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  1. So far no real change. We upped my dose but it may take a little bit to take full effect. So right now taking it day by day.
  2. Thank you to those who replied. I appreciate your help. I will schedule with my doc and see if I should make a change. Will also try the other things you guys suggested.
  3. Hi all, it has been a while since I have been on here. Hoping to get some advise. I have been through a lot the past two years including losing two grandparents and a great grand mother. No more boy friend. Job change. Stress. Skin removal surgery. It just seems lately I am on this roller coaster of emotions. I'm up then hit rock bottom. I have good days and out of no where I am so depressed I just want to lay in bed and cry. I have seen my doctor and has tons of test (everything came back normal). I am now on medication and we have adjusted the doses and medications but it so far isn't making a difference. I'm not sure what to do any more. Has anyone been through this? What helps?
  4. I am three years post sleeve. My hair fell out so much the first year because I couldn't keep any of the vitamins down or eat enough nutrients. Now I will be 4 years in May and it is finally starting to come back. I am back on my full regimen of vitamins the suregeon and dietitians recommend plus biotin, hair skins and nails, and shampoo to help with hair growing back. It took a lot of time to stop falling out by the hand full and has just now started to slow down and start growing. The first picture was at the one year. The other is now.
  5. Wow. Congrats you look amazing! Yes insurance companies are a big pain. I have been dealing with infections ever since my surgery and had the documentation from those visits by the time I was ready to remove the skin. And I still got denied and had to do an appeal. Not having insurance definitely sucks. I hope the interview goes well. If they deny you again ask how much documentation they need, how many infections or office visits. At least then you would know what you need for them to approve. Good luck. Don't lose hope.
  6. 7 week update. I'm doing better, physically and emotionally. I am still going between depressed and feeling ok but not as bad. I have a appointment with my doctor to talk about it and see what I should do. I have had a few spots where the sutures from inside have poked through. But no more open wounds YAY. I did include updated pictures of my arms and legs. It must be me because I still don't see a huge difference in my arms and I feel they should be smaller. The surgeon said if he had made my arms smaller it would have caused more open wounds. My legs do look different. My knees don't slam together as I walk anymore. But again I feel they should still be smaller and that more skin should have been removed at the top of my legs. I guess I am just not 100% happy with how they look after all the money, pain, and time.
  7. Another update and I have gone backwards instead of forwards. I had the rest of my staples removed and again it was horrible again. Extremely painful and not sure why. I have read other posts and other people say they felt very slight to no pain so I am not sure why mine were so different. After I was finally able to move more normal. Which felt great. While it lasted. Since then I have had three wounds open. One on each of my thighs towards the groin. The other in my right arm pit. The ones in my legs were a few inches long but not too deep but they are healing. But it still makes sitting a little more difficult. The one in my ar pit was worse. Only an inch long but it was much deeper. It is finally starting to heal but I can't move my arm without it either being painful or ripping back open. So I practically have my arm glued to my side. By the way I am right handed which makes everything so much harder. So that is one of the things I am dealing with. The other is what my results are looking like and not being happy about it especially my arms. I guess I must have not had as much loose skin as I thought because I do not see a huge difference since the surgery. Now the second guessing has come in again and thinking I should have asked more questions, more of how it would look like after, etc. I am still overly emotional. To add to it I am getting my period every two weeks. I am a bit of a train wreck right now and am suppose to go back to work in a week and do not feel ready at all. I have a appointment with my surgeon before I go back to work to talk about some of these things. Even though it's a bit too late since it is now after the surgery. (Me over thinking again) has anyone had to do a revision to plastic surgery if they didn't like the results? Thank you for reading. Needed to get all that out.
  8. Wow you look amazing. Congrats. If you don't mind I have a few questions as I am getting a tummy tuck later this year. How was the pain after surgery? did you have drains? How did they close the incision? Staples/ stitches/ were the stitches inside or outside ones? Recovery time? Were you able to get up and down on your own? after both my gastric sleeve and arm/leg excess skin removal surgeries it was very difficult to control my pain. I have heard with tummy tucks it is much worse and am pretty terrified and anxious about it. Any help would be appreciated about your personal experience. Thank you.
  9. I would recommend writing down all your questions ( I tend to forget what I want to ask once I get in the room) first the doctor came in and talked to me about what I wanted. He had a student which made it so much better (sarcasm) so there i am in my underwear with a gown on that is wide open with both men and the nurse looking at me and all my imperfections. Touching the skin and with each step telling me what he would do during the surgery, how much he would take off, were the scar would be, etc. then the nurse took pictures and I could finally get dressed. The surgeon told me all the info I would need to gather to submit to insurance for pre approval for surgery. Then the wait for insurance to approve or deny. Once that comes in then they contacted me to schedule the surgery. My surgeon was scheduled out about a month. Hope this helps
  10. When is the right time to start scheduling consultations? My surgeon recommended waiting until I was at goal wait for one year. He said you want to be at a stable weight for one year so you know your skins won't be expanding and loosening again. Should I wait until I'm at my goal, or should I go now so I can establish a relationship and know what I need to do to prepare? You can research and meet with surgeons so you can find the one you like for future surgeries. Have all your questions written down as I forget to ask questions as well as soon as the doctor walks in the door Do all plastic surgeons charge for a consultation? I'm seeing 50.00-100.00 on a few websites. I looked for surgeons within my network of my insurance. The visits were covered under my deductible. Is it tough to get insurance to recognize skin removal as medically necessary? I was planning on doing arms, legs, and tummy tuck. I have had multiple infections due to the excess skin. After an appeal and personally written letters from my doctors, documentation of each visit when I went in, failed treatments, etc. the insurance said they will cover the surgeries. I had my arms and legs done three weeks ago. Hope this helps
  11. Getting my insurance to cover my surgeries took a while as well. I have had multiple infections due to the skin. If you haven't already done so I would have your doctor extensively document all the issues you are having. Also my doctor wrote a personal letter to insurance company about why I medically needed the surgeries. My surgeon told me this goes a long way if it's a personal letter with examples of the issues you are having and the dates of all the times you have had to go in with them. As well as failed treatments. Hope this helps.
  12. I didn't have the same surgery. I had the thigh lift but my scar was from knee up. I am now 22 days post op. I had staples and they were finally removed two days ago. I had issues as well when sitting. I found that sitting on several blankets or soft pillows helped me. Hope this helps.
  13. Well it has been 2.5 weeks since my surgery. It has been a physical and emotional roller coaster. I got my drains removed 1 week out. That made it a little easier to move around. At week 2 I went in to have my staples removed. The ones from my arms went okay with slight pain. My legs however were pretty bad. I cried through most of it with a lot of screams/sobs. They ended up removing only every other staple as my legs were not as healed completely. So I am going in on Wednesday to have the rest of the staples removed. I am not able to lift my arms all the way without pain and I can't lift my right arm all the way. The doctor said to exercise lifting it against the wall and crawl my fingers up higher and higher each time so I am working on that. This has actually been the toughest week. My emotions have been all over the place from happy to crying for no reason. The over thinking and being happy about the surgery to thinking if I had made a mistake and should have done more research and thought about it more. Not sure what is really wrong with me emotionally. I think it's probably normal after any surgery. I am stuck in the house and alone most of the time which is making me depressed. The doctor doesn't want me driving until at least week 4 or 5. So I am trying to find things to occupy my mind and thought I would update you guys on how everything is going. Until next time.
  14. It has been a week since my surgery. The first few days were the worse/best because of the pain/pain meds. Slept most of the time and rested. Doing a lot better now. Just down to Tylenol once in a while for pain. Now the itching has started. Have my 1 week follow up tomorrow, hopefully to get the drains from my legs removed. Wish me luck. Next week hopefully the tape and staples will be removed.
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