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  2. This forum didn't seem to take off but I will throw who I use out there cause they are cheap and I like them! I get my vitamin, calcium and I like the liquid protein they offer cause it is easy to add to other things.
  3. I like the upcal D as well! One of the customer service reps gave me a new idea the other day when I was ordering it -- mix with a bit of coconut/soy milk and it makes sort of an icing that i have used on fruit and the protein cinnamon pancakes i make -- I have done this a few times and like it as it feels indulgent- lol
  4. I have used the Procel unflavored whey powder a few times and I don't feel it alters the taste. I order that from Procare Health who I get my multivitamin and calcium from. When I first started using them they sent me a sample pack which had a sample of the Procel unflavored one in there and some other things too. That was several years ago but might be worth seeing if they will send you a sample of it. It was a free sample pack!
  5. I know it is slightly off topic but I know people who have submitted their vitamin receipts to their medical flex spending accounts at work and they have been accepted once a Dr. script was received the first time. Also some people in my circle have been successfully submitting them towards their medical deductibles. Just a thought to try...every lil bit helps!
  6. That is correct. I think the Upcal D powder tastes like those old candy cigarettes/sticks I used to get as a kid. Just a light sweetness to them. I also just pour on my tongue and swish down with some water! So easy to get my calcium!
  7. Beautiful day outside! So nice to be able to shed some layers and get out in the sunshine! The new found love of outdoors and confidence in being in public is wonderful! Temp hit 74 today after snow storms last week!

  8. My vitamin has worked well for me and kept my levels where they needed to be. I check the forms often to see if there is anything new out there but I always come back to the one I have been taking since my surgery. It was recommended by my dr and nut. ProCare Health's bariatric vitamin. It is just one chewable a day, though I know there is some concern about that and some people split in and half and take at different times, but I have always taken all at once and everything works out well. I can tell when I am late taking it or am without it. Has a tang like taste and is small so it disappears quickly. I haven't been able to find something that I like better and I certainly haven't been able to beat the price. I have recommended to friends before and the company has sent them out samples to try. Just another option!
  9. LOVE THE MESSAGE ON THE SCALE! I am going to add something inspiring to mine since it can be a positive moment or a discouraging one! Thank You for the idea!
  10. OMG! Nice to know I wasn't the only one who tried that tactic in the winter! It is a wonderful feeling of being all bundled up and warm in a coat showing winter who is the boss now!
  11. Way to go! Keep up the great work-- shows you have the willpower to make these difficult lifelong changes!
  12. I got Your Nice! all sugar, no spice! I must disagree though... I definitely have some spice!
  13. Just to add another freebie sample option-- The vitamin I take offers free samples as well. I was given my sample from my doctors office but I know they also send them out if you call and ask for them. From the friends I have sent that way their sample packs came with a calcium sample and a few protein options as well. Take advantage of it so you know your options! That is what I did in the beginning- I also got the celebrate sample pack ( which did contain a lot!) but I liked the ease, taste, and price of the Procare one. 877-822-5808 ( that is the phone number on my bottle- should hopefully work for requesting the samples)
  14. Hi Donna! I take these vitamins as well! The most recent bottles I received have an expiration date of 2017 so no worries about them expiring! From looking at their website often ( because they have other items I get as well) I can tell you they have 3 options now. 1 is a formula made for Lapband patients ( almost ordered this by mistake once!- looks like still has the older label design), and then there are 2 made for the Bypass/Sleeve/RNY procedures-- this one has a chewable form and a capsule form. The Chewable only comes in a 30 count while the capsule comes in a 90 count. I have tried them both and have no issues. I mix it up through out my week-- and I don't mind the chewables taste. It reminds me of Tang from the 80's! The flavor has definitely improved over the last year too! Labs have been great too-- so no complaints from me and I like to keep it simple and feel confident I am getting what I need!