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  1. Cass333

    The Beginning

    I have my 3 week post-op visit the 8th and my surgeon has yet to explain vitamins to me. I think a lot of things I have learned on my own, it's hard to know what to ask because sometimes I don't think of it until I am faced with a certain situation ya know. As for work, I will only be working about 15 hrs when I return on the 9th because I asked for a reduction in hrs. I hope to be able to make it the 5hrs per day. Thankfully I work with a lot of really supportive ppl. It's hard to hear that the "food demons" have yet to come. But I'm sure your right, my whole world has been turned upside down and I am really just trying to find a new normal.
  2. Cass333

    The Beginning

    My surgery was April 16, 2014. I have had a difficult journey in these last two and half weeks. I thought that I would return to my usual routine just days after surgery... I was suprisingly mistaken! I think I also may have been delusional about many aspects of my life post-op. I never realized my addiction to food was this significant. Even though I was more than twice a healthy weight for my height, I didn't think that I would have so many issues with this first liquid diet phase. I have lost about 18lbs since my surgery and I am sure that was accelerated by my intense nausea and the fact that just about anything I try makes me feel really bad one way or the other. I am on leave from work at this point but am due to go back on the 9th which is really scary for me. I am worried about being there for so many hours because I feel so tired easily. I'm sure it's because I am dehydrated as drinking has been difficult but is improving. Also my job focus' on the kitchen environment and the ability to entertain in the way of sitting around the kitchen table. As I have said many times in these last few weeks, one day at a time is all I can do. My food cravings are intense and hard to ignore. I have yet to make any poor choices although my program guide said I could use sweetened condensed skim milk and I did. That was not a good idea, my first experience wuth dumping, I was sick for hours. It's a nasty feeling and a big prohibitor for me, although I love sweets, I can not feel like that again.