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  1. Well I was a late bloomer lol I started my period at 15...and got it for 2 days and didn't come back for 6 months..and for most of my teens and early 20's i would get my period usually 2 a year if i got off the pill....i was always a big kid...or as my mom would say i didn't start getting fat until i got in my teens. that time..i started getting that dark ring around my neck...which looked like i didn't wash mom took me to the doctor..and well i was put on birth control..this was back in the 90's so I'm not sure PCOS was big on the was not until i was in my late 20's i got diagnosed with PCOS. I became pre periods were never normal so i had to stay on the pill...i became anemic most of the time so I'm always taking iron. I've never been pregnant...because well I don't ovulate..(not that your daughter needs to worry about that now)...My hormones were not balanced...testosterone levels were high...i was told PCOS can make weight loss harder since most of the weight is stored in your gut area which is were most of my fat was/is....I was always tired...i would sometimes get my period for 3 months...I even ended up in the hospital for a blood transfusion...I've had polyps removed twice.... I don't know if my PCOS has gotten any better now that I've lost weight...since i'm still on the pill... I'm hoping it has gotten better as i was told PCOS gets worse by being over weight..although I know of women who are "small" and have I think PCOS doesn't cause weight gain as much as it makes PCOS more difficult to control...(in my opinion...i might be wrong) Good luck and I think you are doing the right thing by watching her diet and getting under control for now!!
  2. Surgery date 07/08/14 Sw 299lbs CW 225lbs Size 22/22 to currently size 14!! Woohoo
  3. I only use Syntrax...the ONLY one i find with no awful after taste! I ordered a sample pack..some are not that great..atleast to me..but i can say I like MOST of them..easy to funny after taste... I got the sample pack from Sabrina
  4. Well i am almost 6 months out..and I feel amazing!! Here is me for my bday last year...vs my bday this year!
  5. Mine was close to $52,000..luckily i only paid $1,500
  6. Thank you ladies for the great input!! I'm not rushing into it..just trying to do my research... I will let things happen on there own if they are meant to be I still have tons of work ahead of me but i appreciate all your support!! Have a great day ladies!
  7. Well one of the MAIN reasons i decuded to have the surgery was to lose weight and have babies.. some of us haven't been "lucky" to have kids being this was just another tool for me to try and get healthy and have a healthy baby I don't think i can wait that long
  8. Yea i have my "yearly" coming up October so i figured i can ask my OBGYN and i also see my pcp so i can ask both lol Sweetpea1981 yay!! CONGRATS! how exciting is that! MickeyMom well PCOS causes all types of not ovulating and hormones not being that makes it harder to get pregnant...I was 299 at my highest...I'm at I still have more weight to lose.. But it's my nature to plan ahead!! lol
  9. Hello Lovely Ladies!! So..for those of you who wanted to have babies...How long after weight loss surgery did you start trying? I'm still fairly new..about 3 months out post surgeon recommend i wait 6 months preferably a year...which I'm ok with...BUT i will be 36 this November and I feel like i should start trying sooner rather than later..(never been pregnant).I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago.. so I'm hoping that with my weight loss i can have a better chance of conceiving I'm currently on the pill as I have been for what seems all my life lol And quite honestly I'm tired of taking bc pills!! Also, are there any test I can ask my doctor to check to see if my baby maker is able to produce any babies? I've never cared to asked well because I never thought i could have babies due to my pcos and weight issues Any input would be greatly appreciated! Have a great day ladies!! Sabrina
  10. My boyfriend bought me the fitbit aria can store up to 10 that's what we's wireless and you can link it up to the app so it keeps your weight...bmi..and fat vs lean.
  11. Well this is how i look now lol Left is me trying on new clothes well cuz my old clothes don't fit lol Right is me last year on vacation! (yellow is def not working lol)
  12. Bina78

    Low iron help

    I use to take my iron with orange juice..sadly i can't do that i take a fiber supplement once a week
  13. For me was when my obgyn told me that if i didn't lose weight my chances of getting cervical cancer were doubled(im 35)..i was diagnosed with PCOS...Insulin Resistance...(pre diabetic) high cholesterol...starting to get high blood pressure.. I want to have ONE baby lol and with all my weight and health issues it was not looking to good! I'm going on 2 months of getting my surgery and i don't regret it!
  14. Bina78


    I'm sure this has been asked a million times...but i'll ask once more lol So..i was never a big coffee drinker before my surgery...i usually had iced coffee when i was really tired...i had one or two a month...(usually on paydays lol) Anywho..if you go to starbucks what are the drinks you get? I know they offer protein and sugar free I want to get an idea what i could possibly order if I ever feel the urge for some coffee Thanks