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  1. I didn't think of it that way. My surgeon actually prescribed them because of the risk of ulcers.... I wonder if protocol has changed?
  2. I'm 3+ years post op and have done really well, up until a couple of days ago. Something does not feel right. I feel fullness, and perhaps some burning in the area around my pouch (my surgeon told me that is located just behind the lowest section of my ribcage). Feels like heartburn, gas.. stomach ache, maybe muscle soreness. eating isn't terrible, but certainly not pleasant. I don't recall eating anything unusual.. nor do I recall anything "acute" happening. Also, some nausea, but no throwing up. I don't feel as if it an "emergency situation" requiring an ER visit. However, I do feel as if it is something I should observe for a few days, and if it doesn't resolve itself, I will call my surgeon. In the meantime, I'm not sure how to handle it. I don't know if I should completely fast, to give my stomach time to rest, or if I should continue eating as normal? or a modified diet? I also don't know if I should just completely rest, or continue with normal activity? or, if I should continue trying to take over the counter things to try to relieve it? I regularly take omniprazole (it's like nexium.. daily acid reducer).over the last 24 hours, I tried a couple tums, a single tylenol (in case it is muscular)... and I just took some mylanta on an empty stomach.. yuck! So far, I haven't seen any improvement, but also, things aren't getting any worse. Heating pad has worked a little bit, and laying in a specific position has eased the discomfort a little... I'm not here looking for a diagnosis, or cure... (that I will go to my surgeon for, if necessary).. but I am looking for some "best practice" insight for what you do when your pouch is not feeling well.
  3. Ok... this is all great info. I think I will give myself an hour to get the prep down.... Then just try to drink as much water as I can.
  4. Hi GAviv!! Thanks for the answer. Just as an aside... I hope that everything came out ok. I know that you have a long history of issues. I hope they got to the bottom of it.
  5. I've just turned 50, and so on thursday, I"m having my first colonoscopy. I told the doctor's office about my RNY, hoping that they would adjust the prep for me, but they did not. So, I am very worried about getting everything down. I'm supposed to use Suprep. Basically, 6 ounces of Supper, added to 10 ounces of water. I'm supposed to gulp it down, and then drink 32 oz of water within the hour following. So, I've been keeping track of how much I can drink, and drinking as much as I can, and I can only drink 8-10 ounces an hour. At that rate, it will take me 4 hours to drink all of the required. Then, I have to repeat this a second time. This is going to be a problem! I'm wondering if anyone has taken the Suprep and only added 1/2 the amount of water. That would cut out quite a bit, and help me get the Supper down faster. Also, I've heard that the Suprep is HORRIBLE. My husband just did his this week, and could barely get it down without vomiting. Any tips to get it down without getting sick?
  6. if it continues... or gets worse.. I will really have no choice but to go get checked out....
  7. I don't think it's from eating too much. I've never eaten more than an ounce of dense protein at a time. I just can't get it down Can't do tuna, at all... Or fish of any kind. I made salmon last night... marinated it for hours... slightly undercooked it to keep it moist... (it tasted awesome!!) 2-3 bites, and my stomach started not feeling well.... 20 minutes later I vomited it up. It seems like it has to be something to do with the lining of the pouch not being able to tolerate the feeling of the protein on it.
  8. I'm officially 2 years out, and I still throw up... 3-4 times a week. usually after eating dense protein. I'm ok with hamburger... but that's about it. I've actually resorted to eating mostly eggs, protein pudding, yogurt... cottage cheese... whole wheat pasta... fruit, veggies.. cheese, protein bars. No matter how much I chew dense protein, I still throw up. I had some ham salad today (basically that is ground into mush) and I ate about 2 TBLS and threw it up. Usually when I throw up... I only throw up a very small amount.. certainly not the full meal. So I know that the majority is going through my system, so I am getting nutritional benefit. And, so, it doesn't seem like it is getting stuck. But it is really unpleasant. I barely get an ounce down. Eating something starchy, like a TBLS of potatoes, helps buffer, and I seem to do better. Do you think I just have greater sensitivity? I'm getting frustrated. Help...
  9. Can you swim, or do water aerobics? or even gentle yoga? (chair yoga)? I'm just thinking that the warm water may be good.. and slow stretching will keep the joints lubricated. this may not be possible for you to do. But, just a thought..
  10. So, as usual.. y'all are right!!! I went ahead and slowed down, and shortened my stride a bit, and voila! I made it through the workout and lived to tell! I have 4 runs behind me, and doing well!!
  11. In my opinion? no. at 700-800 calories, a woman your size will lose weight. You are just in a plateau. Some people sail through this whole process and never hit a plateau, losing 20 pounds a week the entire time. Others hit plateaus on regular basis. I started with a 6 week plateau. I seriously lost NOTHING for the first 6 weeks. who knows why. I know, first hand, how frustrating it can be. I cried and cried on a daily basis, thinking I went through this extreme measure to lose weight, and it didn't work for me. I literally sunk into a really bad depression. It was awful!! But, I eventually started losing, and am within about 20 pounds of my goal weight. (you and I are very close to the same size. I was 252 pounds when I started, at 5'1") Just try to have faith and patience. Follow the plan.. try to get your water and walks in... it will happen. I promise you!
  12. Hi sweetie... I was one of those that could still barely eat at that stage. My guess was that I had much more swelling than the average person. So, the reverse may be possible with you.. perhaps you didn't have as much swelling as most do. Regardless, I don't think it is unusual for a healed pouch to hold a full cup. I think it depends on what you are eating. For example, tonight I had a chicken leg, and sauerkraut. I ate the chicken leg, and about a forkful of sauerkraut. I was definitely full. However, I can eat a 1 egg omelet stuffed with meat, veggies and cheese. (probably a cup or more) with no problem. In fact, often times I'll have a small handful of cold grapes afterwards. So, look at the types of food you are eating. And just take comfort in the fact that you can eat more of some foods. I did have a question though.. did your doctor give you a post surgery eating plan? i.e... only liquids for 2 weeks.. then soft foods like yogurt, watered down cream of wheat, etc. If your doctor didn't, that could be why you can eat a little more now. I would definitely try tracking everything using one of the online nutrition calculators. I would go as far as just eating the way you have been right now. and logging that for a few days to see how many calories you are actually eating. Then, if you feel like you need to cut back.. then do so... Good luck..
  13. Anyone use exercise bands to tone? I have a complete set. (door attachment. 5 or 6 bands of different strengths, grips, etc.. ) Has anyone used this for shaping up, and have you had any success? recommendations for good exercises? This is the set I have... https://www.amazon.com/Black-Mountain-Products-Resistance-Exercise/dp/7245456313/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484336881&sr=8-1&keywords=black+mountain+products+resistance+band+set
  14. btw.. cheesehead, I went to Kohl's yesterday, and they didn't have any swimsuits in yet...
  15. So, I wanted to follow up. I checked at Macy's, Penny's, Dillards, and Nordstroms. Didn't find anything I like. it is extremely difficult to find a high waisted bikini. There are some mix and matches.. but they all have basic black bottoms. No fun colors or styles. So, I went ahead, and despite the poor reviews, I ordered swimsuits from Venus. I got them in 2 days, and I gotta tell you, these suits are beautiful! I had the choice of dozens and dozens of colors and patterns.. I also had a tons of choices in designs of tops, in the same fabric as the bottoms. I ordered 4 bikini's. I absolutely loved 2 of them, and they are keepers. One of them I loved the bottoms (drawstrings on the side so I can make them as high waisted as I want), but the top was the wrong style for me. So, I ordered a different top that is better suited to my shape. the 4th one, was just not flattering at all. (not a good color on me, and the halter top was just not supportive enough) However, I found another one (a really cute print) that I just love so I ordered that as a replacement. I haven't worked with customer service yet. They have a 90 day return policy, so I will be very careful to document everything, and trace the return packages so that I can manage the return. As far as the quality.. the tops and bottoms were anywhere from $25-30 a piece, so $50-60-ish per suit. And, the quality was representitive of that price. It certainly was what I would expect in a $150+ swimwear.. but much better than a cheap suit. I believe they will hold up really well. Anyway. I'll try to follow up here on the return process.. but so far, I'm pretty happy.
  16. I didn't have dumping syndrome for the first year or so.. but now (almost 2 years post op) I get it ALL the time. Have you tried a food log? I'm just wondering if you can isolate exactly what ingredients are causing you to dump. I still don't know. I can have sugar and have no problems sometimes, then other times I get really sick. Sometimes I get dumping after eggs... some veggies. no rhyme or reason to it.
  17. Thank you for posting this! I'm looking for shorts. Are they dress shorts? or workout shorts?
  18. LOL!!! I brought one of my Pekingese with me because she has a weight issue as well. And that little dog didn't even break into a fast walk! So, I was going pretty slow.
  19. wow... those reviews are harsh!! I can't believe I didn't think about googling reviews. I admit I'm a bit shocked. Their prices are pretty high, thought they would be better quality. I'll check at JC Penny... the problem I'm finding is that I want a 2 piece... but I want the high waisted bottoms. It is so hard to find those anywhere....if anyone else has a suggestion, I'd take any suggestions.
  20. I am so bad at drinking my water... I really need to start a "water challenge" for those of us that hate our water. I do know that there are ways that I can doctor it up to be able to get it down. I just don't always take the time. So.... taking your advise.. I'm going to try to add 8 ounces this week... if I can't do that.. I'll double it next week.
  21. I actually did fairly good this week. My family and I are having a weight loss challenge from now until april 15th. I didn't want it to be "who can lose the most weight" because we are all in different situations. My mom and dad are in their mid 70's... and my dad tends to starve himself. My husband works out.. but loves to eat... and I have my bypass, etc. So, we are making a goal of 1 pound a week. If you lose more? who cares. But, if you don't at least lose a pound you have to throw a buck into the kitty. lol... I was the big loser this week with 4.2 pounds. But, don't be too impressed. It was all water weight. I was really "carbed up" so, dropping the process carbs helped me ahead all that carb bloat. it will be much more difficult this week.. That's why I'm starting the 5K challenge. As for you, Jolls, you have been working hard as long as I've been here. I am in awe of your commitment. Just keep going....
  22. It's incredible, but it is 4 hours later, and I still feel horrible. and I checked my blood pressure and pulse and they are still elevated from normal. Vaultgirl, have you continued with running? and did you ever make the 5K distance? did it ever get easier, or enjoyable? I see women running around town who are MUCH bigger than me, and they seem to be doing fine. How is it possible that a heavier person could do well with running? I also had a friend from work who competed in triathlons, and I swear to you, he was 100-150 pounds overweight. This is incredible to me. And I can't even go 6 1 minute intervals?! How many times a week did you run? I think this particular app is 3 times a week. Do you think that is enough?
  23. scarlet-amelia


    has anyone ever ordered swimwear from Venus.com? I'm going on a cruise for my 50th birthday in march, and I want to buy a couple of 2 piece swimwear. They have some really cute and modest bikinis (I like the ones with the high waist bottoms as they cover my disgusting lower stomach). I don't want to spend money on a suit that is poor quality. They also have some really cute and sexy clothes... just wondering if anyone has experience with them.
  24. GAviv.. that is an incredible stove!!! wow! Jolls, you are never supposed to use soap on your cast iron pans, with the exception of initial cleaning before seasoning. I found great success with seasoning multiple times back to back. That maybe why your food is sticking? According to the link I posted, meat will stick until it is seared enough to release on its own. I'm not sure about other food as I haven't try that yet. don't give up, the food tastes incredible cooked in a cast iron pan.
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