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  1. Hi Banded C, My Doctor said to eat no more than 800 cal. a day while loosing weight. If you are feeling sick durning a meal you may not be chewing your food enough or your band is to tight. I would call your Dr office and let them know what’s going on. I wish you the best.
  2. Welcome to TT. Every day you will feel a little better.
  3. Welcome, glade you found TT. I had the lap band for me the pain was not bad at all. When you go to recovery ask for pain meds right away because you don't want the pain to get to bad and the stuff they give you in surgery wears off quick. As far as surgery working follow your dr plan and you will lose. There was not much blood I stayed 1 night and went home with surgery tape and band aids over the tape. Was told to take the band aids off after 3 days and the tape would come off on its own. I have 4 small scars. The dr can tell you if you will have a lot of loose skin. I am off a lot of the med
  4. Hi and welcome, I kept telling my self I have been dieting all these years and that wasn't working. I needed to do this for my health. I'm glad I did and I would do it again if I had to. Good luck
  5. At first he want have the food desires he had before the surgery. I had the lap band in February of 14 and some of my desire has returned. He will do better if there is no junk food in the house. Have plenty of protein on hand (cheese, meat, yogurt, nuts). Hope every thing goes well for him.
  6. I add red onions to mine at Christmas time then it has Christmas colors red & green. Ha ha
  7. I had a doctor tell me that if the pain gets worse and worse you need to get to the ER but if it comes and goes it's nothing to worry about. I think that's why your dr is not to worried about it. After all there is a foreign object in your body. Who knows what your body is trying to do?
  8. How did it go? Are you in a lot of pain? Prayers going up for you.
  9. I would ask my surgeon insurance person they deal with the insurance all the time they should know what your ins. will and will not cover. If they don't ask them if they will call an ask. I would not keep this from the ins. I bet the dr would put it in his notes and they would find out any way. Since you have slippage that might be a medical cause his office should be able to find this out. Good luck.
  10. Sorry it's more in the middle of the forums section.
  11. Welcome, there is a topic on TT called revisions go there and read it's under forum toward the end of topics to chose from. Good luck.
  12. Welcome, the pre op diet was hard for me but don't let that scare you. You can do it. The diet is to shrink your liver. If the diet gets to hard ask your dr if you can have 2 cups of non-starchy veggie a day I did this and my dr said I did a good job shrinking my liver. Prayers going up for you.
  13. Congratulation on your surgery. You most likely will be on liquids for a couple of weeks post op. You'll need protein shakes there are some web sites were u can get a variety pack to see what kind you like best. Type in "weight loss surgery foods" that should give u a list on sites. I would not stock up for more than 3 weeks sometimes people taste change after surgery. Your dr will give you a list of stuff you can have as the time gets nearer. Best wishes to you.
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