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  1. for me my doctor would only do the RNY. I had severe acid reflux (GERD) to the point that my esophagus was shredded and I could no longer talk. The sleeve often causes reflux and we certainly didn't want that. I love my bypass - I have a friend who had the sleeve the same day I had my RNY. She started out fine but stopped losing weight and now 2+ years out I'm down 110 lbs she's down about 50 (we started at almost the same weight) and has started gaining some back - she couldn't afford the RNY but wishes she had pursued payment options. we were size 24 - I'm now a 4 and she's a 14. I hated me and now I love my life and so I am over the moon that my doctor did the bypass - I wouldn't have it any other way!
  2. the insurance company thought one night would be enough but my surgeon disagreed and I stayed 2 nights. There is no way I could have gone home after just one night - My surgeon had to fight with the insurance right from the beginning of all of it (they turned me down 3 times) but he wouldn't give up - even when I was ready to.
  3. Pop corn is my go to snack food - has been for a while. I'm a salt person (versus a sugar person) and popcorn is perfect. I'm 2 years 3 months post surgery - lost most of the 110 pounds in the first year and have now maintained since then. I flux between 116 and 118 every day (depending on the time of day) - I eat 6-8 small meals every day and one of them is usually popcorn.
  4. PatriciaAnn

    Fogo Crazy?

    I was at the one in NYC this past weekend. I am 2 years out from my bypass but still only eat little meals. I didn't do the salad or soup bar. I did was paced myself (we were there probably a total of 2 hours) - they give you small servings and you can always turn your card to red and they won't even stop. I had a great time, ate some delicious food and while it will be a very expensive meal considering what you will actually eat you should be fine. It is definitely protein heaven!
  5. I love my legs now - down 110 lbs and a size 4 but it's the legs that I'm most proud of!
  6. I was always hot - menopause didn't help either - now I'm always cold (not sure which is better) but if I can remember it happened when I reach about a 50 lb lost - I wear a sweater all year long
  7. First time I've been on in a while and look what I find!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo
  8. after researching this topic I've decided that having a drink isn't worth it for me - so my couple of glasses of wine a night pre-surgery has become no glasses of wine a night post-surgery and I don't miss it one bit. I always hated the feeling of being drunk and out of control (even a tiny bit) and hangovers and throwing up just isn't my thing so I am now the permanent designated driver when we all go out. I still enjoy a social life, I eat, chat, laugh, dance, whatever - drinking just isn't a part of it for me any more and my friends understand and it just isn't an issue - my life has only changed for the better since my surgery. I love the way I feel and look now so giving up alcohol was a no brainer for me!
  9. Two years ago - March 17, 2014, I had my Gastric Bypass. It was quite the experience starting off with a 4.7 (a little one for us California people) earthquake just when they had hooked me up to my IVs and were rolling me into the OR. It passed and my surgery went on as planned. It's been a crazy, wonderful journey to get here. I had good days and bad days, stalls that lasted for weeks and weight dropping off without even trying. I have now lost 110 lbs and have gone from a size 24 to a 2/4 and have kept it off for a year. I have loved every minute of this wild adventure - the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's all part of what I signed up for and I thank the heavens that I was given this wonder gift - and that is what WLS is - a gift that should be embraced and cherished. I still stick to the plan for the most part, I eat 6-8 small meals a day, take tons of vitamins, exercise every day, and don't drink alcohol at all (not worth it to me). I had stopped my life when I gained all my weight (in my early 40s) - never went out - never did anything - just hid in my house ashamed of how I looked (sorry I know I'll probably get comments about that but it's how I felt - fat). Now that has all changed! I go out with friends, my husband and I go dancingand to clubs and I can go on 10 mile hikes with my daughters. And I couldn't have gotten through this without my friends, family and this wonderful site. Thinner Times (TT) has been here for me every step of the way. Thank you all for the support and encouragement that is so important when you decide to take this step. Love, Patty
  10. I decided not to drink at all after the surgery and don't miss it at all - figure it's just safer
  11. it does stop and will come back. When I started to lose mine (about 6 months out) I just cut it all off and rocked a pixie cut for a while. My hair dresser had cut it with the idea that it would grow back and it did - slowly but it is back now - a different texture - I can tell about my color since I haven't had seen my own color since I was 13 (50 years ago lol). Keep up the vitamins and I take 3 ultra biotin (7500 mcg a pill) every day which I swear really helped a lot.
  12. I never was a big drinker (hated that drunk/hangover feeling) and so I don't drink at all now - it's just not worth it to me. You can certainly be social without drinking - it's actually a lot of fun being the only sober one in the crowd and you don't have to worry about what you might have done the night before. When I go out I might get a virgin bloody mary which tastes great - but often it's just water with a twist of lemon or lime.
  13. It will be 2 years on Mar 17th for me - I have this problem too - I usually throw up. I've had to train myself to stop after a few bites and wait a while before I eat some more It takes me forever to get through a meal but that's ok. "Too Much, Too Fast" is my mantra to remind myself how to eat.
  14. I never needed anything more than the Tylenol. I had 3 surgeries at the same time - Hiatal hernia fixed, gall bladder out and the gastric bypass and while they did have pain meds in the IV at the hospital once I was home I was never in pain - a bit sore and tired but no great pain.
  15. exactly - look at you! we've done good haven't we?