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  1. Hey strangers! Como Frijole (how you bean)? well... its been a while... all kinds of new stuff new job (not the bus tour, just the same old boring stuff) new clothes (all too big already) new weight... between 175 and 180 depending on what I eat and if I've pooped ...I'm trying to boost calories because I don't want to lose anymore. I'd like to stay around 180 I'm still the same height though... hope you're all well,
  2. Update: Training starts tomorrow in San Diego. I need to learn the legal mumbo jumbo, walk arounds, compliance, logs, etc etc then Monday I take the written test to get the permit... then i start driving the things... my friend is hoping I can join him by around 7/21 ... not sure where yet... I did create an LLC at the advise of my buddy for tax and liability reasons ... I am now the Grand Poobah (yes its in the paperwork as Grand Poobah) of "One Mic Stand, LLC" stay tuned, I'll be expecting lots of hospitality! LOL Cheers!
  3. Looking Good Buddy! Dont sell yourself short! to them you are the best dad an more! Happy Father's Day!
  4. Awesome Father's Day with my baby girls, actually I made it a father's weekend! 1st Pic... New trunks, sized L, hangin a little low, but didnt want tight M Proud to be Awesome T, Size XXL but dont want to ive it up, becaue Im still proud New Red Carp Flag and New buddy, Floyd, the flamingo 2nd Pic... two sweet girls at Seal Beach
  5. I can only speak for myself and from my own perspective... but, I am in the dating world and have dated a few women once, twice or a handful o times. usually its my decision not to continue, but not always... I say this because I think that what I am about to say has nothing to do with the fact I am not in a long term relationship... yet i am a confessor... if I feel like I am hiding something from someone I am interested in then I have to tell her because if I dont, then the longer I go, the more it bugs me and the harder it gets to tell her, then it becomes a thing. I've found that a relationship is not only based on honesty, but openess. not being open is akin to deceit in my book and deceit is dishonest and dishonesty is lying... so you see. omission to me is lying... (that doesnt mean i havent lied, hell no, I am just saying, we're all friends here so there's no judgement and no need to sugar coat either) where was I? ... so, I tend to open up about my surgery to the women I am dating very early. I dont make it a point to tell them, but typically the conversation will revolve around something that willmake me confess... the funnty thing is, 2 of the women I have dated in the past 8 months, have also had the sleeve... so, you never know. I think that it is easier to lose a shallow minded women early in the relationship before I get attached than it is later. That's my 2 cents worth!
  6. lemon is somewhat acidic, even fake lemon... give it some time to heal. you'll be able to tolerate more as time goes on. as for the sweetness of powerade etc, I just dilute it.
  7. I dont drink anymore... of course, I dont drink any less!
  8. Wow! awesome! how is it pulling a trailer on two wheels? I see some guys on some of the bigger Harleys or Hondas do it, but your bik looks pretty sporty and that trailer is huge!!!! be careful when you get to CA... the drivers here are pretty clueless, on the phones in the cars and even texting... its nutz! Hoping the best for your buddy up in Monterey! Thanks to both of you for your service! Cheers!
  9. No! I feel Like crap! I am actively eating everytin in sight tryin to get fat again! OK thats a joke! I absolutely feel thousands of times better, just beoing abl to tie my shoes an clip my toemnail was worht it! but I can also pick up things from the floor, play my drums for hours (fast songs too, not just the balads I had resigned myself to), bicycling, etc... I dont spring out of bed in the morning but then I never did before I gained weight either... so you wont find a miracle that will allow you to do things you couldnt do when you were thin ... but you will be able to do things better and walk a bit straighter and taller!
  10. Mine was trained before surgery, so my marriage ended before I had WLS... now my ex, thinks that this was an act of vanity ... While I enjoy looking better, I enjoy the lack of CPAP and the not worrying about diabetes more, not to mention picking stuff up from the ground, clipping my toenails, and tying my shoes with much less effort! My point is, your spouse needs to understand why you are doing it, and what the health benefits are, both physically and emotionally. If your spouse is too insecure and ignorant, there are already troubles afoot at Circle K.
  11. AWESOME! Way to go Chancy! Im so very happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Aren't "light black beans" just gray beans?
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