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  1. Don't we wish we had a easy way out or a surgery to cure stupidity It would make the world such a nice place to live!
  2. After years of seeing myself with big cheeks and huge head & having lost 100+#s when I compare my face with my fat head it definitely feels weird/head being too small for my body to me as well. As long as family is OK with it, I am OK with it ! PS: You don't look weird at all...
  3. Giant77

    Nervous wreck

    Wishing you a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery!!
  4. I think this is what it is:
  5. Hope you called your surgeon, got ​diagnosed, taking meds and feeling better !
  6. Take it easy until YOUR body says its ready ! Get well soon!!!
  7. Giant77

    Heat wave

    A pleasant 40F the whole day today here in MA.......hopefully this is just the beginning of warm weather soon !
  8. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!
  9. You have done an amazing job, Jolls! Truly appreciate you contributing your time and input helping everyone. Truly inspirational and congrats again!
  10. Greer, dunno if someone asked and you already answered this but, have you tried increasing your water intake? On my side, I get constipated when my water intake is mediocre (< 100 oz), but when I increase my water intake (> 100 oz) I absolutely have no problem. Hope this helps and you feel better soon. Cheers, Avi.
  11. Wow! Nice..we just moved here a few months back and love it so far. Good people and amazing school district-couldn't ask for more !
  12. I am Westford, MA about 35 miles Northwest of Boston.