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  1. Hopeful!!

    1. duffman27


      Chang hopeful to "I know I can" You got this!

  2. Good to hear you survived! I am too scared to do it, but glad to hear it all worked out and isn't as scary as I thought it was.
  3. Sorry, no support here. Just joining your pity party. I don't do single well.... No clue how people find each other....
  4. Gum? I was told no gum. If you swallow it that it may have to be surgically removed. I was told sugar free breath mints. I eat them almost daily.
  5. I cried daily in week 3 and 4. (Was on morphine week 1 and 2 in the hospital). Now in week 5 and tears have all dried up. Feeling much better and am able to actually do things now (for a short time).
  6. Just got home from the hospital last night. Had to have revision surgery. So worn out but glad to be home. Now............if I could FART.
  7. Wish me luck! Surgery at 11 am Pacific time.
  8. Unfortunately, there are only 2 doctors to choose from...and I liked this one the best. I will be okay and he will be supportive. Just not in the way I had hoped. I was told his staff loves him and has the utmost respect for him. That means a lot to me. 8 more weeks...
  9. I totally agree Buddy and thank you for the validation. He did tell me I am a very "healthy fat person" and that he was relieved to finally talk to an "educated" person today. <sigh>
  10. I had my first pre-op appointment. This is where the surgeon tells you he has taken on your case and sets the date. In reality it was an hour long lecture and they sent me home with some cleaning wipes and the lung capacity thing. I didn't get my date (scheduler had already gone home), but I will get that part today. I was very nervous for the appointment, but feel like I didn't get much from this appointment. He pretty much talked about himself and how I should be more like him. It did not make me lose any confidence in him as a surgeon, because I feel arrogance is a good quality in a surgeon; they need to be confident in their decisions. Just feeling a little let down. I wanted more information and support and I got an emotional beat down instead...
  11. No takers? I would love to have some. I have heard they are a necessity after surgery.
  12. Hi Kelly! I just went to orientation too. Excited to start the next step.
  13. Congratulations on your decision to take the next step.