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  1. I was very uncomfortable and hungry during liquids. Take this time to fight the cravings. You're breaking free from the chains right now. Rather than entertain the idea of eating foods you like perhaps resisting them completely may be a better option. My two cents anyway.
  2. Tried those in and they made me dump so bad!
  3. I take Wellese liquid citrate +D. Walmart carries it and it's not expensive. I stir it into yogurt or just drink it with food. Sometimes I chew up the citrical citrate +D with food. They're not chewable but don't have a taste when you chew them. Vitamins super important
  4. So hard to predict. No vomiting here but I've had occasional mild nausea and food aversion. I can live with it though. My life is completely changed from 6 months ago. Even if I spend a hour a day doubled over ( I dont) it would be worth is 1000 times over. I was morbidly obese and in pain 25/7. I felt useless and was unable to enjoy simple pleasures with my family. Now I can trail run 2.5 miles uphill. There will be tradeoffs and they're different for all of us but very few heavy people die of old age. My 2 cents anyway.
  5. I had band removal and RNY in March. The port site was very sore for a couple months and there is still a thick mass of what I assume is scar tissue in there. All in all it was worth it. The band was a miserable experience for me from day one.
  6. Worst dump I've ever had was sugar free frozen yogurt. The sugar alcohol, while not sugar, can cause dumping so be careful. Even no sugar added ice cream in small quantities makes me dump. I miss it dearly.
  7. Please don't rely on the exercise machines to tell you what you're burning. The elliptical often says you're burning more than the stair climber and rowers which couldn't be farther from the truth. That's why there are so many elliptical at the gym. A PhD told me to enter my goal weight and them subtract a few calories from even that total. Calorie restriction is a much better way to lose weight than exercise. Exercise makes you feel good though. I'd start counting calories and carbs. I ate 800 or less calories qnd 80 grams for the first 4 months at least. The weight fell off
  8. Good job on the loss! Hunger is a part of exercise. Exercise is a small part of weight loss. It feels wonderful though. I exercised enough to feel good but resisted the urge to push myself. Right now calorie restriction is doing more than Exercise ever could for you
  9. A normal person on a 2000-2500 calorie diet should be getting 200+ grams so you're fine. 200 grams would equal only 800 calories. We're not eating extra protein. We're skipping along the bottom of the accepted minimum. Good job getting it in!
  10. Surgery day for me. Didn't have a pre op diet and it's easy that way.
  11. I think you're fine at this stage. I used to stir protein powder into light greek yogurt and add a little water. Not necessarily the most appetizing thing but does the trick.
  12. I was ravenous while on liquids. Some say it's head hunger which may be true. I was also uncomfortable bit 6 months later I'm down almost 100 lbs. I envisioned that as a price to pay for what I desperately wanted and was lucky enough to receive. Every second of pain and discomfort both emotional and physical will be repaid 1000 fold. This forum has been instrumental to my success so far. Lean on it and do what the people who've been successful do. I'm sure you're fine even though you're going through emotions. Totally normal. You just had surgery that WILL change your life if you let it. That's a lot to absorb
  13. The early days are a gift. Run with it. Provided it's ok with your Dr perhaps add a protein shake. You're in extreme calorie deficit right now which is a beautiful thing. Water. Vitamins. Protein. Believe me you'll be able to eat soon enough.
  14. Do it! I didn't and wish I had
  15. I only walked the hall twice. I was a bad patient. Everything will be fine. Things will start rolling once you get home. Buckle up! People won't recognize you in 6 months or less.