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  1. I wish you the very best in the situation, dear Greer. I'm so sorry you are suffering.
  2. Finally! 100 pounds lost (102.5, as of this morning). Feels amazin'.

    1. duffman27


      Yay Mel! Congrats!

    2. Lori88


      That is awesome! So happy for you.

    3. bondkatt


      (** *** **) (trying to make fireworks on a keyboard!) Congratulations!

  3. Topamax was originally developed as an anti-siezure medication. I was prescribed it a handful of years ago for migraine, which is an off-label use. It works well for me, but there are some side effects. The two major ones for me are as follows: 1) tingling of the extremities - for me it's been my hands only, never my feet, and it's intermittent but moderately intense when it happens 2) in the words of my neurologist 'declining mentation', Alzheimer-ish stuff - for me that's meant not being able to remember the name of someone I know well, come up with a certain word I'd like to use, remember my phone number for the life of me to tell an appointment person once, and other totally random memory issues. (Also, once, my DH and I were arguing, and I completely lost track of what we were disagreeing about. When I admitted that to him, and he grinned and asked if that meant we could stop talking about it. I didn't have much choice, really, so we kissed and made up. That wasn't too bad, now that I think about it.) I've also been taking Trazadone as a preventative for migraine - another off label use. It also works very well, in conjunction with the Topamax, and I sleep like a baby to boot. I never noticed it helping to curb my appetite though. In fact, I gained a whole bunch while taking it. But, you know, that's how I roll anyway.
  4. Good. Grief. I don't have a sleeve, and never had any complications, but I do have massive compassion for you, and I am absolutely AMAZED that you can say you do not regret the surgery. What a resilient, fighting spirit you must have! I am so sorry to read of all your pain and struggle, and I will pray that you recover soon, and quickly. Please keep us posted.
  5. Will you please let us know, if you don't mind? I am completely interested now.
  6. Gas that 'oozes out' produces horrible, horrible images for me. (I guess it's because mine flies out in a rush.) Sorry for your embarrassment, Toots.
  7. Perhaps this sounds backwards, but this post is so encouraging to me. Thank you all for your honesty. I fight the battle against overeating, eating out of habit or as a coping mechanism on a nearly daily basis, and I am so strengthened to read that there are many quite successful folks on here who have the same struggle. I wouldn't wish it for any of you, but I sure do feel like I am in good company. I have felt like a fraud that I continue to lose weight while feeling like I am holding on with my fingernails to it. And I have often had these ugly thoughts concerning when it's all gonna come piling back on. I know several people who had RNY, lost it all, and gained it back all within a couple of years. And I only know one lady - a nurse at my surgeon's office - who has been successful for longer than 5 years. But to know that so many here have held it off so long while fighting the compulsion to overeat tells me that I can do it too. I don't know. There's just something realistic and calming about knowing that I'll probably struggle with it for the rest of my life - to just settle in to that knowledge and live my life accordingly. Does that make sense? I want to turn the fear into mindfulness, like Jodi's post so beautifully describes, so that I never forget, while also being joyful about my success so far.
  8. Is the brand Good Earth? I love that stuff.
  9. Same here. But just the jiggly bits. The rest of me is reading.
  10. Yeah, cause what, are you fat now? What do you mean, 'was'? You are a lean machine, HC! (I know you mean pre-op skinny, but still...)
  11. Oh Mike, I LOVE this story! I hope you already have a second date lined up!
  12. Wow! Can't tell you were EVER overweight!
  13. Well, I'm not complaining about losing 8 lbs this past month, but can I complain about ONLY losing 8 lbs? It's sure slowed down...

    1. ✯AprilWine✯


      I think you are doing great!! It slows down the closer you get to your goal weight and you have really done an amazing job so far :)

    2. duffman27


      Good job...loser! are doing great...keep on losing away!

    3. Melraelee


      Thanks! First time I've ever grinned at being called a loser!

  14. Hello Gabriella! I have been reading your posts since I joined Thinner Times at the beginning of my journey, and whenever you start to sound discouraged, I feel like shouting 'Oh, but you are doing so well!' even though I would be shouting to you back in July! I am sorry that you are losing so slowly, but you HAVE lost a great deal. According to this site and your goal weight, you are only about 40 lbs away. And since you've lost 40 lbs already, that means you've lost half of your extra. And that's worth a lot, isn't it? I have a question for you that I have been asking myself. If you never lost another pound, would it still be worthwhile to eat right, exercise, and feel good about the fact that you are taking good care of yourself? I think so, and I hope you do too. God's richest blessings to you. Melissa