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  1. AWESOME! So glad you were able to get that fixed. It can definitely be a bit scary. I wish I was starting where you are. I reached 249 around Christmas. I gained some of that back and am at 253. I have been struggling to get down from there. I'm changing up my workout routine and diet to get back on track. I have a goal in mind and will reach it in due time. xoxo
  2. Awesome post! Congrats on your successes!
  3. Hi there! Congrats on getting banded! Gas-x strips are awesome but your best bet is to walk as much as possible. No matter how slow, just walk. Pain could last a week, maybe two. Everyone is different but I believe most including your surgeon will recommend walking. Take your time. It's fresh. I am not sure about the cravings. I did not want to eat anything after surgery. My first cravings did not happen until I was about a month post-op. It varies. Try to stay focused. Get through the liquids and soft foods. It may seem challenging at first but once you get on schedule, you will be focuse
  4. Finally in my 270s!! Yahooooooo!

  5. Wow, time has flown by so quickly. I apologize for not updating regularly. Let's see, when I last updated (3 weeks post-op) I went in for my first band fill. It was unsuccessful. The scar tissue has healed but that was never the problem as I previously thought and blogged about. I visited another location for True Results and learned that the placement of my port is tilted which makes it challenging for the FNP to access it. So, I now go in for what's known as 'guidance.' This means that I lay on an x-ray table to have the tech locate the exact location/site of the port. The FNP then goes
  6. Hey Lisa, that's VERY normal. My surgeon prepared me for that. It's common because your stomach is inflated with gas for the procedure. Get some Gas-X strips to help alleviate some of the discomfort. It should go away in the next few days. And congrats on your surgery!
  7. The chewable vitamins are an excellent way to stay on top of your nutrients. I love them.
  8. Thanks everyone! I started solids about 2 weeks ago. Weight loss slowed down tremendously. My band fill was scheduled for 6/10 but I was unable to have it done. I have too much scar tissue. A more sophisticated xray machine is required. I'm going back on 6/17. Praying that all will work out. I was cleared to work out. I've worked out twice and burned a ton of calories. My plan is to kick it up a notch. As of 6/13, I weigh 299. Total weight loss is 36 lbs. I'd like to see at least 295 by 6/21. My surgeon says that he'd like to see me at 286 by 7/10. I guess I put too much pressure on mys
  9. I haven't had any complications at this point. The main incision where the band was placed is the last of them to heal. I'm more active. I'm eating solids as of yesterday. Taking my liquid vitamin and trying to get in as much water as possible. SW: 335 CW: 302 GW: 285 (1st GW by 6/30) Will update again in about 2 weeks.
  10. Got to the surgery center at 6am. Surgery started at 9am. Hernia repair + lap band. Done about 10:15. Home at 1:30pm. Lots of pain on left side of stomach. Chest hurts. Got in 8oz of water so far (within 5hrs). Week 1 all liquids, multivitamin, water, light walking. Preop 335 TODAY-Day of surgery 321 (2wk lost 14) Goal (1month) 300 Goal (2months) 285 Goal (3months) 275 Goal (6months) 250 Goal (9months) 225 Goal (1 year) 200 These are my goals. Not unrealistic. Attainable with commitment and hard work required. It CAN be done. Thanks for your prayers and support.
  11. I started my liquid diet last Friday. My surgery is next Friday. It's not easy but I am trying to hang in there.
  12. ...surgery is scheduled. I joined a few other support groups to help with this journey. I am currently on the pre-op diet to shrink my liver. I am having a hard time with it but trying to push through.
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