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  1. kindred71


    Hiccups were my indication to stop eating. I loved when they would come on because sometimes I would eat too fast and not realize I was full!
  2. I had my surgery with Dr. Laura Machado. I can't recommend her enough! She's amazing! She's very supportive, caring, but no-nonsense doc. She's located in Citrus Heights, so not too far from you. Her after care is awesome too. I still see her on a regular basis as we work through these frustrating stalls. She doesn't stop seeing you just because the surgery is done. Good Luck!!
  3. Hi Cherrie, After my VSG, I too had a terrible pain when I drank anything. At my one week check up, I found out my surgeon repaired a hernia. This was the cause of the burning pain when I swallowed. It took about a week before it would ease up and I could drink without pain. Keep sipping as much as you can! You will find your tastes can change. Maybe try some water with lemon in it? Good Luck!!
  4. You look great!! Keep up the good work!!!
  5. Q - I lost my mom unexpectedly a month after my surgery so I understand what you are going through. I was the one who found her and I still can't get that out of my head. Thankfully, I had a village help me through it. They made me boneless, skinless chicken breasts to keep on hand and made sure I was eating when I would forget. Do you have a support system to help you? If not, try to plan your day with protein rich foods. Don't use this tragedy as an excuse to go back to your old ways. It's too easy to do that right now. Use this time to empower yourself and make the right choices, even if it's only one right choice a day. One right choice will need to another and another. It's going to be a rough year of missing her and mourning her loss. Seeking professional help will be very beneficial too. They can give you tools to help cope with the loss without turning to food or alcohol. I wish you the best.
  6. BB - Your heart is in the right place. It's unfortunate there are people in this world that take advantage of sites that are set up to help people in need. There needs to be more kind people like you!!
  7. Did you happen to have a hernia repair? I was having tremendous pain when I sipped water after surgery. I found out at my 1 week check up that I had a hernia repair and that was the cause of the pain. It was like a hot-knife-stabbing kind of feeling. Keep sipping as much as you can!
  8. Very interesting read, thank you for posting... The author makes some very valid and good points. However, when I go to that site, they are selling things like "Cinnamon Breakfast Squares", "Cream of Mushroom Soup" and "Mocha Lattes". Isn't that exactly the point of the article? The author says, "Don’t add protein to muffins and convince yourself they’re good for you." but the website is selling that stuff! Seems a bit hypocritical to me.
  9. Hi Jack! I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California. It's the HMO version, not the PPO. I just had to give my surgeon a list of the different diets I tried, how many gyms I had joined, and everything else in between (Weight Watchers, Phen-Fen, etc.) It wasn't a huge deal, I just had to show that I had exhausted all other resources before considering surgery. After that, I had to do the six months of classes, visit with the psychiatrist a couple of times, and have three visits to physical therapy. It was a lot to do, but it was SO worth it! Good Luck with your medical records! I hope there is something they can do for you!
  10. You look fantastic, Sara!! Keep up the great work!
  11. I love the smile on your face in your "Now" picture! And your dress is adorable, too!!
  12. Am I the only one that thought the site was hacked? I hit my TT favorites bookmark and BAM! Something is way different! It will take some getting used to, as everything does with change... but I'm not too keen on the color scheme.
  13. I get mine from my doctor's office. I love the Strawberry one! I mix it with water and a Crystal Light Raspberry Iced tea packet. It's great!!
  14. This. I struggle with this every day, but especially on the weekends! When did it become a habit again that every time I walk by the fridge, I grab a bite? Thank you for your post, Jolls. It's the inspiration I needed and knowing I'm not alone makes this journey easier!
  15. kindred71

    Fish weight?

    That's a great question.... do you weigh your food before or after you cook it? And, does it matter? I've been weighing my food after I cook it.