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  1. Thanks again Everyone! I have called around so far the soonest anyone can see me is April 1st. Is thaat insane or what? I am going to keep calling around. I guess my concern was that if I needed surgery i want someone who has operated on larger people. But like you all said, its not time to be picky. Thanks Ladies! Melody
  2. I am just like you Cindy. I procrastinate bad when it comes to all that stuff. I have been bleeding for like a month straight and already went to the Emergency room and they gave me progesterone.. i've taken all of it and still no end in sight... so i have not choice at this point. Just wanted to see if anyone knew of one in the area that was experienced with fat people. LOL Thanks everyone.. if anyone else has any dr. they know of let me know! Melody
  3. Hi Everyone.. i haven't posted in ages. Once again I am considering having the bypass. However, at the moment i am having other issues. Does anyone know of a good Gyn. doctor here in southern calfornia that is good with obese patients specifically if they need surgery?? I figured this would be a good place to inquire. Please if anyone knows of any let me know! Thank you very much! Melody
  4. Hi Stuart, Christina and everyone else! Remember me? Melody.. well I just had to say congratulations on your double century milestone.. and also Congratulations to you and Christina on your marriage! You are both so wonderful and make a great husband and wife. I am so sorry I missed the wedding. Please tell Christina as well. I would love to see wedding pics of you two. Please tell christina to post some! :-) Congratulations and I am so happy that you are both happy. I haven't pursued the surgery once I was denied by insurance. I am still just not too sure about it. I guess when I make that final decision I will appeal or do whatever it takes. I know.. i'm awful but it's a big decision and I just have to decide for myself. I guess I'm wishy-washy...LOL God bless everyone!! Melody
  5. Hi Dara.. I'm kind of like Casper.. I reappear once in awhile huh? Not much new here. For some reason the surgery has kind of taken a back burner and I haven't felt an overwhelming desire at the current moment to pursue it again. I'm not sure if I just got discouraged with the Insurance situations (as you may know I was denied by Cigna PPO after doing all of my pre-op workup stuff for not having a 6month medically supervised weight loss attempt in recent years). Although, I did change health plans to Pacificare HMO this year hoping that if I did decide to go thru with the surgery that I would have an easier chance of being approved. I still need to get my rear in gear and start on a 6 month medically supervised plan. Somedays I want to do it and somedays I am ok with the way I am. I know I would feel alot better if I did. Maybe I just need a swift kick. I guess i'll know when I'm ready. Thanks for checking up on me! :-) Everyone is looking so great! I keep reading everyones exciting stories and looking at the pics. If I would have got going on this, I'd be right there behind you all! Darn it!! :-) Melody (Lost----Pre-op for too long
  6. You look amazing Christina! Got that wedding gown yet? How are the plans coming along??? Hugs, Melody
  7. Wow! You look awesome Gerry!! Congratulations! :-) Melody
  8. Hi Bridget! I hope that you have the most wonderful Birthday ever!! You are a great person and you deserve it! Go out and have the best time ever!!! As you would say 3 snaps in a great big circle!!! Happy Birthday Bridget!! All you girlies have a fabulous time at the party.. Shake it fast!!!! haha!! Melody (denied by insurance, got new pondering again...maybe I just need a swift kick!)
  9. Miss you too Christina! So when's the wedding girl? Melody
  10. Thank you everyone for your feedback on this. Pacificare is also another insurance option they offer. I'm still not sure what to do. I am going to call and talk to Leslie and see what she suggests as well. Thanks again for all of your continued help everyone! :-) Melody
  11. Have a wonderful b-day Marie! I hope you go out and have the time of your life! You deserve it, enjoy your special day! Melody
  12. Hi Everyone, Well its open enrollment for benefits and I am pondering whether or not to switch insurances. I was denied by Cigna PPO for the surgery and told that I needed to do a 6 month medically supervised weight program. My company also offers Blue Shield HMO and Pacificare. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with either one of them. A coworker told me that she thought the requirements for Blue shield were more lenient. The only thing that keeps me from going with an HMO is that you have to get a referral for everything. Anyone got any advice on this? I'd appreciate it. Melody (pre-op.. still trying to figure out what to do)
  13. Bridget.. you are also in my thought and prayers! :-) Melody
  14. Maybe Sat night Bridget! hehe! I might give ya a call.
  15. Happy Birthday Gerry!!! Get on out there and enjoy it! Shake a tail feather! Melody (pre-op Dr. C)