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  1. Bass359

    5 years out and checking in.

    Just adding my .02- great that you are back. I am taking inspiration from this. I resolve to do the same. Grazing and alcohol are my issues.
  2. Bass359

    Addiction Transfer is REAL and HARD

    You story resonated with me. I am joining you in not drinking. Keep us inspired.
  3. Bass359

    New from Michigan

    Originally from Michigan. Welcome to TT.
  4. Bass359

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Went skiing with my 28 yo nephew who was a college athlete. 6'4" and 175. He took me to newer and steeper parts of the mountain than I have ever been. No problem. He told his dad that "I mob on skis". He wants to go again with me.
  5. Do not have medical advice for you and as knowledgable as this forum is I doubt your question can be answered here. However, I would say that it is impossible for you to weigh nearly 300 lbs on a diet of only 600 cals. Serious water retention adds several to 10 lbs not 100s. This forum works best when members are accurate and truthful. Truthfully, I would not get WLS if you are only eating 600 Kcal per day. What would the benefit be? I had the surgery because when I honestly tracked my consumption, I was eating 180 to 300 gram of carbs in a 3500-4500 Kcal diet. Surgery helped me go to 70 gram carb and 1400 Kcal per day.
  6. Bass359

    Two years ago today.....

    Thanks for sharing. Made my day reading your story.
  7. Started at 359 and lost 26 pre surgery. The low carb plan makes my body happy. Head loves carbs but body loves being heathy and active.
  8. just my .02. I predict you will get away with this for 12 months or so then start regaining. In 3-4 years you may surpass your original weight. The veterans around here are almost never wrong. The problem is that you will take theses habit into a greater frequency. That is because we eat more often. I eat 6-7 times a days. Bad habits override the volume control due to the frequency requirement.
  9. Bass359

    Protein Grams ?

    If you are mixing the two and consuming the mixture, then yes.
  10. Bass359

    Gym frustration

    She will give up soon. Easy to wait her out.
  11. Bass359

    100 Pounds before and after

    Congrats. Great milestone.
  12. Don't have anything to add. Just wishing you good luck.
  13. Jolls- good on you for the followup. You know the saying- "That which gets measured get done!"
  14. Bass359

    Dear Fat People

    I kind of enjoyed watching the video. Reminded me of the prejudices I faced pre-surgery and validated my decisions/commitment. She was not saying anything that 1000's of people were not thinking upon seeing me pre-surgery.
  15. Bass359

    Selfies by men

    Not sure about the whole cis thing. I know Tom to be a manly man- old term- look it up if you are under 30. Surprised you have a self stick, Tom. HaHa.