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  1. I had a gastric bypass (Roux n Y) on Monday this week and came home last night. It was a revision from a gastric sleeve due to a hiatus hernia and reflux. Silly question, and I assume it is because of all the fluid they pumped into me, but I’ve put on 3.5 kgs since Monday. Any idea how long it will take to move on?
  2. Hi everyone I am a nearly 60-year old Aussie and am having a Gastric Sleeve operation on February 23. I was going to have a Gastric Band, but reconsidered after hearing about problems of moving and so on - and at my age, it is something for the rest of my life anyway. Getting on this forum and other similar ones has really helped me make my decision, as did talking to people who have already had their operation. I am still nervous of course - and still occasionally get the 'guilts' that I am having to resort to an operation rather than willpower - but I am finding it just too hard to stick to a diet. (I know I can lose weight - it is just too hard to keep it off over a long period of time.) It is great to see all your stories, and I will update mine as I succeed on the journey. My initial goal is to get to 75kg (165 lbs), but would really love to get below 65kg (143 lbs). Mind you, buying new clothes will be expensive, but I still have a few 'thin' clothes left from 2004 that should work. Thanks to all Caz