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  1. hi Kathleen...I just added you. Love your fun page!!! I would love to hear your daily meal plans. Looks like you have been very successful.
  2. You may need to go on a clear liquid diet for a couple days to let things calm down. Then build back up slowly.
  3. I would absolutely love to help support each other through this journey!! It is not one bit easy but I know its worth it. I found a girl named Wendy on you tube. Shes under bandedwendy and she has completely opened my eyes as to what I need to do. She has worked super hard by the book and has had amazing results. There are so many others on there too. She is also on FB and posts a lot of her daily food intake. I also just started using the My Fitness Pal app and I will be committing my self to entering everything that goes into my mouth! Are you on FB? If so, maybe we can message each other. It may be easier than this, since I'm not always on here.
  4. I would love to hear about your journey!
  5. Ok I already told you about bandedwendy on you tube..I highly suggest you watch her. My fitness pal is an awesome tool that I just started using and I amazed at how the calories add up even with small portions. If this list is all you eat everyday with no snacks or cheats at all and you are walking, you may not be getting enough calories and your body will store fat. I'm not sure what Izopure is but I'm going to look it up(: I know you can do this but I also know its so frustrating as I've had so many struggles and am just starting over. I hope this helps a little.
  6. What have you been eating? What does your dr say? I would suggest you watch bandedwendy on you tube. She has seriously changed my whole mindset this past few weeks!!
  7. Tell me how your year has been? How many cc's do you have and what are you eating?
  8. Thank you....yes it helps. Anything helps right now. I've moved on to a little thinker thank goodness. Starting over is tough but I know it will be worth it. I'm down 10lbs from last Monday....hopefully it keeps coming off. Hope you are doing great!
  9. I had lapband and my sister had gastric bypass. I've actually just recently started over due to things not working right with my band. Actually, after finding an awesome lady on you tube (bandedwendy) my whole outlook has changed. It wasn't the band, it was me. The band is only a tool and as she said is only 30% of the weight loss, with diet and exercise being the other 70%. My sister has been much more successful than me with gastric bypass. A week ago if you would have asked I would say no lap band but I have learned so much watching Wendy. I know many people that have had gastric bypass and gained a lot if not all their weight back. I am lucky with the band as I am able to start over without having surgery. The thing with any surgery is to know you MUST follow the rules of your Dr and go to all follow up appointments. I skipped seeing my Dr for 3 years because of embarrassment due to not losing. Now I beat myself up because if I had followed the rules and seen my Dr, I could be at goal weight right now. Any surgery you have can be successful or unsuccessful depending on what you put in. Also, mentally, its really hard because of the food addiction. That's something I never expected to be so bad. I know in the end it will all be worth the struggle. I wish you the best of luck. You will surely make the best decision for yourself. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.
  10. Hi Pam I never feel like anything is caught in my throat but I do feel it in my esophagus if I over eat. At that point I feel like I immediately need to vomit to remover it. Sorry, a little graphic I know!! I have never heard any noises from my port site either but I do not think you are crazy for asking! Obviously you hear it! I would ask for the Dr to do an upper GI so they can see where the band is placed and how the fluid goes down. I just had one done...its very simple.
  11. Wow that's a great loss!!! Good for you! If you don't mind I would love to know some of your daily menu/meals plans. I found a lady on you tube under bandedwendy. She is awesome and I've got some great tips from her. I feel like I completely forgot it all!
  12. I actually got mine approx. 5 years ago. Its been a real struggle for me but I'm not giving up. For the first year I had no restriction due to some trouble getting the fluid into my port. Finally he did it by xray and got fluid in. I lost around 30 lbs the first year but it was more me than the band because I could eat anything. I did ok for about a year after that and went from 265 to 180 which wasn't my goal but I felt good. Then I got another fill that was too much. From there it all went down hill...not the fault of the band but myself. I have pretty much vomited up everything I ate for over a year. I could easily eat crap (chips, ice cream, etc.) but nothing good seemed to stay down so I went for the bad stuff. My weight went back up to over 220. I had not gone to see my Dr for 3 years due to embarrassment. I finally made the decision to go back last month. My Dr and I had a long discussion about my options. I could have revision surgery and go to gastric bypass or sleeve, or take it out all together, or start over with my band if everything looked ok on an Upper GI. So my Upper GI looked good so my decision was to start over. I had all the fluid taken out of my band one month ago. I had a month of eating normal again(too normal) then I went back this past Monday and had my first refill...starting very slow in the fills this time. I am on clear liquids this whole week which has been pretty tough but I am determined. Then I will move to the next phases just as I would if I just had surgery. I know if I follow the instructions 100% given by my Dr I will be successful. I would love to know how you have been doing so far. Its nice to have someone to chat with....anyone I know personally has had gastric bypass. Sorry to ramble!!
  13. I like to use half of a whole wheat pita if I use bread.
  14. Both of your stories sound just like mine!! I'm so glad to find this site and know I'm not the only one. I had lap band 5 years ago, lost most of my weight in the first year or 2 then the same stuff started happening to me. I could not eat without food getting stuck and having to vomit every time I ate. I quit going to the Dr. because I was so discouraged. I finally went back last month and had all my fluid removed. It was so nice to be able to eat like a normal person again but I knew I would slip back into all my old, bad habits. I had lap band surgery to lose weight and I am determined to do it!! I went back to the Dr. on Monday, he added fluid and I am starting over like a brand new surgery patient. I am on a clear liquid diet this week, which is not fun but its what I need to do. I will follow next week with a little thicker foods and so on. I would love to keep in communication with you guys to help support each other.