)

  4. You look completely different. Wow! Well done.
  5. Inspirational, you look great!!!
  6. A big difference in a short time. Be proud, you look great
  7. Love the comparison pics. Well done. You look great!
  8. Hi everyone, Well I took your advice and this week ate healthy fats, which also upped my protein. Guess what? - I feel a lot better - And I broke my plateau and dropped 3lbs! Thanks for the advice... I feel I am back on my journey.
  9. Thanks everyone for responding. I think the fats issue has probably hit the nail on the head. My dietician (who doesn't seem to know anything about bariatrics) has pushed the 'no more than a tablespoon of fat per day' from the start. It means all my protein is low fat (egg whites etc). My diet has been very limited (I seem to live on fat free/ low fat yogurt, beans and soup)- and I'm probably not getting enough of anything really. I'm going to start eating avocados etc... (looking forward to it too!). Im feeling very encouraged, thank you. Wendy
  10. Hi, Thanks for your comments. Im not sure about increasing my fat levels -that's a scarey thought- might see what others think. I had my reasons for chosing lapband. From the start I've followed the advice from members here, most who haven't had the band, and I believe that is why I have been successful in losing over 100lbs to date. Very little info was given to me on diet/ lifestyle post band, so this site has been great - and I just treat it like a bypass pouch and eat accordingly. I am now thinking, maybe Im not getting enough protein? Do I need protein to lose weight? Wendy
  11. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I posted. My weightloss has been great until about 2 months ago where I plateaued (which happens) and since then I have struggled to lose 5lbs. Im not where I want to be at all. I feel great, I have energy etc... but I'd really like to lose another 20+lbs (approximately). My diet is fine, still high protein, low fat and very low carb. I don't eat bread, pasta, rice etc... I did have a car accident a couple of months ago, also, and am still in pain from that, but don't want to use that as an excuse - though Im only just back at the gym with an almost heal
  12. Some people are very competitive. For example, my mother (raw foodist, bushwalker) has been fit and healthy her whole life. You would think she'd be happy that I have finally lost weight. Nope. The other day she said, "Your fathers family were fat. Im sure you were meant to be fat like them. If you keep losing weight like this you will get cancer." I looked long and hard at her and realised, she's gained weight in the last few years (funny how I never saw that) and I am now one dress size smaller than her. I really think she said it from her own fears and perhaps some jealousy. I blew it off
  13. Sorry about your pain. I got one of these pillows (wedge type) for my office chair about 6 months ago and it did help, but I have just ordered a gel filled one for the dining chair, and plan to get another wedge for the car. At work I will try to take my break in my car, or on a recliner (I work in a dementia unit) rather than on any harder chairs. Also doing stretching exercises seems to help reduce pain.
  14. So Im at work the other night and have an agency worker on with me. Its the first time Ive met her. After some chatting she asks me how old I am and is shocked that Im 44 and says "wow, you look good for your age. You kept your figure!" bwhahahahahahahhaaaaaaaa *big smile*
  15. 9 months post op (lapband)... Australian Size 26 (sorry photos a bit grainy), and now, size 18 (almost a 16).... So glad I did the op!!!
  16. I love the idea of trying enzyme tablets thanks for that.
  17. Hi, Just needed to ask if this is normal. Late last night I came home from work and the kids had left some crisps on the table. Mindlessly I ate a few, too quickly and then ended up vomiting a little. Ive been feeling yuk all day. I ate a couple of Tablespoons of fish with sauce and felt full. I went out, its very hot and was stuck in the sun, unable to drink until I came home. I drank 1/2c of water and ended up vomiting a couple of 'shards' from the chips the night before. I now feel much better. I hadnt realised that the food doesnt dissolve in my pouch... isnt there any stomach acid
  18. Im excited for you! I cant wait to be able to ride again (have put it off for twenty years out of fear of hurting the horse lol). Have fun!!!
  19. Wow, what a transformation. You look great Well done!
  20. You look so healthy and vibrant! Well done
  21. You look incredible Well done.
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