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  1. i do, also have hypoglycemia. its not as bad as i thought it would be. and u can feel it coming, or at least i can. as long as i eat often i dont seem to have any problems. i may experience it once or twice a month now that i am aware of it.
  2. I tried jus dieting cutting out carbs and lots of protien and was still gaining weight. it's like a fast moving train and It won't stop. I was at 165 for a year and didn't budge up or down. now it seems no matter what I do it's creeping on.
  3. so I just finished a 4 day liquid diet. protien shakes, sf Popsicles, clear chicken broth, lots of water... I am 3 years out but trying to kick start weight loss again. unsure where to go next. should I start adding soups? what soups are good to buy? is tomato okay? I've thought about maybe adding fat free beans, eggs, maybe making a chicken salad. I feel lost. it's been a very long time since I've been back to basics.
  4. I hit 165 and never hit my goal weight. I was at a stand still for a long long time. then I thought well I guess this is where I'll get size 12 also. but then after a year of maintaining I gained. I agree try switching things up a bit. wish I had! now I'm just happy to get back where I was uhh
  5. carbs will derail me big time. I am a carb addict!! crackers chips breads etc. I never eat enough meat. so it will be a long while. anyone have any good recipes for chicken salad?
  6. thanks everyone. still not sure exactly what my food plan will be yet. but I did at least start. today is day 4 and I decided to do a liquid diet for 4-5 days to flush out my system. I have been drinking a lot of whey protien, advantage shakes (so good!) sugar free jello and clear broth. and lots of lots of water. I'm trying to follow a post op diet. except post op I was supposed to do this for 14 days. I don't think that is possible so tomorrow I'm going to start adding in soft proteins. 4 days the scale is down 9 lbs which I know is probably water weight. but it's a start.
  7. from what I've seen on my body is whatever was the biggest has the most loose skin... which ended up being my legs. I refuse to wear shorts now. but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I was 310-320 at start and it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I have all te factors against me too. being over 35, smoker, having the weight on for a long time.. and to be honest I didn't exercise like I should have. exercise a lot!!!' look into skin creams also. something I wish I had done.
  8. I am 3 years out the only complications I have had is I became lactose intolerant and also get sugar dumping still. it was totally worth it! I went from 310-320 to 165 was my lowest
  9. it's hard to say. my way of celebrating was always food related! maybe take a trip somewhere. I can't remember what I did when I hit onederland I think i went to karaoke with friends. congrats tho on the loss your doing great!
  10. I'm 3 years out and alcohol still hits me fast them passes rather fast. but I don't drink often. I'll have a beer or two once or twice a month.
  11. yup 3 years out and it just started. the weight is coming on fast and it's scaring me! 25-30 lbs since fall. back to basics for me.
  12. I've found drinking more fluids helps the cravings. someone told me when your body is craving sugar your most likely thirsty. not sure if that is true but it's worth a shot. drinking a lot of water and protien shakes can help you feel more full. I am experiencing weight gain at 3 years out and just started going back to basics. your at that prime time for weight loss just keep telling yourself that, because with time that will go away. and it will be really hard to take off the weight.
  13. so sorry to hear about your mom having such a rough time. surgery is a lot better than what it used to be, but their are still risks. I have seen a lot of people have the surgery that in my opinion are not over weight enough. it's always better to lose on your own if you can. I was at 310-320 at my highest. the risk to me was worth it. I hope your mom gets better.
  14. I am 3 years out is the flintstone complete gummies work okay? I was doing the regular chewables before but love the taste of these better.
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