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  1. Actually I think two weeks was perfect for me. That's all I took. Just enough time for stiches to heel enough to shower well. I started by walking to the stop sign and back, then around the corner, and ultimately further. I would do the short walks every hour or two the first few days just because I was by myself and didn't want to go too far and have trouble. But really, I didn't feel much pain after second day. No dizziness at all. I had my son come and drive me to the store but i had bought everything I needed before hand. Not much to buy really since not much fits after surgery.
  2. Me 2. I remember shedding a tear as I was being transfered to the bed in the operating room. It was a thankful tear and i was thanking those around me. I was quite emotional in a grateful way. I thought it was nice that two there said they had the sleeve too a few years back.
  3. by the way ... you look awesome. Good for you and your loss
  4. I got dropped off and picked up so.... The first hours i was feeling bad that I was alone but as the pain grew strong and the nurses came in hour after hour and I was tired, practically naked, and walking stupid laps I had an 'aha moment'.... Amen that I'm alone cuz I could barely handle myself. I think the alone time with ME actually helped me grip the reality of my decision. I got myself into this mess and I would have to get myself out. Of course my problem was that I chose not to tell many people and my insurance made me go to a hospital and doctor 3 hours away. If all was
  5. Flat bread? so early out? Do a thin slice of zuccini with the pepperoni n cheese.
  6. Congratulations!!! Were you already on insulin? Hopefully your meds are under control or gone forever!! Bet you're lookin great too!!!
  7. Women are good that way.... We try and stay one step ahead. LOL
  8. Well I guess you haven't seen my new improved blonder version of the old me.... And me on a horse in Mexico....
  9. Awesome shirt!!! What's it with you guys and these cool T's??
  10. I'm needin that pink flamingo!! And yes .... you be awesome. Cute girls.
  11. I'm lovin the phone case!!! LOL
  12. And to the beach!!!! When I went to Cancun in the winter I also came down... What the heck??? Definitely need more vaca! LOL
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